Metal processing and forging at home

Currently, metal forging at home has become very popular among the people. In addition to the fact that this is a very interesting and fascinating occupation, manual forging of metal can bring a pretty big profit to the master. But still, if you do not say it, you cannot do without a special tool anywhere, and this case is by no means an exception!

Real, old, hand-forged metal, which was used several hundred years ago, is very different from modern. First, in those days they used the exceptionally hot metal forging method. Compared to cold, it will have a number of advantages, since hardened metal is several times superior to raw metal in quality. Old edged weapons that were used on the battlefields, or presented to noble people - a vivid example of hardened metal of high quality. Such weapons can lie for a long time, and at the same time, will not deteriorate at all. Today, you and I live in the 21st century, and battles with sabers and swords have long since lost their relevance, therefore, metal of such quality as it was before, you can hardly find anywhere else. Of course you can’t say that he is not at all! It is, but the cost of a good hardened metal will be much higher than cold. And to get such a metal will be much more problematic.

Today, forging metal at home, it is usually the creation of decorative ornaments, the production of forged gates, fences, gates, gratings, etc. For such products, cold forging of metal is mainly used. This is due to the fact that products such as gates or grilles are not designed for powerful blows or severe damage, and therefore, hot manual forging of metal is simply not needed here! Forging metal at home is a very good source of regular income. It is not in vain that many private entrepreneurs have chosen this particular activity for opening small, medium, and sometimes large businesses. But in order to get good profit from all this, first you need to invest not a little money here.

Metal is far from the cheapest material for production in our time, especially since for cold forging, you need to use high quality metal. Machines made with the latest technology, which allow you to bend cold metal without any problems, also cost decent money. But the process of working with this equipment should not be forgotten. Without special knowledge and skills, it will not work to make a good forged gate even on the newest equipment. Learning this craft is not easy, but still this can be achieved by removing enough time and effort. If you compare the real craft of forging with the ancient one, then it will be heaven and earth. By and large, today, almost everyone can learn how to cold forge metal. As for the ancient peoples, their craft of metal forging was passed down from generation to generation, and some blacksmiths carried their secret with them to the grave.

Now everything is much simpler, and for most modern people, forging metal at home is the most common hobby, which brings a lot of pleasure. A vivid example of such a hobby is the manufacture of knives at home. In most cases - this is not legal, but still, this is not an obstacle for lovers of cold forging. Naturally, such a weapon will not be super durable and reliable, but for him this is not necessary. People who have chosen such a hobby create such weapons as wall souvenirs, which can often be found on the shelves of hunting and sports stores. The cost of such a souvenir weapon can range from several hundred rubles, up to a thousand dollars, or even more.


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