What is gypsy hypnosis?

Many are convinced that gypsy hypnosis is a simple invention, but almost everyone can be hypnotized. Even businessmen often encounter a situation where Gypsies passing by rip off them like sticky, and a conversation with one of the representatives of the camp can begin with a completely harmless question. Clinging to a passerby for any reason, one or several gypsies immediately begin to talk about all kinds of problems and impairment, or promise good luck, forcing a potential victim to unconsciously listen to their words.

As a rule, the dialogue with gypsies for most of these “interlocutors” ends in failure, because a person can fall into a trance after just a few minutes of processing. As a result, he himself will give the representatives of the camp and all the cash, and gold jewelry worn on him. For some victims, the state of trance disappears within two to three minutes, as soon as the gypsy goes to a significant state, but there are victims who are subject to gypsy hypnosis for hours or even days. Some people even go home, collect absolutely all their values, and then attribute them to such fortunetellers.

The technique of hypnosis. To manipulate the consciousness of victims, gypsies have been using hypnosis since ancient times, the technique of which has been honed over generations. Moreover, methods of human manipulation are usually transmitted from mature women to young girls, so they often "work" together so that young people can learn long-term hypnotic techniques. Basically, the technique of gypsy hypnosis is as follows. A representative of the camp, dressed in colorful clothes, stops a casual passerby walking along the street or square and blows him a simple question. For example, how to get somewhere, what time is it, they ask to give the child "for milk", and then they begin to warn against various troubles.

However, you can only enter a person into a trance after the second stage of effective hypnosis, in which the gypsy begins to guess, taking the potential victim by the right hand and gently stroking her palm. Such actions are accompanied by monotonous stories, and the victim's left hemisphere, which is responsible for logical decisions, is turned off in the victim’s coin, and he begins to understand the speech of the camp representative only on the basis of emotions and her own imagination.

When the victim relaxes, starting to subconsciously trust the fortuneteller, the latter applies direct gypsy hypnosis with the manipulation of consciousness. The gypsy immediately begins to mutter something quickly and monotonously, and her speech becomes so illegible that the potential victim can no longer make out the words. Unable to cope with such a significant amount of information, the human brain usually falls into a kind of stupor, and the potential victim already ceases to understand anything.

In order to bring the brain to such an “overload”, a whole camp “works” with many victims, from which it is not so easy to fight back and leave. And then conversations about spoilage and misfortune begin, and the ritual of "getting rid of troubles" is intrusively offered to the potential victim, during which she gives the fortuneteller both gold and money.

Protection. Although gypsy hypnosis is an effective way of manipulating consciousness, you can protect yourself from it if you act correctly. You should not contact fortune-tellers, especially - to meet with their eyes, you can not answer their questions. When meeting with gypsies, you should speed up the step as much as possible, and if a whole crowd surrounded you, quickly go through the entire camp, and let lovers of easy money look for another victim. If you still have to answer the fortuneteller, speak yourself a lot and pretty quickly, be sure to knock the fortune-tellers out of your mind. Try to smile, showing yourself a happy person, and you will surely be able to not become a victim of the camp.

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