Spice dependence: signs and methods of treatment. Narcological assistance anonymously

In the article, we will consider how dependence on spice is manifested.

Spice refers to narcotic substances. It contains not only synthetic elements, but also herbs that have psychogenic properties. Such a combination always becomes the cause of the development of a strong addiction. More on this below.

Types of Spice

Persistent craving for a narcotic substance is due to its composition. Initially, spice was created only from certain plants that have a psychotropic effect. In its composition were present: predictive sage, Hawaiian rose, lion's tail, blue lotus.

how to get rid of spice addiction

Over time, manufacturers began to impregnate the mixture of herbs with cannabioid, a substance similar in composition to the compound found in hemp. The synthetic supplement turned out to be more powerful and destructive for the human body than a mixture of herbs. They offered spice, disguising it as harmless incense. After a while, the true face of the smoking mixture was revealed.

To effectively combat spice addiction, you need to know it in person. There are several varieties:

  1. Silver The effect of such a smoking mixture is very weakly expressed. An hour after her smoking, the effect disappears, but this does not mean at all that the drug is not addictive.
  2. Gold It is a narcotic mixture with medium impact. Light hallucinations are not ruled out, but they do not always appear. The effect of intoxication persists for 2-3 hours.
  3. Diamond This kind of spice has a strong effect. After smoking, a person almost always loses self-control. During the inhalation of vapors and after the process, hallucinations often develop, the effect of such a spice lasts 3-4 hours.

Dependence on any kind of spice drug develops almost immediately after the first use.

Synthetic drug

It is important to remember that spice is not a simple herb. The symptoms of smoking mix poisoning often resemble signs of a strong overdose of marijuana. Spice is a serious synthetic drug with a severe effect. Such smoking mixes are prohibited in most civilized countries, their list is regularly growing. The process of getting used to spice does not depend on its strength, therefore its smoking is strictly prohibited.

Spice addiction

This refers to the pathological dependence on hazardous smoking mixtures. It is a type of drug addiction, capable of leading to irreversible consequences. In this regard, the importance of early detection of spice dependence and the beginning of its treatment is increasing. Therapy should be carried out by an experienced narcologist. Only in this case, the treatment will be effective, will get rid of addiction in a short time.

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Development reasons

The composition of the spice contains about 400 various components, among which there are harmless substances of natural origin, and aggressive plants with psychoactive effects. The narcotic effect is achieved mainly due to chemicals. Their effect on the human body is reminiscent of the effects of marijuana, hemp, hashish.

As a result of smoking the mixture, chemical compounds enter the blood through the alveolar walls, after which they enter the brain, where they act on special receptors.

The result of this effect is:

  1. An increase in the amount of serotonin released.
  2. Aggravation of perception of some details.
  3. The emergence of hallucinations, paranoid ideas.

Feeling of euphoria

Mental and emotional reactions are combined with impaired coordination. Most addicts feel euphoric. They forget about experiences and problems, refuse to perceive the real world, literally create their own, fantasy.

Such sensations cause the desire to re-smoke spice. After some time, mental and physical dependence on the drug begins to form. Together with this, damage occurs to the brain, cardiovascular system, liver, and other internal organs.

What does a smoker of such mixtures look like

Consider the main signs of using spice. The very first manifestation is the development of dry cough, thirst, which are permanent. Also, a spice smoker can notice dryness and redness of the eyes. His speech slows down, his movements slow down. A drug addict thinks with great difficulty, can be silent for a long time, freeze in one pose. A marked violation of coordination is also noted.

What a person looks like under spice is interesting to many.

symptoms of spice addiction

A bad signal is an increased heart rate, pallor of the skin. Evidence can be found on the bottles found under the sofa or in the electrical panels, which emit a foul odor. With their help, mix and smoke.

What are the symptoms of spice addiction?


Recognizing the addiction is quite difficult. Due to the individual characteristics of different people, the reaction to smoking spice varies. However, there are common symptoms.

In addition to the physical manifestations described previously (redness of the eyes, cough, thirst, memory impairment, decreased intelligence, impaired coordination), spice smokers often experience manifestations such as hallucinations and mood lability.

Symptoms of dependence on spice should not be ignored.

Mood swings usually occur very sharply. The man who just laughed suddenly begins to cry. Hallucinations can be indicated by a person’s words about a pronounced smell and bright light, which actually do not exist.

