How to clean furniture from scotch tape: effective ways and practical tips

Undoubtedly, adhesive tape is a useful invention. It is an adhesive tape with which you can solve many problems. But for all its usefulness, this item also has one drawback, which sometimes has to be fought. He can leave sticky traces after himself, and they can hardly be wiped off with an ordinary rag. The question: "How to clean furniture from tape" may arise for various reasons. For example, repair, transportation, or just careless work with duct tape. Returning the original appearance of the surface is not so simple. However, this problem can still be dealt with using various methods.

how to clean tape from the sofa

Universal ways to remove tape from furniture

The stains that the adhesive tape leaves on furniture made of various materials can remove very simple and practically improvised materials. There will definitely be such in every home. Those who wondered how to clean the scotch tape marks on furniture are advised to use the following tools:

  1. Hair dryer - as you know, this device has the function of heating the air. It is through the action of hot air on the remnants of adhesive tape that you can soften and remove traces of it with a soft cloth. Moreover, this method will cope even with the most old-fashioned spots that have already penetrated deep into the material. The disadvantage of this method is that not all surfaces can adequately tolerate heating. This fact should be taken into account before cleaning the remnants of adhesive tape from furniture.
  2. Vegetable oil. Oil, mixing with glue, can dissolve it and thereby remove traces from the surface. This method is better not to use on materials that are capable of absorbing liquid. Oily spots may also form on the surface.
  3. Eraser. With the help of an ordinary eraser, you can remove any traces of sticky adhesive tape, you just have to apply a fairly large amount of force.

Soda and dishwashing liquid

These two components are mixed with hot water, then sticky traces are removed from the surface with this solution. But this method is not suitable for painted surfaces. In addition, before you clean the furniture from scotch tape in this way, it is worth remembering that the dishwashing liquid is very foaming, it will be difficult to remove it without enough clean water. After carrying out the procedure on soft upholstery, it should be thoroughly dried.

how to clean double-sided tape with furniture

Strong chemical compounds

How to clean glue from adhesive tape from furniture, if improvised means did not help? If it was not possible to remove the traces with gentle methods, the following tools can help:

  1. Kerosene, white spirit - with the help of these tools you can remove even the most old spots. But you can not call this advice on how to clean furniture from scotch tape, completely harmless. The downside is that these funds are aggressive. Therefore, they can only be used on very high quality surfaces. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to the top layer of the coating.
  2. Acetone or nail polish remover - these substances are less aggressive, can be used on almost all types of coatings. But it is better not to use them on plastic furniture, as well as on varnished and painted surfaces.
  3. Glass washing liquid, vinegar are very light and non-aggressive products that can remove small traces of tape.

The easiest way

Oddly enough, but the remnants of tape can also be removed with tape. But this option is only suitable for surfaces made of plastic or glass. To do this, peel off small pieces of new scotch tape and stick on old tracks. Then remove with sharp movements. This procedure can be carried out repeatedly, gradually changing the strips.

Tips and rules for using funds

Before you clean the furniture from adhesive tape in the selected way, it is necessary to check the operation of the product on a small surface area. To do this, the solution, in a small amount, should be applied to the area, and then kept for 5 minutes. If the surface has not reacted in any way, you can safely continue to work.

Substances that are flammable should only be used in a well-ventilated area, and away from fire.

The procedure must be carried out exclusively with gloves, especially if alcohol, nail polish remover, acetone or vinegar are used.

how to clean polished furniture from tape

Removing adhesive tape from plastic

Plastic furniture is the most moody in terms of removing traces of adhesive tape from it. That is why it is necessary to work with it very carefully. In this case, a prerequisite will be a test for the adoption of plastic proposed method of cleaning. In this way, damage to the entire product can be avoided.

How to clean furniture tape from plastic furniture? In addition to the above universal methods, for such purposes, you can use pulp from soda and water. Using a sponge and a rag, apply the composition to the stain, then let it stand for a while and remove with water. Repeated procedure is also possible.

