How to recognize fraudsters: the main signs of what to do

The modern world is rich not only in technology, but also in deception. There were scammers at all times. There are a variety of reasons. Also at all times there have been deceived people. Like those who found ways to deal with scammers, bypass the traps set by them and save the acquired things and money.

Today, deceivers surround us almost everywhere. So how do you recognize fraudsters?

All about cheaters

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First of all, it must be said that scammers are very good psychologists. They can easily trust you, as they have incredibly attractive charisma. Their oratory is top notch: they will charm and lure you into their networks. But the deceivers are timid and are in constant tension, because they are afraid to be caught. It is through fear that a fraudster can be recognized. The ability to do this is an extremely important quality in our world. Here are some ways to get a liar out of the blue:

  • A stranger writes, calls or just walks on the street and at the same time already knows some facts about you, for example, name, house number or your phone number, some life stories. This should alert you right away.
  • A person asks you not to tell anyone about your meeting or about what you agreed with him. Most likely, you are also being deceived.
  • When choosing a payment method (in any case), a person asks only for cash. Perhaps he simply does not want to leave any traces. Be careful in that case too.
  • On some sites, scammers offer a lot of money, usually in foreign currency, for a trivial task. Allegedly, the owner of an account on a casino site or other similar does not have time to do the work, and he hires you as an assistant. Do not get fooled by big money.
  • If you express your suspicions about his honesty to your new "friend", then he will most likely call you an ungrateful fool in order to make him guilty. Do not believe this. You always have the right to distrust the offer and, if you feel that you are being deceived, then most likely it is. Nutro almost always tells you how to recognize fraudsters.

Internet cheating

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Surely faced with various forms of tricks to deceive n Internet users. How to recognize fraudsters in this case ?

The main goal of such deceivers is to get your money, passwords from bank cards or accounts on social networks. There are even such vile fraud schemes when a handsome young guy is rubbed into trust in a single girl of 18-25 years old, usually with low self-esteem. He captivates her, receives a photo of intimate content, and then blackmails him for money. Agree, the situation is not the most pleasant.

In order not to become the next victim of fraudsters, it is worth remembering several main rules:

  • Do not give anyone, even relatives, parents, best friends, passwords from bank cards, social networks. Do not transfer your documents, personal data!
  • Do not give in to people who write you sweet, affectionate messages full of love, and then demand something. Usually fraudsters respond rudely or try to make you guilty.
  • If suddenly a message arrives from a stranger who says that he is your relative along the great-grandmother’s line and you receive an inheritance of incredible size, then you should think and not be in a hurry to rejoice.
  • It happens that you are offered a job, and you have completed it. But to get the money, you need to pay some kind of fee or commission. Remember: you are being deceived. No one should pay for the work done.

Cheating on dating sites

It is not uncommon when you receive messages on dating sites asking them to send money to a person. The excuse will be different, but always convincing: for example, a business collapsed; the wife has died, but there is no money to bury; stuck in another country, but not enough for a ticket; found a terrible disease, but the operation is expensive and so on. Here it is important not to get confused and not go on about pity. Remember that when a person has grief, he certainly will not run to seek help on dating sites. If you still want to respond kindly, then advise a good campaign that can provide real help, and end the dialogue on this.

Also, do not send photos to anyone that you do not want to see on the Internet. Watch your children: they can become victims of pedophiles. Explain to them the basic rules of communication with strangers. Children should also know how to recognize fraudsters. Always doubt one sentence or another or someone telling an unreal story.

Phone cheating

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This method of deception appeared when phones began to spread around the world. Most familiar with the most common scheme of such a money divorce.

Here's how to recognize a scammer by phone. For example, a police officer calls you and says that your son or your daughter is in an unpleasant situation and is in the police station. No need to panic. Doubt what is happening and ask to hear the voice of a son or daughter. If they refused, then say that you will come to the department. But the fraudster will offer you another option: everything can be settled if you pay a certain amount. And so that he is not caught with a bribe, the money should be transferred to the specified address. Do not believe it! To make sure that this is a scammer, call your children and ask where they are now.

Online Cheating

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Most often, people become victims of fraud because they don’t know how to recognize fraudsters using an elementary way: check the site for its honesty. If you want to make sure that you are not deceived, then study it completely. On legal sites, the contacts of the owners, TIN, e-mail address, support service, etc. are required. If you have not seen all this, then this site means fake. Pay attention to customer reviews, quality of service, etc.

How to recognize a fraudulent buyer

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Usually, all schemes are based on the fact that the deceiver takes the goods and leaves. He does this under various pretexts: for example, "repair is in the stairwell, give me the goods in such and such a place." In order not to be deceived by the buyer, take an advance payment: full or 50%.

Situations are also common when a person receives a product, but suddenly discovers that he accidentally “miscalculated”. He needs to take the missing money from a friend, etc. He asks to wait, turns around and leaves with the goods. The courier is certainly not destined to wait. Therefore, do not give the goods until you receive the money.

Be safe, think over all possible scenarios and be careful.


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