Basketball player Sasha Vuyachich: return to the NBA

If every soldier dreams of general uniforms, then a professional basketball player dreams of a career in NBA elite clubs. Not every European at the beginning of the journey manages to break into the main team of the overseas team. And to do this twice, having returned there after thirty years of age, is only possible with an obsessed game. Sasha Vuyachich, a Slovenian defender known as Maria Sharapova’s former boyfriend and twice NBA champion in the Lakers, has been protecting the colors of the New York Knicks since August 2015 with an annual contract of $ 1.35 million.

Sasha Vuyachich

The beginning of a long journey

Born in the family of the basketball coach Vaso Vuyachich in March 1984, Alexander (his full name) had no choice what to do in life. Moreover, he became a tall athletic youth, whose height is 201 cm today. Having played for the Slovenian Polzhela, and since the age of sixteen - the Italian Udine, Sasha Vuyachich passed the NBA draft in 2004. The Los Angeles Lakers managers had the opportunity to watch the guy in the Chicago sports camp, where he was impressed by his psychological preparation and excellent execution of free throws.

At No. 27, Sasha was chosen precisely by the Lakers team as a rotation player. He spent six seasons in its main squad under the supervision of one of the best coaches in the history of the basketball association - Phil Jackson. It was during these years (2004–2010) that the peak of his sports career occurred, although the athlete was always a bit in the shadow of Kobe Bryant, an outstanding attacking defender of the team. In 2009 and 2010, together with Bryant, Howard and Gasol, in a number 18 shirt, he celebrated the victory in the NBA championship and Sasha Vuyachich.

Personal life: Maria Sharapova

By this time, parents with his brother and sister already lived in California, and the athlete himself - in Rodondo Beach. In the spring of 2009, Maria Sharapova, accompanied by Charles Ebersol, a television producer, the son of a famous billionaire, whom Maria’s father still could not forget, did not understand how his daughter could exchange him for a “clumsy basketball player,” appeared on one of the Lakers matches in the stands. But by that time, Maria and Charles were no longer connected by a romantic relationship, but a spark ran between the beautiful tennis player and the NBA star, which laid the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

draft nba

Their romance was watched by the whole world, rejoicing over Mary, on whose finger a year later a quarter-million-dollar ring shone. Sasha’s proposal was made according to all the canons on the anniversary of the relationship. The couple spent another two seasons together, planning a wedding and naming its date and place - November 10, 2012, the city of Istanbul. Why is Istanbul In 2010, Vuyachich got into the “New Jersey Nets”, and with the departure of the “Lakers” from the post of head coach Phil Jackson accepted the offer of the Turkish club, moving to Europe. He explained his decision by the desire to play, rather than sit on the bench.

Reasons for the breakup

The obsession with basketball brought Vuyachich to Anadola Ephesus, where his talent as a player sparkled with new faces, but moved him away from Maria Sharapova, with whom they had not seen each other for 10 months. The girl complained that during this time he had never appeared at his home in the United States, and her busy schedule did not allow them to meet in Europe. At the US Open press conference in late summer 2012, Mary announced that since spring she and her fiancé are no longer together. The sports world has already watched her new affair with tennis player Grigor Dimitrov.

Sasha Vuyachich does not comment on his personal life anymore, focusing on his professional career. But information leaked to the press that in 2013 he was removed from the Anadolu Ephesus team due to a disciplinary violation.

Sasha Vuyachich personal life

Return to the NBA

Sasha Vuyachich decides to return to the USA: “Clippers” concludes a ten-day contract with him to check in the game. His physical form does not satisfy the coach, and the European tour begins again: Italy, Spain, Turkey again (this time “Istanbul”). Here he spends the 2014-2015 season, gaining an average of 15 points per game, making 4.5 rebounds, giving 3.7 assists to partners in 33 minutes of playing time spent on the field. Indicators are not the athlete who exchanged a third decade.

By the will of fate, the great coach Phil Jackson returned to big sport, becoming the president of the New York Knicks club. The teacher and student reunited in the same team to teach young players the winning spirit, dedication and a special attack scheme that was once mastered by the “Lakers” and brought them luck in their time.


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