Also, the easiest way will be to use the most ordinary eraser - just clean it with a stain, as if erasing something from the paper. After the procedure, the cleaning site must be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.

Another simple tip on how to clean double-sided tape from furniture. He implies the use of laundry soap or laundry detergent. They are also applied to the contaminated surface, then cleaned and wiped with a damp cloth.

Using alcohol, you can not only cope with adhesive tape, but also remove the shade of yellowness from the material. However, be sure to check the plastic for alcohol tolerance. Using a piece of cotton wool moistened with alcohol, glue should be carefully removed until they disappear completely. The procedure can be repeated several times.

how to clean furniture from tape

Removing adhesive tape from upholstered furniture

To remove the adhesive residue from the tape on the upholstery of upholstered furniture will have to try. It is best to act as early as possible, without waiting for the glue to penetrate deep into the fabric.

You can use a special tool designed for cleaning carpets - they usually also have a pile, and such products have the function of cleaning most of the dirt. And also after them there are no stains. There are many options for such tools and you can find them in hardware stores. The only point is to keep the product on the spot a little longer than the manufacturer recommends in the instructions for use.

For high-quality upholstery of upholstered furniture, it is quite possible to use acetone or nail polish remover. Problem upholstery is treated with one of the fluids. After removing the stain, the place of the former contamination must be washed with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water.

how to clean furniture tape with furniture

Also, to remove such unpleasant traces of adhesive tape from upholstered furniture, a hair dryer method is well suited: first, the remaining layer of adhesive tape is heated with a hair dryer, and then removed with a brush. But not all upholstery can tolerate such a procedure.

If it is possible to remove the fabric from the sofa, for example, a removable cover was stained, then this option is possible:

  • in the bath, dilute the solution from water and washing powder or soda;
  • soak a cover in it for an hour;
  • rub with the addition of laundry soap the contaminated area;
  • rinse cover.
how to clean traces of tape on furniture

How to clean polished furniture from tape?

To remove contaminants from such a surface, you can use ordinary dishwashing liquid. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a solution of warm water and a small amount of this liquid, then using a sponge to foam and apply on the tracks. Leave to work for about a minute and then just wipe with a sponge.

Oil is also an excellent cleaning option for such a coating. In this case, you can use not only vegetable oil, but also various essential oils. The polish does not absorb oil, so this method is absolutely safe. In order to remove the remnants of adhesive tape from such material, it is necessary to moisten a piece of cloth in oil, then put on a stain and leave for 20 minutes. After that, remove the remnants with a sponge and soap solution. It is easier to get rid of the glue with the help of essential oil - you just need to wipe the dirt off with a cloth that has a little essential oil applied, and then remove the oil layer with a sponge and soapy water.

There is such an option, when mayonnaise is used instead of oil - oil is also present in its composition. It is used similarly to the above method.

But it would be better if in advance, before removing such residues, heat them with a hairdryer. But here you need to be careful that the surface does not go white spots.

how to clean glue from adhesive tape from furniture

Removing adhesive tape from wooden surfaces

This coating is delicate, so when working with it you need to be careful. The use of oil is not suitable here. A tree, especially not coated with a special composition, absorbs a cleaning solution, which will cause the formation of an oily stain, which you can not get rid of later.

The easiest way to clean tape from wooden furniture is to use a gel designed to clean the kitchen or appliances. Such funds are not aggressive and will help to cope with the problem. In this case, the surface will not be scratched.

You can also use a clerical eraser, because it is also very soft, but it will help to defeat the remaining tape. However, if the surface to be treated is very extensive, you will have to work hard to get rid of the sticky dirt. After processing the furniture with an eraser, you just need to finish the surface with a dry cloth, as if polishing it.


The remaining adhesive tape is not as big a problem as it might seem. It is enough to arm yourself with simple and improvised means, as well as patience. But it is also necessary to approach this process with caution - for each type of surface it is better to choose the most suitable cleaning options.


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