We are going to rest where it is hot in January

When the weather is gloomy, the snow falls and the first ice starts, it is hard to imagine that there are cities and countries on the planet where it is warm at this time of the year, the warm sea is splashing, the sun is shining brightly, and the beaches are being attacked by tourists. No wonder there where it is hot in January, there are always many vacationers who come to enjoy the warm sunshine and the beauty of exotic nature.

Resorts Indonesia

where it is hot in January
These places include the resorts of Indonesia. The fabulous islands in the Indian Ocean are becoming a place of pilgrimage for tourists who want to relax where it is hot in December, January and any other cold month of the year for European countries. Some vacationers rent a cozy villa on the shores of the warm sea for the entire winter season.

This is not surprising, because, starting in November, the thermometer does not fall below 25 degrees. But do not worry that the weather will be too hot and the air too hot, during this period it rains sometimes at night, which lasts no more than an hour, this allows you to bring down the heat a little.

Owners of luxury hotels are ready to provide their comfortable rooms, the clean sandy beaches of which are very close by. Vacationers are waiting for water slides, warm pools, exotic cocktails and many other truly relaxing pleasures.

Bali island

One of the paradises of nature can be called the island of Bali. This is exactly the place where it is hot in January and throughout the year. But despite the fact that the summer here lasts 365 days a year, still the period from the end of December to the beginning of March can be called a bit rainy. Although the temperature of the air and water remains still summer, vacationers risk falling under a small but warm rain. However, not only on the beach you can spend time, there are more than 20 thousand temples, one of which is the amazing Temple of the Monkeys. Black volcanic sand covers the cozy beaches of this island. Exotic vegetation, high mountains, the edge of relict forests, surrounded by the vast expanse of the ocean - all this allows this place to rightfully be called a paradise on Earth.

where it is hot in december january
Bali is one of the favorite places for fans of surfing, special schools are open here, where beginners learn the basics of this beautiful sport.

Kuta beaches

Nearby are the delightful beaches of Kuta, where it is hot in January, and all year round there is a large influx of vacationers who have chosen this magical island.

One of the best resorts in the southwest of the island of Tanah Lot, known for its fabulous sunsets and the temple complex. There are no luxurious beaches, but there is no less attractive cozy sandy bay.

Exotic Vietnam

These are not the only places where it is hot in winter; rest at this time of the year awaits tourists in Vietnam. Thousands of vacationers flock to this exotic country every year. For residents of Russia, this is a great place to relax, because what the locals call the β€œcold” month of the year is considered quite comfortable for Europeans. The air temperature in North Vietnam (for example, in Hanoi - 11-16 degrees) and south (Vung Tau - 27-29 degrees) is significantly different. The impenetrable jungle, the waters of the South China Sea, high mountains, majestically frozen above the sea, excellent climate and low prices for accommodation and food made this country one of the most visited by tourists. Hospitable Vietnamese organize fascinating excursions for their guests, where they introduce them to rare representatives of flora and fauna and provide an opportunity to visit a crocodile farm.

where it is hot in winter
Luxurious beaches of Taiwan

A wonderful vacation awaits tourists in Taiwan, where it is hot in January. Luxurious beaches are at the service of vacationers, here you will come across a high service service in hotels. Tourists who visited this resort have a sea of ​​impressions from visiting the world's best famous aquarium. This 80-meter tunnel creates the illusion of the seabed, visitors walk along it, and fish, which are no less than 400 species, swim above and around their heads. This is a real miracle that tourists will see in this country.

Wonderful africa

But the most wonderful journey will be a trip to Africa. Only here you can see free-walking lions, leopards, rhinos, hippos, buffalos, giraffes and a herd of elephants at a watering place. This is the most mysterious and not fully explored continent.

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