Do-it-yourself wardrobe doors. How to assemble and install do-it-yourself sliding doors for a sliding wardrobe? Do-it-yourself wardrobe door installation

In order to save money, some people start making furniture on their own. For example, if you purchase material and accessories, you can get an inexpensive wardrobe with compartment doors. Today, such products are in great demand, as they save living space, are convenient to use, decorate the interior (applies to models with an original and interesting look). The following describes how to prepare and mount the doors of the wardrobe with your own hands, as well as unusual to decorate them.


Before embarking on production work, it is necessary to understand what designs generally exist. Sliding doors are equipped with a suspension system, overhead or frame profile. Suspension products are considered the cheapest because they consist of particleboard and facing edges. On its inner side, rollers are located at the top, and guide elements at the bottom. Such a system is difficult to regulate, quickly fails, and the canvas is prone to bending.

Do-it-yourself wardrobe doors

Overhead profiles hold the chipboard better because they are located on the sides. If you need such doors of the wardrobe with your own hands, then the lower rollers equipped with bearings will act as a support. In the upper part there are also videos, but they serve as a support function. If there is an obstacle in the way of the doors, then they can skew and jump out of the grooves.

The frame profile is a construction of horizontal and vertical elements. They are made of steel (aluminum) and make the product more durable and reliable. The rollers on the doors move not only to the sides, but also vertically. Glass or mirror is easily inserted into the canvas.


To furniture looked neat, you must correctly measure the door of the wardrobe. Do it yourself with a width of 500-1000 mm. Too small a door will fall, and too large is difficult to operate. The height of the structure depends on the type of profiles. For example, overhead elements have a length of 5500 mm, so they can be adjusted in height.

DIY sliding wardrobe doors

When calculating the width of the doors, overlap must be taken into account. Therefore, the profile width is added to the measurement of the opening, and the total amount is divided into two (the number of paintings). If there are more doors, then the number of profiles will increase.

The height of the compartment doors is calculated much easier: you need to measure the opening in height and subtract 45 mm from it. This distance allows you to bring the canvas in the upper profile. Do not subtract less than 45 mm, otherwise the doors will stand tight.


How to make do-it-yourself wardrobe doors and what material to use for this? His choice depends on the financial abilities and design preferences of the consumer. Most often, chipboard, glass, mirrors, plastic, etc. are taken into account. Particleboard doors imitate natural material, make the interior homey, warm and interesting. They are used in the manufacture of budget cabinets, because they have a low cost.

How to make do-it-yourself wardrobe doors

Glass constructions can be: matte, patterned, colored or embossed. They are pasted over with a special film, which upon impact will not allow the material to break into small fragments. Mirror doors also look very elegant. They can be tinted, covered with anti-glare film, equipped with built-in lamps, drawings and patterns.

Quite often there are doors made of acrylic plastic - a very durable material. Its color palette is diverse, which allows you to create an individual design. You can get a unique interior, if you combine this design with decoration and other interior details.

Fasteners and guides

You can install the doors of the wardrobe with your own hands if you purchase the necessary fasteners (rollers, self-tapping screws, adjusting screws, guides, etc.). Their main weight falls on the bottom, so large rollers should be located there. The upper rollers are small in size because they are only needed to support the structure and move along the guide profile. Fine threaded adjusting screws that are responsible for tilting the doors will also be needed. The main fasteners are self-tapping screws that connect the elements into a single product.

How to assemble your own wardrobe doors

For the movement of doors inside the cabinet, horizontal guides are responsible. The upper profile is a horizontal part at the top of the door frame, which has a filling in the form of chipboard or mirror. A special groove for screwing in screws runs along it. Using the lower guide element, the vertical profile is fixed, the carrier rollers are hidden, the appearance is improved.

It will not be possible to make sliding doors for a sliding wardrobe with your own hands without a vertical profile-handle. It has a groove in which the filling is inserted. This element makes the product attractive because it looks very elegant.

Door assembly

After taking measurements, selecting materials and accessories, they begin assembling the doors. First, prepare the filler. A silicone seal is laid exactly along the perimeter . Then it is applied to the base material and attached to it from above and below by horizontal bars. It is very important that the mirror goes into all the grooves and the seal is not visible.

Do-it-yourself wardrobe door installation

In the manufacture of the door of the wardrobe with their own hands, they also arrange the side racks. To do this, put the design on the edge and put them on the mirror. Profile elements are fastened together by self-tapping screws, for which pre-prepared holes will be needed. After that, rollers are installed at the top and bottom, and a tape with a pile is glued to the vertical profiles. If necessary, the design is equipped with handles (screwed on with screws or inserted into a cut hole).

Preparatory work

Before you install the doors of the wardrobe with your own hands, prepare the opening. To begin with, the horizontal and even guides are checked. The whole structure must have a strict geometry, however, small errors are hidden in the process of adjusting the doors. You can also align the cabinet using the adjusting legs (especially if the floor has irregularities).

If you have to mount a built-in cabinet, you will have to prepare an opening. To begin with, its width is measured once again and two linings are cut from the chipboard. Their size should match the width of the opening (maximum accuracy will be required). Using a drill, they make several holes in them. The lining is applied to the ceiling, leveled and attracted by screws so that they are imprinted. Holes are drilled in the designated places and dowels are clogged. Parts cut from chipboard are screwed on. The lower lining is mounted in the same way as the upper. It is very important that it is perfectly even.

Installation work

Do-it-yourself door installation in a sliding wardrobe begins with laying guides. First, take the upper element, measure the desired length and cut off the excess with a jigsaw. The same is done with the lower guide element. Using a drill, drill the holes necessary for attaching to cabinet parts or linings. Guides are applied, aligned and secured with screws.

Do-it-yourself wardrobe doors

Once everything is finished, you can proceed with the installation of the doors. The first web is inserted into the guides, the system is checked for operability and adjustment is performed. Correctly adjusted doors will allow mechanisms to work quickly and easily. After that, establish the second canvas, check and adjust it. Do-it-yourself three-wing sliding doors for a sliding wardrobe are sometimes installed. Then the mounted leaves move and mount the third canvas. All the same manipulations are carried out with him as with the previous elements.


At any time, you can remove the doors and decorate them using various materials. In this case, you can choose: mirrors, patterned glass, leather and fur, various films.

1. A mirror is often inserted into the doors of sliding wardrobes, especially if the furniture is located in the hallway. For interior decoration, silver and bronze products are best suited.

Do-it-yourself door installation in a sliding door wardrobe

2. Patterned or ordinary glass, covered with a decorative film, looks great on furniture designs. The individuality of the room will give the material made to order.

3. Photo printing looks very nice and allows you to create absolutely any image. In this case, the picture is applied either directly on the surface, or on a film glued under glass.

4. Dressing the door with leather and fur. Decorative panels imitating the skin and fur of animals are in great demand today. If desired, various drawings and patterns are applied to them.

5. Special films allow you to quickly and cheaply decorate the product. A variety of colors and textures will help to combine furniture with any style of interior.

Sliding wardrobe is popular among consumers due to its spaciousness, space saving and attractive appearance. It will cost less if you figure out how to assemble the doors of the wardrobe with your own hands. And if the apartment has a spacious niche, then it can be fenced and get an excellent dressing room.


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