Jelly rag: manufacturing method

Cleaning for most people is a tedious and uninteresting task that does not bring much joy and pleasure. Especially if you need to clean the dirt from an inaccessible place. Most often, difficulties arise when processing keyboards, telephones, vehicle panels and other devices with a large number of small parts. However, a rag jelly will help to cope with the task. This is an original and practical device that can be made independently from available materials. Consider several ways to create it.

rag jelly

Product Benefits and Features

The main feature of such a rag is the ability to penetrate into inaccessible places. Such a device cleans surfaces much more efficiently than other products. Do-it-yourself jelly rag is made in a matter of minutes. Despite its simplicity, the device has many advantages, among which are:

  1. Reusable use.
  2. Destroys up to 99 percent of all microorganisms on the surface of the product.
  3. A jelly rag is able to penetrate any hard-to-reach place.
  4. In its composition, the product does not have toxic and harmful components.
  5. After cleaning, no stains or other marks remain on the surfaces.

Such a product is a guarantee of the cleanliness of any surface. At the same time, boring cleaning turns into an interesting and uncomplicated task. The main disadvantage of a jelly rag is that if stored improperly, the product quickly loses its elasticity and becomes unusable.

how to make a rag jelly

How to make a rag jelly

Before you start, you should prepare all the components in advance. To get a jelly rag, you will need:

  1. Two full glasses of water.
  2. One beaker with marks for accurate measurements.
  3. Β½ teaspoon borax. This component can be purchased not only through the online store, but also in any pharmacy.
  4. PVA glue - 140 grams.
  5. Food coloring This component can be omitted. However, with it, the finished product looks more attractive.
  6. A plastic container in which all components will be mixed.

Manufacturing steps

A jelly rag is a simple device that you can make yourself. The process of creating it is quite simple. However, the result is an excellent tool that allows you to easily clean any inaccessible place.

First, pour a glass of warm water into a deep container and add a borax to it. The components must be mixed well. The result should be a homogeneous mass without lumps. PVA glue should be poured into plastic dishes . Here it is worth adding Β½ cup of warm water, as well as a few drops of dye. The resulting composition must be mixed well until smooth.

Two ready-made mixtures should be combined by pouring them into one container. They should be mixed thoroughly. You can do this with your hands. Knead as a dough. It is worth noting that a jelly rag is non-toxic and is a safe product. The product should be dry to the touch, hard and elastic enough.

That's all. The device is ready to use. The shelf life of such a wonderful rag is not limited. However, it should be stored in a plastic container under a tightly closed lid.

do-it-yourself rag

How to replace borax

A jelly rag for cleaning hard-to-reach spots can be made in another way. If it is not possible to purchase a borax, then this component can be replaced. In this case, it is better to use liquid starch. It is worth noting that with this component the rag-jelly is not so elastic. However, it does not lose its unique properties. With its help, you can remove dirt from inaccessible places.

How to make a liquid starch jelly rag

For manufacturing you will need:

  1. One glass of warm water.
  2. One teaspoon of starch, liquid.
  3. PVA glue - 140 grams.
  4. Food coloring
  5. A plastic container in which the components will mix.
    hard-to-reach jelly cloth

How to do

The manufacturing principle of liquid starch jelly rags is similar to that described above. In a separate container, you need to mix half a glass of warm water and liquid starch. The components should be mixed well. In a separate container, preferably made of plastic, it is worth mixing half a glass of warm water, PVA glue, as well as a few drops of food coloring. The components must be mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

In a bowl with the resulting composition, carefully introduce the starch solution and mix thoroughly. Knead the jelly with your hands, like dough. As a result of manipulations, a solid, but dry and elastic mass should be obtained. Now you know how to make a jelly rag. It is worth storing such a product in a plastic container under a tightly closed lid. Otherwise, the jelly cloth will lose its unique properties.


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