Fortune telling on the cards of Tarot: work and professional sphere

In the professional sphere, everything does not always go smoothly, and therefore fortune telling on the Tarot for work has recently become quite popular. Most of the layouts can show current problems, the cause of the occurrence, and even ways to solve them. In this article, we will find out the most popular methods of fortune telling at work.

The easiest layout

In order to find out the main problems associated with work and business, it is enough to thoroughly mix the deck and draw any 5 cards from it. Lay them in front of you.

  1. What is the problem.
  2. Reason for occurrence (past).
  3. Fears and hopes.
  4. Whether to wait for a raise or profit.
  5. What can be changed to improve your financial condition.

Each card must be interpreted separately, but do not forget to look at the big picture and card suits. If Denarius prevails, soon you will be promoted or successful, but if the Swords, your colleagues are likely to plot against you.

Alignment "Career"

This tarot card divination for work is more complicated than the previous one. But on the other hand, it is intended to show an almost complete picture of current events. For fortune telling, you need to lay out the cards, as shown in the figure.

Tarot card "Career"

Card S is the signifier. It can reflect both the essence of the issue and the personality of the questioner. If the card matches the question that you want to get an answer for, it means that fortunetelling will really reveal all aspects of your career. If it has the opposite meaning or does not coincide at all, the ritual should be postponed. Now look.

1. What is the situation in the professional sphere at the moment.

2. Human capabilities (potential). That is what he really can achieve.

3 and 4. What needs to be done to come to what happened in the previous map.

5. What to focus on.

6 and 7. What or who should be avoided.

8. The near future. What awaits a person in the professional field.

Decryption of the alignment

When interpreting this layout of Tarot for work, the position of the cards (direct and inverted) must be taken into account. Of course, you should start from the very first map. So, in this case, the Seven Denarii indicates that the person is in thought. Most likely he will face a choice: what to do. The next card is the Wheel of Fortune. It indicates that everything is in the hands of man. With some effort, he will get what he wants.

Tarot cards

The third and fourth cards in the Tarot card for work show what needs to be done. Senior lasso Strength means striving, a clear goal, the need to survive, even if it can hurt a person. But the Eight of Wands indicates that a decision must be taken immediately.

The Eight Denarius is interpreted as caution, prudence, attentiveness. Thoroughness and scrupulousness in everything is what a person needs to concentrate on.

Senior Arcanum Devil indicates that you need to get rid of the desire to lead everyone and subjugate other people. And the Three of Swords says that you can’t make decisions and act contrary to your feelings.

The last card is the Nine Denarius. She indicates that everything will be fine. A person will succeed if he hears the advice of other lasso.

Online fortune telling at work

In fact, it is not difficult to carry out such alignments. However, if the interpretation is difficult for you, then you can use fortune-telling on the Tarot to work online. Special programs will help with the interpretation of lasso, and a person will only need to select the required number of cards from the virtual deck.


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