Tagliatelle: what is this product?

Fans and admirers of national Italian cuisine will surely know such a dish as tagliatelle. What is this food? If you do not know, then we will tell you.

tagliatelle what is it

Let's figure it out!

The Italian word "pasta" is translated as "dough." So in Italy they call any pasta or dishes prepared on their basis. They are a national sign of a sunny country. Tagliatelle pasta is very similar to Russian noodles. To prepare it, you need only three components: flour, water and eggs. Of these, steep dough is kneaded, which is then cut into narrow strips from eight to ten millimeters wide, and ten centimeters long. The basis for mixing is flour made from durum wheat.

This composition of the dough is suitable for the preparation of other types of pasta. They will differ from each other only in appearance. For example, tallerini have a similar length, but much narrower in width - only three millimeters. But tagliolini, on the contrary, is wider such as tagliatelle pasta, but much shorter in length. Long strips of dough can also be twisted in the form of bird nests.

The pasta acquired the beautiful and melodious name โ€œtagliatelleโ€ back in the fifteenth century thanks to Bologna cooks. To celebrate the wedding of Princess Lucretia Borgia, the cooks sought to cook only the best and most unusual dishes. The incredible beauty of the girl and her luxurious long hair the color of ripe wheat prompted the cooks to create a tagliatelle pasta.

Cooked and chopped billets are not yet tagliatelle. What it really is, it becomes clear when the paste is dried in special ovens in a special way. Now it remains only to boil it in boiling water with the addition of salt, and it will be almost ready. The product must not be digested. Tagliatelle pasta should turn out to be slightly dense in consistency. In no case should it be washed under running water.

tagliatelle pasta


In boiled form, the taste of the product is completely neutral, it is just a fresh dough or semi-finished tagliatelle. Not everyone knows that this will become a full-fledged dish only after combining pasta with various additives in the form of sauces, gravy, meat, fish, vegetable products. That is why we continue our story.

For Italian cooks, there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with tagliatelle. What is this about? The structure of the paste is porous and rough, so thick saturated sauces like Bolognese will correspond to it. In addition to these products, you can serve tagliatelle with walnuts, mushrooms, seafood, herbs and herbs.

Beneficial features

Despite the fact that the paste is very simple in composition, it still contains useful substances. Such are a complex of B vitamins, proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber, a rich composition of trace elements. There is practically no sugar in it, so the paste does not contribute to weight gain.

If you regularly eat tagliatelle with vegetables, herbs and seafood, then such a diet can significantly reduce body weight. People who are prone to obesity should not eat pasta in combination with high-calorie foods and rich saturated sauces.

National Italian cuisine has traditional tagliatelle cooking methods. We will consider several popular dishes. The main advantage of Italian dishes is that they are prepared very simply and quickly. Even those who are not familiar with the features of Italian cuisine can safely try to combine any available products from the refrigerator with boiled pasta.

tagliatelle nests

Tagliatelle nests with minced meat and cheese

To prepare a tasty and healthy dish for four people, you need to take eight tagliatelle nests from store packaging (such as TM Makfa). In salted boiling water should be lowered for exactly one minute, two or three nests at a time. In no case should you allow the digestion of pasta - it can instantly dissolve in boiling water.

A baking sheet with high sides should be greased with a brush of melted butter. It is necessary to lay out the nests on it, taking them out of the pan with a slotted spoon. In each preparation you need to lay with a spoon a very dense layer of minced meat (500 grams), mixed with finely chopped champignons (100 grams).

Next stage

tagliatelle with mushrooms

Separately, you need to prepare gravy, consisting of a glass of meat broth, 2 tablespoons sour cream and mayonnaise, several cloves of garlic. You can add salt and pepper to your taste. The resulting mixture must fill the nests in the pan. Top with grated cheese (about 150 grams) and sprinkle with a sheet of foil.

Half an hour is allotted for baking - and a delicious dish, sprinkled with fresh herbs, can be served at the table.

Tagliatelle with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

To prepare the sauce, grind the middle head of onions in a blender and fry it in oil for several minutes until transparent. Then add 200 grams of chopped champignons and fry together for about another five minutes.

To flavor and enhance the taste, you can sprinkle with dried herbs: basil, coriander, thyme. After this, carefully add 300 milliliters of fat cream (25%) to the roasting. Bring the mixture to a boil and leave to simmer over low heat until thickened.

tagliatelle recipe

The prepared sauce should be mixed with boiled tagliatelle pasta and immediately serve. The dish is cooked very quickly, in just fifteen to twenty minutes, and is especially suitable for very hungry people.

That's all, the tagliatelle pasta is ready, the recipe for cooking, as you see, is quite simple.

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