Bodybuilder Valentina Mishina: achievements and awards

They say that by lifting weights and pumping up muscles, a woman loses her sophistication and tenderness. But this is far from the case. A vivid example of this is the Russian woman Valentina Mishina. It is difficult to argue with her incredible charisma and special feminine attractiveness, despite the rather impressive muscle mass. Who is she? What sets her apart from others? And what are her life priorities?

Brief information about the girl

Valentina Mishina is a young twenty-four year old girl of tremendous willpower and endurance. She was born in Moscow. She graduated from high school and entered the university. Her hobby for bodybuilding appeared during her studies, when she became interested in watching glossy magazines with beautiful and pumped up bodies of athletes.

Valentina Mishina

She also wanted to do something similar and improve her figure so that she could exceed all expectations.

Small model experience

While bodybuilding for the girl was only in the project, she decided to try herself in the modeling field. To do this, she created her portfolio, and also registered on several promising resources. It was here that all interested employers could evaluate the girl’s physical attractiveness and offer her participation in a particular photo shoot. These were photos in the Nude style, in the form of a beautiful pencil sketch, portraits, photo improvisations and many other compositions.

According to Valentina herself, her model experience is small. As she posted her resumes and portfolio, the girl managed to attract the attention of several advertisers who invited her to shoot. It is noteworthy that among the photos You can meet her models in earlier years, when Valentina Mishina, for which bodybuilding is now in the first place, I didn’t have such a sporty and inflated figure. And, of course, in her portfolio there are later photographs in which she is depicted in excellent athletic form.

A few words about the first training

According to the athlete, the most difficult thing was to start practicing. Moreover, Valentina had to comprehend the basics of bodybuilding from scratch. And she did it herself, since she did not have any acquaintances and relatives in this sport. Later, she began to meet people who shared her interests. The girl constantly asked, looked for answers to questions, and even at one time went with a notebook in order to write down all the most important things.

valentine mishina bodybuilding

As Valentina Mishina says: bodybuilding completely swallowed her mind and body. She wanted to "build meat" and give him a beautiful athletic form. Here are just relatives and close girls strongly opposed. They claimed that this was not a female affair and tried to dissuade her in every way. However, Misha did not listen to them. Very soon, she found a suitable gym, a trainer, and set to work.

Bodybuilding (Russia): awards and achievements

The athlete took a great start in 2013. Then she managed to win the junior powerlifting competition. At that time, she could not even imagine that she would become the absolute champion of the Russian Federation. Exactly a year later, Valentina Mishina somewhat changed her role. But the main thing is that it did not bother her. On the contrary, she managed to win first place in the Women's Physique category. This time she got the honorary title of the absolute champion of Moscow.

In 2015, Valentina was lucky not only to take part in the Moscow competition in the Women's Physique category again, but also to confirm her last year's title of absolute champion of the capital.

The first disappointment and the right attitude

2015 was not only victorious for the girl, but also full of great trials. When Valentina only found out that her favorite Russian bodybuilding championship would be held very soon, she immediately applied for participation in it. She sincerely hoped that she would definitely take first place. However, the incredible happened. Due to certain dishonesty in the evaluation of the jury, according to the athlete herself, she did not even enter the top three. This time, Mishina took fourth place, which she certainly did not expect.

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Such a defeat, according to the girl, was disastrous for her. She was very upset and worried. But that did not make her weaker. And even more so, it did not force me to turn off the planned path. On the contrary, she gathered her courage and started training with renewed vigor. As the saying goes, such pressure and extraordinary vitality could not go unnoticed. And in 2016, Valentina Mishina went for a new title in Barcelona. At that time, Arnold Classic Europe was held there, where she was named Honorary Vice-Champion of the Russian Federation.

Future Plans, or How to Look Forward

Our heroine does not plan to stop there. And even though today she is an IFBB athlete, who already has her own awards and achievements, but everything else, the girl says, is still ahead of her. She plans to win the Russian championship and take pride of place in other competitions of world significance. These are the plans that Valentina Mishina (bodybuilding) hopes to implement very soon. Age while it allows it. Consequently, the girl will be able to do everything to implement the plan.

Valentina Mishina bodybuilding age

Moreover, the heroine in the future wishes herself to be patient and learn to more calmly respond to criticism, unflattering comments, and also not to take any mistakes too seriously.

Participation in various projects and new work

In addition to training and working on herself, Valentina often becomes a participant in bright and long-playing projects. For example, recently she became a participant in the reality show “Now you are in the subject! New Life ”, where the late Aleksey Imeryakov became her trainer and at the same time doctor.

In November of this year, the girl became the official representative of Victory Distribution, where on behalf of her name was shown clothes for bodybuilding and some products from a series of sports nutrition. Recall that this company belongs to the large wholesale division of the famous VRG corporation, which opened in early 2010.

Russian bodybuilding championship

This organization is the official representative and supplier of sports nutrition products, accessories and fitness equipment. Among the partners of the company you can find Ohyeah Nutrition, NPC Active Wear, Promera Sports Nutrition and other companies.

According to the athlete, from the entire assortment of Victory Distribution she was interested in bodybuilding clothes, as well as products from a series of sports nutrition. The girl also actively collaborates with several companies that produce special low-calorie cakes and souffles for athletes.

Hobbies and hobbies

In addition to sports, the girl loves to cook and ride. For the first time, she met beautiful and graceful animals at a ranch in Mozhaisk. There she studied for a long time to sit in the saddle, and, having mastered horseback riding, she began to ride horses often. According to the storyteller, she liked this amazing unity of man and nature.

In her free time, Valentine also has her own blog. She has a YouTube channel and social media pages where she gives tips to beginners, post photos after training, and also talks about nutrition, competitions and much more. When Misha is in a good mood, she writes poetry.

Training and developing spirituality

For an athlete, the most important thing is to be in harmony between his physical and spiritual condition. That's exactly what our heroine thinks. For the same reason, the girl is trying to develop both of these sides, striving for the perfect balance.

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According to her, not only power and cardio loads are attracting attention, but also various kinds of spiritual practices. However, strict adherence to the diet, in the opinion of the athlete, lands somewhat and does not allow to soar above the ground. This is due to the fact that regular calorie counts, thoughts about the sequence and schedule in food do not allow you to completely immerse yourself in philosophy and temporarily distance yourself from the real world. In the future, Valentina plans to leave for India, which is the real cradle of all existing spiritual practices.

What are your eating habits?

When compiling her diet, the girl takes as a basis the standard set for the athlete. And it usually includes chicken, seafood, fish, lactic acid products, vegetables. However, she does not eat red meat and does not order ready-made food in stores. As it turned out, the athlete loves to cook herself.


What kind of diet does it use?

Like any successful athlete, the girl follows a certain diet. According to her story, this is a 6 + 1 pattern. In this case, exactly six days, Valentina eats dishes low in carbohydrates, thereby creating a certain deficit. And exactly one day she allows herself to eat whatever she wants. For example, going to the cinema on the sixth day, bodybuilder Misha buys a huge bucket of sweet popcorn. That's how strong and at the same time feminine girl is with a twist.


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