If addicts begin to increase the dose, then they are able to perform some unconscious actions, incorrectly assess the world around them. Spice smokers are not afraid to jump from a height, aggressively drive a car, walk in a circle senselessly.

Depending on the spice, there are several stages.

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Developmental stages

Narcologists distinguish three stages of dependence:

  1. Psychological (mental motivation). This stage is very short, it is during this period that dependence develops. It is characterized by the need for smoking a drug in order to achieve complete relaxation and comfort. A drug addict is often in a bad mood, sleeps poorly, his health worsens, his performance decreases.
  2. Addictive. This stage is characterized by the formation of a persistent dependence of a physical nature. The addict begins to constantly increase the dose of the drug. This is due to the fact that he develops tolerance to synthetic compounds after several times the use of spice. Cannabioids begin to participate in the exchange process. Muscle weakness, insomnia, and other symptoms may intensify.
  3. Somatic pathology. At this stage, the patient needs a narcotic substance to prevent the development of withdrawal. This period is characterized by organ damage. In addition, severe mental disorders cause addiction. Breaking occurs very hard, provoking jumps in blood pressure, increased heart rate, photophobia, chills, cramps, decreased appetite, pain in joints, muscles, and vomiting. Peak breaking occurs on the third day of no dose. At this time, the body is greatly exhausted, which leads to the likelihood of cardiac arrest.

What is the treatment for spice addiction?

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Need for therapy

Urgent treatment of pathology is necessary for a number of reasons, among which:

  1. The likelihood of complete destruction of personality.
  2. The susceptibility of dependence of young people, adolescents, in whom the body is highly sensitive to any external influences.
  3. Mixtures instantly cause addiction.

The main danger of spice addiction lies in the fact that the refusal to use the drug causes severe withdrawal. Moreover, its intensity does not depend on how long a person consumes spice. It can occur even in the first month of using a smoking mixture.

Convincing a drug addict to begin treatment for spice addiction is a daunting task. This is due to the fact that smoking provokes deep damage to the brain structures, the breakdown of personality, impaired thinking. However, close people still have to motivate the addict. In the absence of therapy for spice dependence in the early stages, it may then turn out that there is no need for it because of a serious violation of the health of the addict or his death.

It is important to note that a synthetic drug negatively affects absolutely all organs. The main protective filter, the liver, also suffers.

Therapy should be trusted exclusively to experienced narcologists; one should not refuse treatment, even if the addict himself actively opposes it. You can use the drug treatment anonymously.

what does a person look like under spice


Before starting addiction therapy, it remains to be discovered. Initial changes are noted in the appearance and behavior of drug addicts. They are:

  1. Too slow down or active.
  2. Dramatically lose or gain weight.
  3. They completely refuse to eat or eat very poorly.
  4. Change their social circle.
  5. Lose interest in what is happening around the events.

If such changes are noted in a loved one, you should immediately contact a narcologist.

Currently, with the purpose of diagnosing addiction, a special express technique is used. A study on the presence in the body of popular synthetic cannabioids allows you to identify the presence of addiction, make the correct diagnosis. If necessary, the doctor prescribes other studies. They allow you to assess the general condition of the body of a drug addict.


Therapy of spice dependence takes a lot of time, is multi-stage.

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  1. Detoxification. At this stage, the main symptoms are eliminated - headache, diarrhea, chills, muscle aches. Detoxification procedures improve sleep, eliminate depression, reduce aggression. The main goal of such procedures is the elimination of withdrawal. The detoxification period usually lasts 3-4 days. It is important to understand that detoxification procedures can eliminate physical dependence, but not psychological.
  2. Drug therapy. The medications that will be used for treatment are always determined by a group of doctors - a cardiologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, therapist. As a rule, infusion forms of drugs are used. In addition, vasodilators, diuretics, and vitamins are prescribed to the dependent.
  3. Psychotherapy. Certain psychotherapeutic techniques can completely eliminate psychological dependence. Therapy can be carried out individually and in groups.
  4. Rehabilitation. It is an important stage in the treatment of addiction. The rehabilitation program is compiled individually, taking into account the current condition of the patient and the characteristics of the body. It may include occupational therapy, special trainings, group treatment.

In addition, patients are shown active sports. Such an integrated approach allows you to get rid of addiction and start a new, full life.

We examined what dependence on spice is and how to get rid of it.

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