Native children: who looks like who

From that moment, as soon as it becomes known about the conception that has taken place, the life of future parents is radically changing. It is not for nothing that the miracle of the birth of a new life, invisible to the eye, is called the greatest miracle: none of the parents participates in the planning of sex, external data, and spiritual qualities of the future person. Nevertheless, every new person is unique in the set of one, another and third. It is unique, although the question of who the child resembles in various variations (β€œpoured dad!”, β€œMother is not close there!”) Will haunt new parents for a long time to come. As if it depends on what his life will be like.

Can a baby's life be predicted?

who looks like who

Astrologers say yes! And sometimes they are right. The question is, does anyone need to know what awaits his child in the future? It seems fair to still consider that there will be what will be, and nothing else. But to know who will be born, who will look like whom, what hereditary traits and family talents will show over time - this is, at least, interesting. And knowing this, you can plan the educational process. In fact, raising a choleric person is very different from raising a sanguine person, and an apple from an apple tree, as you know, does not fall far, and if my father’s dad is good-natured and calm, then his son is very likely to grow up with the same phlegmatic person.

Do not guess, it is better to know for sure

How to find out who the child will look like: dad, mom or second cousin

who are the girls like
from Ulan-Ude? Actually, knowledge of the school biology course and the basics of genetics will be enough to try to "calculate" who will be born like anyone else. The only thing ... Be prepared to accept all kinds of discrepancies between reality and forecast with humor. And then the fashion has gone - just drag your DNA test, or even straight to Channel One, so that the whole world knows that your misunderstanding has happened. Please do not forget that in any rule there are exceptions, and if it is not clear who the son or daughter looks like, you can simply take for the fact that you had an exceptional child.

In general, there is such a theory that beloved daughters always look like dads, and sons - like moms.

Does science confirm this fact? And is it a fact?

what does a son look like

Only in part. Boys are often born like mothers. Why? It is explainable. As we recall from the biology lessons, the born girl can boast that she borrowed two X chromosomes from dad and mom, which in some way ensures the likelihood that the baby can look like both mom and dad. Therefore, it’s difficult to decide who the girls look like, even after birth. And to predict this without relying on other knowledge is generally a thankless task.

The boys have a slightly different story. With a high degree of probability it can be argued that the son will be similar (outwardly) to his mother. Why? Because he takes the X chromosome from mom, and the Y chromosome from dad. And the mother of the X chromosome, praise to the Creator, is programmed to be responsible for the external features of a person. Therefore, boys are often born like mothers. Although also not 100%, of course.

For example, facial features can be maternal, and the color of the eyes can be paternal. And understand here who is like whom.

I wonder what kind of new person will have eyes?

This question can be answered almost unambiguously: the darker the color of the eyes of the parent, the greater the likelihood that the son or daughter will inherit this particular color - the dominant one.

But there are options too. For example, our daddy has wonderful brown eyes. And mom is a blue-eyed blonde. In this situation, the child is approximately 75% likely to have brown dad's eyes. Why not 100%? Because each parent has two genes. And it is not at all a fact that both paternal genes do not carry information lost in his family from a blue-eyed ancestor. Combinations of genes are unpredictable, dear moms and dads!

But if both of you are blond with gray or blue eyes, then your children will almost certainly be blue-eyed or gray-eyed. Understand then, as you want, who looks like whom.

And who will grow in growth?

With what height the born person will be, it is a little easier to determine. The genetic rules in force in this range are almost without exception. The options are as follows:

  • If both parents are tall, their children will also be tall. Quite
    what does the child look like
    probably even higher than the highest of them.
  • If both parents are short, the child will almost certainly not outgrow either of them. However, it is very unlikely that he will be below the lowest parent.
  • If one parent is taller than the other, then the growth of the child, as a rule, stops at the average level between mom and dad.

But in general, dear mothers and fathers, is it really important who looks like anyone ?! It is much more important whether the born person will be happy. And if we are not able to program its height, eye color and density of hair, then we can grow it by understanding the meaning of life and knowing the value of our happiness. Unless we are wasting our and his powers on nothing.


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