Vinylux: a coating for the perfect manicure

Nowadays, in the markets of the beauty industry there is a large selection of nail polishes from different manufacturing countries: German, American, Chinese - the main difference is the price, on which the quality of the varnish largely depends. Among other things, they differ in composition, density, certain properties when distributed over the nail plate. There are even varieties of varnishes, for example gel varnishes, the coating of which hardens from ultraviolet rays.

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Natural beauty

The fashion for nail extensions is passing - now the trend is naturalness. The toxic liquid for acrylic, the gel that can be burned during drying, and, of course, the sawing off, which is the most unpleasant part of the procedure, are all in the past. The undoubted advantage of such procedures, of course, is the duration of the socks, which can not be compared with any nail polish. However, despite this, lately more and more adherents of varnishes and gel varnishes. The mood has changed - a different color. You can easily apply varnish at home, the main thing here is to stock up with additional accessories in the form of cotton buds and a special drying device, which will reduce the drying time of the coating by several times, and, of course, fixative, so that the varnish lasts perfectly long.


Everything ingenious is simple!

What requirements do we usually put forward for varnish? There must be a wide palette of colors to easily choose and experiment with. Convenient application is especially appreciated, and the consistency should not be too thin or thick. It is better that the drying time of the coating does not exceed 10 minutes, and for this period all layers should dry out. And, of course, the duration of the sock is important - so that the varnish does not peel off after 3 days and withstands household loads.

cnd vinylux

And this miracle happened, because technology keeps up with the times, and cosmetic companies are not far behind this procession. Vinylux has appeared - a coating that meets all of the above requirements. Varnish has long been developed by the American corporation CND.

The farther the stronger

CND is the creator of Shellac’s recognizable coverage. The world giant does not stand still and does not stop developing, presenting ladies with unique, high-quality products. So, the company represents an absolute novelty in the world of the nail industry - Vinylux. Coverage will not leave indifferent a single nail service master, and even less a client. The uniqueness lies in the duration of the socks, and the manufacturing company promises that the varnish will last at least a week. And the most interesting, although it is difficult to believe, the strength of the varnish will increase with each new day. The coating is removed with the most common nail polish remover.

Vinylux varnish meets the latest requirements. The 7Free mark is located on the packaging - this means that the product does not contain poisons or other hazardous components. Thus, the coating does not injure the nail plate.

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What's new?

Everyone who has ever done a manicure knows and remembers the sequence of applying color to the surface of the nail. First apply the so-called base, applying it to the nail. What is it for? This tool allows nail polish to better cover the required space, increases its adhesion to the plate, protects the nail from the penetration of the dye into the structure and protects from chemical ingredients contained in the varnish. Further, we use directly the coating with one or several layers. From above we apply the so-called protection or top. Its functionality allows nail polish to stay longer and protects it from scratches. It is thanks to the top that the nail polish looks fresh throughout the entire time of use. CND Vinylux is a new era in the world of nail business!

vinylux colors

CND offers us to exclude the base layer and leave only color and protection. Vinylux lacquer itself serves as a base, since it already contains some protective ingredients, and harmful and dangerous substances are excluded, as evidenced by the corresponding labeling.

Talk about the palette

To begin with, the company's designers take part in all large-scale fashion events in the world. Masters work in tandem with leading masters in a fashionable environment and are always up to date with new products in this area. Using many years of experience, armed with knowledge of trends and new directions, the team created a unique color range of Vinylux varnishes. The colors presented by the company are the most relevant and favorite, so everyone will surely find many interesting options for themselves.

This is one of the few products whose palette is so diverse. It has 62 colors. The abundance of shades distinguishes this cosmetic product from others. This is another reason to prefer the Vinylux brand. The coating created by the company's specialists is characterized by unique durability and the presence of natural components. Such a large selection allows you to choose the perfect option for every woman. The CND Vinylux team offers the masters not to stop at the already created palette - varnishes can be mixed together, getting a color of different depth and brightness. Given this fact, we can safely say that their color spectrum is not calculable. If you connect a fantasy, then new horizons of incomparable colors open before you.

New formula

Unique technology and a creative team created a color that consists of only two parts. One of them is a chemical compound that provides adhesion of color pigment to keratin of natural nails. The second is an almost instantly drying formula, which is necessary so that the varnish does not spread, and the color remains unchanged throughout the sock. Probably, every girl was faced with the fact that after removing the varnish, the nail seemed to remain painted - the color does not completely go away, and it looks ugly. I would like to add that Vinylux is a coating consisting of sufficiently large molecules, as a result of which the product does not fall between the scales of the nail, so after removing the varnish the nail plate remains in its natural color. This is one of the reasons why the product appealed to customers.

It should be noted the high rating of Vinylux varnish consumers. Reviews about this wonderful varnish are only the best: he immediately fell in love with so many nail stylists and clients. Consumers are pleased with the good durability of the coating, note the rich palette of these varnishes, as well as excellent appearance after application to the nails. If you are looking for the best option for manicure, then Vinylux is the perfect solution.


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