How to book at the "Booking": procedure, payment methods. tips and tricks for users

It is no secret that the most famous service is most often used to book hotels abroad. Without exaggeration, it can be called the most famous and popular. The service is very convenient, it has a Russian-language menu, which facilitates the task. In addition, many note that the site offered very reasonable prices. In our article, we want to talk about how to book a hotel at "Booking" and what you need to know to do this.

Resource Convenience

If you still don’t know how to book a hotel at the "Booking", our article will be useful for you. Before you use a resource, you need to learn all about it. “Bucking” is used by all active tourists who prefer independent travel. If you do not want to overpay for tour operators, then the site will be a real find for you. Firstly, it is possible to select and reserve hotels in it in various countries around the world. The resource allows you to get a lot of information about hotels, compare the conditions in them and the cost of living.

Book a hotel at Bucking

Every day, over 300 thousand nights are booked on the site. Information about hotels is reflected in real time on the resource. According to reviews, it is necessary to book a hotel through "Booking" with a sober head, not paying attention to the resourceful tricks of the resource. Looking through the next hotel at the end of the world, you will notice that before you will see information on the screen that someone has just booked a room in the place you are interested in. This makes the next client hurry up in time to book a room for themselves. After all, the imagination already paints a tempting picture of relaxation. Do not pay attention to such tricks. Book a room only when you are sure.

Service benefits

It is very convenient to book a hotel through "Booking". There are a lot of advantages of the site. Firstly, it is worth recalling the scale of the resource. In his storerooms collected more than 200 thousand hotels in 164 countries. On the site you can find hotels not only in popular resorts, but also in remote parts of the world.

How to book with Bookings

Secondly, the “Bucking” offers the best prices. The resource guarantees to return the difference if the client can find a more profitable placement. Reservation is considered to be without extra charge. A very nice bonus is the ability to find profitable offers on the site. Every day, hotels appear on the resource where you can book rooms for half the price.

Block funds on the card

If you only understand the nuances of the question of how to book a hotel at the “Booking”, you will probably come across a financial issue regarding your bank card. No matter how convenient the site is, all users are faced with the same problem. This is blocking the amount of payment on your card. Active tourists often have difficulties in this matter.

When is the best time to book a hotel at Bucking?

In the process of booking an apartment, the site invariably asks you to enter your card details to confirm the procedure. By the way, it does not matter at all whether you do it directly on the hotel’s resource or use the platform for this. The essence of the procedure is that you voluntarily give out a lot of information about your account. Of course, you are informed that no one will withdraw funds from your account, but is this really so?

In fact, the hotel has the right to block part of the money on your card. This means that you have funds in your account, but you cannot use them. Whether the hotel will block part of the funds on the map is a rhetorical question. Different countries have different approaches to this situation. Just hotels in such a simple way hedged.

It must be understood that at least four parties are involved in the process of working with your card during booking and in the future. The first participant in the procedure is you yourself, because you agree to use your bank data voluntarily.

In addition, you must remember the hotel in which you are booking a room. This is the second participant in the process. Well, of course, do not forget about the platform itself, with the help of which you found the housing you need. It is she who provides the hotel with your bank details. And the last participant in the process is your bank, in the account of which your funds are stored.

The hotel through the site receives your details in order to protect itself from possible changes in your plans. It is logical that representatives of the hotel you have chosen will want to check whether there are really funds in your account and whether you indicated the correct coordinates.

Little tricks

How to book at "Bookings" if you do not have a bank card? It is important to consider that without a credit card you will not be able to order an apartment. Unfortunately, many remain unhappy that hotels are gaining access to an account. Therefore, the question arises of how to get around this moment? Enterprising fellow citizens recommend opening a special bank account, which you will use to book online. It may contain some modest amount or no money at all. No one bothers you at the right time to replenish your account. When opening a card, please note that it can be used for electronic payment systems. Usually such accounts are opened for free.

