Black and silver manicure: photos, ideas for manicure

Nowadays, manicure is no longer something new. He has so much entered the familiar life of most fashionistas that going out without well-groomed nails with a brand new nail art is equal to crime. Of course, we exaggerate a little, but to deny the fact that manicure is the most popular beauty service is almost impossible.

If earlier manicure was considered only a sign of well-groomed girl, now it is part of the image, a small accent that can become the highlight of the whole image. By the way, even Hollywood stars take the choice of nail art quite seriously.

Manicure trends change every year as fast as modern fashion. Sometimes you can’t even keep track of the news that appear in fashion magazines. But there is good news: among the whole variety of nail art, it is black manicure that has remained at the peak of popularity for many years now. Out of season, he looks spectacular and attracts the views of others. We offer you to consider in more detail the ideas of black manicure with silver and the main secrets of creating the perfect nail art.

black and silver manicure

Who will suit black manicure

Black manicure is a great option for those who want to emphasize their individuality and style. It is always relevant and will look advantageous at any event. A party, a business meeting or gatherings with girlfriends - with such a manicure you will look great. Due to its versatility, he conquered the hearts of many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.
In addition, a nail design in this style is perfect for those who are tired of a light, bright or nude palette.

Black manicure - fashion trends 2017

Black color has always been considered refined, luxurious not only in clothes, but also in nail art. Famous beauty experts unanimously reiterate that this shade requires special attention to the application and requires meticulous work. Only with all the rules, a black manicure will sparkle with all its facets. Its simplicity is combined with impeccable brevity and creates an incredible impression.

For those who love perfection in everything and loves to experiment, black manicure can be supplemented with small details. In 2017, silver and rhinestones were especially popular - they make black manicure more interesting. And you can go further and play in contrast.

Black manicure with white elements - how do you like this idea? Let's look at the most fashionable trends in black manicure with silver in 2017.

black and silver photo manicure

Silver manicure

Making black manicure more effective is easy! It is enough to supplement it with a slight accent - silver. The created contrast of colors looks advantageous and stylish. In addition, combining black manicure with silver will allow you to carry out any ideas. In such a design, a flight of fancy is only welcome.

For example, you can emphasize by highlighting with silver only the ring finger, and paint all other legs with black. A similar design has already been loved by many fashionistas and is quite common on pages of beauty magazines. Silver can be used in any form - it can be either glitter or sparkles. The choice is yours!

If you want to go further, you can decorate several fingers with a silver tint, as well as highlight individual lines. In addition, you can apply a stretch of color - this is a new word in manicure. The essence of the method is that the master applies silver on a black coating, but only on part of the nail. With special tweezers, this color gently stretches to the middle of the nail, creating the effect of "falling snowflakes." This design option looks very creative.

manicure 2017 black with silver

Rhinestone Manicure

Those who want to stand out from the crowd should pay attention to another interesting version of Nei-art - black manicure with silver and rhinestones. A combination that will definitely not go unnoticed and will give your image a touch of scandal and even a slight daring. Crystal sparkling rhinestones will make you the real queen of the evening, and the variety of options will satisfy all your ideas.

The main thing when choosing such a design is to know the measure. Black color itself is self-sufficient, and additional elements can only spoil the whole "picture". Do not overdo it with rhinestones, because then an elegant manicure can turn into a sticky canvas. Accordingly, rhinestones and silver should only emphasize black manicure, placing a bright emphasis on the hands.

ideas of black manicure with silver

Manicure black with silver and white

The classic that everyone has on their lips is a combination of black and white. Complementing such a mix with a silver coating, you will make the manicure incredibly gentle and elegant. We recommend using white as a highlight. For example, it can be trendy geometry. The interweaving of lines, triangles will add a bit of mystery to your image. One of the fingers can be decorated with a bulk of silver. Such a combination will reveal the full depth and beauty of black.

black manicure with silver and rhinestones

The secrets of perfect manicure

Black manicure with silver (photos of some ideas you can see in the article) are quite finicky and can not always look advantageous on nails. Therefore, it is worth considering several important points before applying varnish.

First, pay attention to the shape of your nails. Square nails with pointed edges are not the best option for black nail art. Choose a rounded shape of the nail plate - it will not look vulgar and emphasize the grace of the chosen color.

Secondly, black is much harder to apply than other shades. The lines should be as neat as possible, the color should reach the cuticle line itself.

Given these recommendations, you can create the perfect manicure that came off the pages of beauty magazines.

manicure black with silver and white

How to make a manicure at home

Almost every beauty salon has a manicure service. Of course, you can sign up to a nail master, or you can try to repeat this art at home. Sticking to our recommendations makes this easy. So, let's begin:

  1. Remove the cuticle with manicure tweezers. Using a nail file, give your nails the desired shape.
  2. Carefully treat the nail plate, the skin around it with a degreasing solution. This will allow the varnish to lie flat and not roll.
  3. Apply nail polish on the surface of the nail, let dry. Thanks to this stage, we extend the term of the future manicure.
  4. We cover the nails with the main color. After it dries, apply a few more layers.
  5. If desired, we complement the manicure with rhinestones - with tweezers, carefully lay out the pattern and fix it with a transparent coating. Thus, you will create a nice glossy shine and reliably protect the manicure from damage.

Do not hesitate, with a black manicure you will look perfect and stylish!


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