How to buy an apartment or build a house

Probably, you can not find such a person on earth who would not dream of building his own cozy house. And therefore, the solution to the question of how to buy an apartment or build your own home, in fact, depends on the fulfillment of your dreams, because for some such an event happens only once in life. A modern house or apartment is not just a place where we feel more secure, but which brings us closer to other people, unites our family under one roof, a place where we can relax. From time immemorial it turned out that the house was built, as a rule, by their own efforts, only occasionally resorting to the help of their relatives or sympathetic neighbors.

Today, such an approach to solving the question of how to buy an apartment correctly seems an anachronism, because it has appeared in a sufficient number of firms and companies involved in the construction of housing professionally, based on accepted standards and rules. As a rule, such companies can offer a variety of repair and construction services, including a full cycle and turnkey house construction or the same apartment decoration. In order for your house or apartment to turn out to be reliable and beautiful, to please you with coziness and comfort, so that moving to a new apartment does not become the beginning of a new construction process, you will have to go through several procedures in order to comply with the construction procedure and its legal design.

It should be remembered that the construction procedure in the Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with Art. 51 of the Town Planning Code, and the initial document giving the right to begin construction is a building permit. It is very important to understand that the construction of a capital object without obtaining permission is likely to entail problems associated with the registration of property rights.

If your decision on how to buy an apartment is focused on using the services of a real estate company - do not be too lazy to get as detailed as possible from a variety of sources about its reputation. Turning to any construction company (if you are building a house), be sure to get detailed information about its registration and rights to conduct construction, and only then make an informed decision about who to entrust the construction of your house with.

If you buy to buy an apartment, you must have an idea of ​​how to prepare, conduct and execute this rather troublesome deal. The simplest and most reliable solution is to contact a real estate company.

The firm will help you clarify the issue of legal "cleanliness" of the apartment. It is especially important to pay attention to whether ownership of it is retained by anyone, such persons may not even know that someone is selling an apartment in an arc. If you do not pay attention to this issue, then subsequently the purchase and sale transaction may be declared illegal and terminated. You can protect yourself from such cases by insuring the risks of acquiring an apartment, but you will have to pay a fairly substantial amount for this.

After that, you can begin collecting documents. To complete the purchase and sale of an apartment and conclude an appropriate agreement, you must have a package of documents, a complete list of which can be found in the BTI or in a real estate company. In addition, the collection and preparation of them can be entrusted to the same company.

When the documents are collected - you can conclude a contract. According to the law, it can be concluded both in a notary's office, and by simple written agreement.

The final stage of the transaction is its registration, as well as registration of property rights to the acquired apartment. These procedures are performed by the BTI in a 30-day period.

When purchasing an apartment, especially in the secondary market, it should be remembered that the process of legalizing a purchase is a rather tedious and not always pleasant procedure. Therefore, it is not enough to know how to choose an apartment, it is important to make the right decision who specifically will do this. Here, also the most rational option is to appeal to realtors. Specialists can not only give practical advice on how to buy an apartment, but they will take all the trouble on this issue. Yes, of course, everything will have to be paid for. Therefore, carefully measure your priorities and decide what is more important for you: pay money and get quality service that saves you the hassle of buying, or trust only yourself to ultimately feel like the sole β€œcreator” of your hearth.


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