How does a valid email work? What is and why is it needed?

Today, registration on the site is a standard procedure that provides access to additional functions: from saving data and bookmarks in your personal account to commenting and conducting money transactions. There are plenty of options for entry. But if you do not want to connect the site with accounts on social networks, you will need an e-mail and compliance with some requirements. How to determine what a valid email is and can you do without it?

Verification Word - valid

The term is derived from an English adjective. Despite the mass of possible decryption, in relation to the situation the most significant will be two of them:

  • correct;

  • valid.

Why exactly these? Often sites oblige to confirm the correctness of the address in order to notify about changes in the conditions of use, to send information on suspicious activity. Otherwise, registration will be canceled. The elementary function of password recovery - and that works through the mailbox. If you make a mistake in at least one letter, you may lose all valuable data. It is too long and not always possible to restore access β€œmanually” using the help desk.

If the email is not valid, you cannot read messages sent to it

Mail is personal

Then why is it "valid"? Users regularly make mistakes in the nuances: a correctly written email address will cease to be valid if you cannot log into it. You enter letters and numbers without errors, this is existing mail, but without the ability to read service messages and confirm anything. The office drawer is very convenient, but it belongs to the company. In the event of dismissal, all accounts registered to it will be lost, so you need to change the settings of the corresponding resources in advance and enter a personal β€œsoap” instead of the corporate one.

Rescue Addresses

Sometimes there is no desire to share data so as not to get caught by scammers or spamming. How to be There are three mail options:

  • fake

  • duplicate;

  • additional.

A fraudulent, just-made-up address will come in handy to preserve anonymity. Do not forget, picking up such an email that it is not considered valid, so the method is not suitable for important data operations.

Doubtful resources can send malicious spam to a valid email

But there is an alternative! The duplicate function is offered by mail services. You can automatically or manually create work addresses that are different from the original server name, which will increase the level of protection. Or create additional boxes with completely different names for individual purposes:

  • communication with relatives;

  • payment systems;

  • online stores;

  • online games;

  • conducting business correspondence, etc.

Valid mail is not always needed, but always important. Organize mailings, select and create several valid personal addresses, and then not a single bit of valuable information will be lost and will not get to scammers.


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