Loan from MCC “Lot Finance” - customer reviews, conditions and documents

Today, Russia has a huge number of microcredit organizations. They offer their customers loans without unnecessary help and loss of time. On the one hand, the interest rate here will be higher than at banks. But on the other hand, approval takes place in a matter of minutes, often online. This becomes a convenient stash, which can be used as needed.

Today, the focus is one of the youngest companies on the market under the name “Lot Finance”. The reviews are rather controversial. Some say that a company can help out when money is needed immediately. Others emphasize the high percentage and short term use of funds, as well as the continuation of the calculation of interest in arrears.

lot finance reviews

What are the benefits

Most MCOs on the market offer approximately the same loan conditions. If you have a bad credit history, then the application may not be approved. Somewhat apart is the company "Lot Finance". Reviews say that everyone can get money here. In addition, a separate line is the credit history correction service. It is paid, for this you need to pay about 3 thousand rubles to the company’s cash desk. After that, managers will make a positive mark in the general registry. Now you get the opportunity to credit not only in the organization in question, but also in banks.

There is another way. To do this, apply for a small loan. By quickly returning it, you will get the opportunity to take more impressive amounts, and soon to submit applications to banks. Quite often, for such a correction of history, they choose Lot Finance. Reviews note that it is not necessary to spend a lot of time to get a loan, it is enough to fill out an application through the site.

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Lending terms

Of course, no one gives money for nothing. MCO offers the borrower to consider a number of conditions that it puts forward. Evaluate your financial capabilities well, because in the absence of income, giving can be very difficult.

  • “Lot Finance” is distinguished by the opportunity to receive a rather impressive amount. The conditions laid a line from 1 thousand to 50 thousand rubles.
  • At the first appeal it is impossible to get more than 20 thousand rubles.
  • The maximum term for using money is 30 days.
  • Interest rate 0.5% per day. With repeated treatment, 0.8%.

Feedback "Lot Finance" is called a lifesaver if you need money immediately, but you don’t have time to complete various bank documents.

Guaranteed Approval

It really is. Whenever you come for money, there is always one. Employee reviews confirm that there are practically no failures. But one nuance must be taken into account. If you once took a loan and made a delay or did not give back money at all, information will appear in the general register that this is an unscrupulous client. After that, wherever you turn, there will be a failure everywhere. Including in this company. But paying for the service "Correction of credit history", the client receives a positive review, and can take a loan. Therefore, in any situation, you are guaranteed a loan of Lot Finance. Reviews sometimes contain negative statements that if a person has 3000 rubles, he will not go to MCO. But the company is primarily interested in the security of its investments.

lot finance loan reviews

How to get a loan

Now let's take a step-by-step look at the loan processing scheme. It is simple and intuitive, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. LLC MCC “Lot Finance” allows you to fill out an application online, without having to visit the office.

You will be required to enter the site and fill out a short application. In just a few minutes, get a quick response. I would like to immediately warn you, if you had delays earlier, then do not try to submit a questionnaire for consideration. There will be a failure that is recorded in the registry. Therefore, check in advance if there are dark spots in your story and pay the fee for the improvement program.

After that you get a loan. The repayment conditions are sent to you in expanded form. You can repay the debt in installments or pay off immediately, but before the deadline specified in the contract. If the debt is repaid on time, then you get the opportunity to take a new loan for a large amount.

ooo mkk lot finance reviews

With a positive credit history

The reviews of Lot Finance employees emphasize that the conditions are transparent, therefore only those who do not fulfill their obligations may have problems. Calculate the level of income in advance, and the need to take this amount. Then there will be no problems. By the way, if CI is not spoiled, then there is no point in contacting Lot Finance and overpaying 3 thousand rubles. For this, there is a second division within the organization MKK Z400. It is working with bona fide borrowers.

Loan repayment methods

There are a lot of possibilities for this, so do not worry about the fact that at the last moment you will not be able to deposit the amount due to technical reasons or due to lack of time. You can pay off the debt:

  • using the Sberbank-online service;
  • cash in the office;
  • from an electronic wallet;
  • with WebMoney;
  • using a bank card.

That is, all the ways that you can use at your discretion are open. This customer convenience is emphasized by numerous reviews. LLC microcredit company “Lot Finance” is an opportunity to borrow quickly and without hassle. You do not need to call friends and neighbors anymore, just go to the website and take as much as you need. For regular customers there is a bonus in the form of an increase in the amount.

ooo microcredit company lot finance reviews

Three reasons to choose this particular MCO

You are guaranteed to approve a loan. It doesn't matter what happened to your credit history before. Now she will be positive. Equally significant is the low interest rate. Only 0.5% per day. Most MCOs take 1%, or even 2% per day. Of course, if you need a few thousand for a couple of days, you get a slight overpayment. Even taking 20 thousand rubles a month, you give back only 23,000. Not much, although if you can borrow from relatives, it is better to do just that. And another reason is the lack of fines and penalties.

microcredit company lot finance employee reviews

Early payments

This is the last moment we wanted to discuss today. Many customers are in a hurry to repay a loan. But if your goal is to form a positive CI or to correct it, then it’s better not to. But the main objective of this service is precisely the improvement of CI. Its formation is affected by the maturity and timeliness of repayment. Therefore, early repayments are an option in the extreme case when you need to urgently leave. According to employees, the microcredit company Lot Finance is not just a loan, but also a great opportunity to fix dark spots in your story. If you are preparing to take a large loan for a car or apartment, then this does not hurt.

On the other hand, such lending has a learning function. A person takes a small amount, pays off, then begins to think about a larger loan, to measure income and expenses. Reviews of Lot Finance employees are encouraged to consider it as an assistant in an emergency, and not to take money unnecessarily.


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