I have such a card, you can easily book a hotel through "Booking". After receiving your coordinates, the hotel sends you a confirmation of your reservation and awaits your arrival. You can pay for your stay upon arrival at your destination.

But the situation may develop a little differently. It is possible that the hotel will want to check your solvency and block a certain amount on your card. By the way, this practice is typical for many European countries (France, Spain, Italy ...). If the hotel staff checks the account and cannot block a certain amount, you will receive a message about this. In this case, you can at any time replenish the account with the necessary amount, give the details of the card with money or choose another hotel for yourself.

It is worth noting that different institutions present their requirements for the amount that is blocked on your account. It’s enough for someone to guarantee the blocking of the cost of living for one day, and someone requires payment for the entire stay.

The most experienced tourists share their experience, recommending that you book several hotels in the same city, if you have a separate card without money. Travelers believe that in this case you do not have to pay fines for canceling reservations. You just decide on arrival where you prefer to stay. Is it worth it to do, you decide. In any case, someone else's experience is always useful. Now you know how to book a hotel at the "Bucking", if there is an additional card.

How to choose a hotel?

How to book a hotel at the "Booking"? After all, sorting out so many offers is not easy. Working with the site is very simple due to the fact that the information on it is displayed in Russian.

How to book a hotel at the "Booking"?

To simplify the work, you need to enter the desired city and date of the proposed trip, after which we click the "Find" button.

Why doesn't book?

You can also enter the name of the city directly in the search form. You will see a large list of hotels. To simplify the search, you can enter additional parameters - amenities, price, type of accommodation, hotel star rating, area, distance from the coast, and much more.

First of all, you must specify:

  1. Desired cost of living. Please note that the "Booking" indicates the cost of the room, and not for one person.
  2. Type of allocation. This item is important if you want to find an apartment, not a room.
  3. The area you would like to live in.

In addition, you can identify other important requirements for you. For example, transfer, Internet, parking, distance from the airport and more ... All these data will help you narrow your search.

How to find a hotel with a discount?

How to book a hotel on the "Booking", if you want to find the best deal? Each of us is looking for housing at a good discount. To do this, find the “Smart Offer” function in the left menu. You need to check the box next to this item, after that the system will pick you up all the offers at a discount. You just have to evaluate all the proposed options.

What determines the price?

Having figured out how to book through "Bookings", you can safely proceed to the search for a suitable option. However, it is worth remembering that the resource offers different price options. What determines the cost of rooms?

The fact is that with instant payment, the price of apartments is lower. If you reserve the possibility of canceling your reservation, then the cost will be higher. In addition, breakfast is usually included in the price.

How to book a hotel on the "Booking"

Many tourists wonder when it is better to book a hotel at the Bucking. As a rule, it is most beneficial to reserve a room two months before the intended trip. But this option is not suitable for all travelers, since not everyone can plan their time in advance. The work schedule of some people is very unpredictable. When is the best time to book a hotel at Bucking if you are not sure about future plans? If you cannot tell the exact date of your vacation, book the hotel two days before your trip. If by that time there will be free rooms, you will be offered the best prices.

Book a hotel through "Booking"

Do not be surprised if the price of apartments varies on different days. This often happens. If you book a room at the moment, then for you its price is fixed. And it doesn’t matter when you pay for your stay.

Can I book without prepayment?

Many tourists are interested in whether it is possible to book a hotel at the "Booking" without making an advance payment. Most of the hotels on the site provide such an opportunity. But be prepared for the fact that the cost of the room in this case will be slightly higher.

In general, it’s not difficult to figure out how to book at the “Bookings”. Please note that room reservation conditions can vary greatly between institutions. Each hotel has its own requirements. Therefore, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the booking conditions of the institution you are interested in. To do this, the cursor must be placed on the icon with the question. This is available near each hotel. There you will find information on how long you have the opportunity to cancel your reservation without penalty. In addition, you can find out if the hotel takes a prepayment and whether the tax is included in the price. This information will not be redundant, it will allow you to sensibly assess the situation so that there are no unpleasant surprises in the future.

