A deck of Tarot cards, the Necronomicon, or Black Grimoire. Characteristics, Description, Interpretation

Tarot cards - a deck consisting of 78 cards, each of which has its own specific symbolism and meaning. This is one of the most popular and at the same time the most mysterious fortune-telling systems. Images can be interpreted from the point of view of both occultism and alchemy, and astrology. The deck is divided into two parts: the Senior Arcana (22 cards) and the Younger (there are 56 cards in total). Some tarologists create their own decks, such as Pierrot Aligo, Ricardo Minetti, Donald Tyson. They are the authors of the famous Tarot deck - Necronomicon. "Black grimoire" is another name for it.

Several cards from the deck


The set includes 78 cards and instructions for their interpretation.

The suits of the deck are Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Cards of the yard: Page, Knight, Queen, King. Numbering: "Jester" - 0, "Strength" - 11, "Justice" - 8.

The history of the creation of the Black Grimoire

The source of inspiration for the author became magic books-grimoires. In addition, the Necronomicon Tarot is based on the fantastic works of Howard Lovecraft. The characters of his novels are easily guessed: this is the crazy Erich Zann or the crazy Joe Slater. Learning Lovecraft's works also provides a clue to the meaning of the cards.

Deck Features

Since the Tarot deck "Necronomicon" was created based on works of art, it is itself a fragment of an old magical book, only in drawings and symbols that need to be solved. The deck transmits information using a picture. To decipher its meaning, it is necessary to understand the character, the situation in which he is, and the thought embedded in his image.

Who in particular is the Necronomicon Tarot for? It will be most useful to those specialists who work with various techniques of magic and fortune telling, reveal the presence of magical effects, the level of its intensity and the duration of its appearance. This deck also helps in predictions: it shows especially hidden obstacles and pitfalls. It will seem difficult for those who are just starting to work with Tarot cards, moreover, even for those who have been practicing for a long time, it raises many questions. Those who worked with her claim that at the moment when they first took her in their hands, they felt a special, gloomy and heavy energy. The deck seems to show a person its dark side and calls not to deny, but to accept its existence.

Brief interpretation

The senior Arcana of the "Black Grimoire" most often show unconscious psycho-injuries of a person, on the basis of which he perceives the world around him. Younger lassos demonstrate ways of expressing these mental traumas in society.

The author decided to slightly change the classic interpretation of suits. So, for example, the Cups here symbolize ordinary people who have not yet managed to encounter anything cruel and sinister. Pentacles mark the beginning of contact with the other world, a person’s interest in the incomprehensible and inexplicable. They also symbolize the search for new, important knowledge. Wands here are a symbol of active actions aimed at studying the world around us, as well as a logical approach to explaining otherworldly things. Finally, Swords are a directly different, otherworldly, crazy, dark world.

It is considered wrong to turn cards over with the Grimoire Tarot (Necronomicon), as this may interfere with the correct interpretation. Since all cards are images from books, fragments of plots, they already contain the necessary interpretations, and inverted cards can only distort the plot.

Cards from the deck

Selective Map Description

  • Map "Devil".

The image itself, which is depicted on the map, was taken from the novel "Shadow over the Innsmouth." The ancient custom of worshiping a mystical creature on the Devil's Reef is shown here. This creature is the Great Ancient, who has risen from a dream. The people around him perform rituals and offer sacrifices.

Devil card

In relations, this card symbolizes the complete suppression of the partner, in the work - great sacrifices for the achievement of professional goals, in the financial sector - excessive greed and greed. The card warns against submission to another's way of life and from participation in dubious financial frauds. The magical effect of the Devil card is the possibility of destroying a person with black magic. The card shows the essence of a person who feels himself a stranger in this world, but at the same time is avenging and greedy.

  • Map "Two of swords".
Two of swords

Here is a hero from the work “The Music of Erich Zann” - a young man playing the violin. At the time of the game, he is blindfolded, he is standing on a cliff, and mystical creatures surround him. The card means suppressed will, the inability to get out from under the yoke of circumstances without outside help. In relationships, she indicates dependence on the partner’s desires, in her career, the position of a subordinate and fear of losing her place, in finance, the possibility of being deceived and dependence on others. The magical power of the card is to suppress the will of man. The map shows the fear of addiction and the reduction of communication with people to nothing to avoid this.

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