Feng Shui desktop - a component of success

Feng Shui masters say that the success and happiness of a person is directly related to the location of three things: a berth, a stove and a desktop. Marital relations depend on the first, happiness and abundance in the house depend on the second, but material well-being and success in work depend on the third. Feng Shui desktop is an object of our close attention. Of course, this attribute is sometimes necessary at home, but the topic of conversation is the desktop in the office.

feng shui desktop

How should the table stand

There are several fundamental principles that an office employee must follow regardless of status. Feng Shui desktop begins with its position in the space of the room. In no case should you put it in front of the front door. The best place is diagonally from the entrance. You can not sit with your back to the door or to the window. Best of all, when the back is protected by a wall on which it is desirable to hang a picture with a natural landscape, with the image of mountains, but without sharp peaks and without water - it will wash out energy, therefore it is better to keep pictures with a water landscape in front, and not behind yourself. Also, behind the back open shelves are extremely undesirable - they symbolize the blades of knives.

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What can be kept on the table

The larger the table, the higher the status of the person sitting at it, and the more likely it is to be successful. The worst thing about desktop feng shui is the mess on the table, piles of papers and unnecessary items. Only the most necessary. It is recommended to put before yourself some symbol of wealth - a frog with coins, a Chinese dragon or Hottey, a figurine of the four-armed deity Ganesha. If the official atmosphere does not allow such liberties, you can simply put on the table an expensive writing instrument, and on the diagonal on the left - a chic business card holder made of leather or expensive wood. Right in front of the one sitting at the table is the so-called career sector. There should be a working tool that brings money, most often a computer. If next to it, and also before your eyes, put a crystal pyramid or other crystal of this shape, this will symbolize the desire for the top. Other office equipment also plays a role. On the right hand - in the "assistant zone" - should be a telephone, fax and other necessary items. It’s good to hold coins under the phone or printer. It is also advisable to hang talismans on a computer monitor for success - tied coins or a fashionable souvenir “voice of the wind”. Again, if such details are inappropriate at the workplace, you can use another reserve, which is before your eyes - a computer monitor.

feng shui computer desktop
What desktop wallpaper is talking about

Feng Shui advises paying special attention to the computer screensaver. A definite advantage should be given to nature pictures - water, sea, desert, fields, mountains, but with one condition: the image should have a perspective, and not a flat drawing. Now about what constitutes a Feng Shui desktop computer. Often you have to see someone on the monitor the same mess that reigns on the surface of the table - such a manner. This is fundamentally wrong. To arrange all the elements in Feng Shui, you need to imagine a screen in the form of a map. No matter how the computer is standing, its upper part always indicates the south (just touch the top and bottom of the monitor with your hand - where is it warmer?), Like ancient Chinese cards. Each part is responsible for a specific area of ​​life. The center is health and well-being; north of the desktop - life path and career; south - reputation and glory; east - family; West - creativity and children. Intermediate directions also have their meanings.

On the desktop, all the most important shortcuts are initially located: My computer, My documents, Start, the browser button and the recycle bin. Everything else that accumulates day after day is garbage. And therefore, based on the designations of the screen map , you need to monitor what zone accumulates, what can be sent to the basket and what should be hidden in folders. In no case should you place the basket in the center of the table, otherwise all health and well-being will go into it. It’s better to lower it to the northwest corner. Feng Shui desktop is a whole world, which is interesting and useful to learn.

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