It is very important to familiarize yourself with the conditions put forward by the hotel. Misunderstanding can lead to the fact that you lose extra money or ruin your mood. After you have found the suitable option, indicate the required number of apartments and click the "Book" button.

After that, the resource takes us to a page where we will have to enter our personal data (our name and surname in Latin letters, email address, etc.). In this section, it is important to check the box "Online access to booking." This item is useful to you if you need to cancel your reservation or arrival date. After we press the continue button. The resource will lead us to a page on which it is necessary to fill in the address data and credit card information.

Is it safe to enter data?

Novice travelers are always worried about a very important issue. Is it safe to book a hotel at Bucking? As practice shows, the site is completely safe. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of tourists. Many are embarrassed by the fact that you need to enter your card details. We already talked about this at the beginning of our article. But this condition is mandatory, otherwise you will not be able to use the resource.

Another popular question asked by tourists: "Is it possible to book hotels on the" Booking "using someone else's card?". The resource allows you to use any credit card. You can use the account of your husband, sister, relative. The name of the person who arrives at the hotel does not have to coincide with the name indicated on the map.

Can I book a hotel without a credit card?

If you don’t have a card, the question always arises: “Why doesn’t Booking reserve without a credit card?”. In fact, the resource allows you to reserve a hotel without a bank account. But at the same time, you will have to carefully study the requirements of each particular hotel (we previously mentioned the question icon next to each hotel).

Initially, those hotels on which there is a note “Cost is not refundable” are not suitable for you, since funds must be paid at the time of booking.

If you see that a free cancellation of a reservation up to a certain number is possible, then this means that you cannot do without a credit card. And the “free cancellation” badge does not guarantee that the hotel will suit you.

In general, it is very difficult to book a hotel without a card. You will have to review many hotels, but there is no guarantee that you will find what you want. Most often it turns out that free booking is just a trick. In such cases, the administrator of the hotel where you plan to relax will call you soon and ask you to deposit part of the amount to the account of the owner of the establishment. In our opinion, this is not the best option.

Book via Bookings

Without a card, you can reserve a hotel room if you see information that there is no deposit or penalty in case of no-show or cancellation. This is exactly the option you were looking for! But finding it is very difficult.

How to check your reservation?

After you have booked a hotel room, a confirmation email of your reservation should be sent to your email address. You should definitely save this message. You may need it if your plans change unexpectedly. You may need to cancel your reservation or reschedule your arrival date. Before you go on vacation, be sure to print a letter and take it with you. In case of an emergency, you can present it at the hotel reception. If you received a similar message to your e-mail, this means that the process was successful. Your room is reserved and awaiting you.

Cancel reservation

When it is better to book a hotel at the "Bucking", you decide, since only you can judge your plans. But in unforeseen circumstances you can cancel your reservation. To do this, you will have to find a reservation confirmation letter and click on the link to cancel the reservation. In the same way, you can change the dates of arrival or edit your details. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to your personal account on the resource and there you will perform all the necessary actions.


Sometimes tourists are faced with the fact that when booking a hotel it is written in the information about it that payment is made at the place of residence. However, not everyone wants to go with an impressive amount of money. Many travelers prefer to deposit funds in advance to be sure that their room awaits them. What to do in this case? You can contact the hotel (the institution’s contacts must be in a letter confirming the reservation) and discuss the issue with its management. Many hotels will rejoice at the opportunity to receive money in advance, as this ensures that you do not cancel your reservation. Difficulties can arise with small family-type hotels.

Very often, in search of profitable offers, tourists book rooms long before the trip. And all would be fine, but some hotels at the same time try to reserve a certain amount from your card. Not everyone likes this, which is logical. For example, you book a hotel in January, and the trip will take place only in May or June. All this time, your funds will not be available to you. If you are not comfortable with this option, there is a simple way out. You can cancel your reservation and look for another hotel, the conditions in which are not so harsh.

We hope that our article will help you deal with all the nuances of working with "Booking".


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