Coffee "Irish Cream": drink features

Coffee "Irish Cream" is a special Irish drink, the taste of which will satisfy even the most sophisticated coffee lover. Each country has its own, unlike other coffee recipe. In some people, the process itself comes first, in others the choice of ingredients. Someone focuses on serving and serving; for others, flavor is important. And there are no people who are indifferent to this amazing drink.

History of making coffee

Coffee "Irish Cream" - a drink that harmoniously combines coffee and alcohol. This is a dessert that warms and gives an amazing charge of positive.

coffee irish cream

For the first time, Irish Cream coffee was prepared in 1942 by bartender Joe Sheridan, who worked in the restaurant at the Foynes Airport. The bartender invited the Americans, who had been waiting for their flight for a long time, tired and frozen, to try a drink of their own preparation. According to him, it was real Irish coffee. Each serving of this wonderful drink contained a little whiskey (to warm passengers), was sweetened and decorated with cream (for a good mood). American passengers appreciated the taste of this cocktail.

After the war, Foyns Airport was closed. Bartender Joe Sheridan began working in a restaurant at another airport. He continued to prepare his masterpiece for restaurant visitors, which became very popular. But all over the world, irish coffee became famous after Sheridan left for America at the suggestion of Jack Kepler, the owner of an American cafe. There, through experimentation, they developed the Irish Cream coffee composition with ideal proportions. So the formula for making this wonderful cocktail came about. For the first time in this form, the drink was served to the Americans in the cafe “Bueno Vista” in 1952. Since then, he has become popular all over the world.

The process of making a drink

Usually, irish coffee is served in a glass with a short leg and a small handle, which is made of thick glass. This capacity makes it possible to properly prepare coffee, observing the necessary temperature conditions, and also makes the design original and aesthetic. Before preparing a drink, the glasses must be warmed up, since it is the warm glass that will help create a temperature balance. Then, fresh, only prepared espresso is poured into them in two doses. The cream is pre-cooled. They are laid out in a glass using a cold appliance. If the drink is prepared correctly, its color should be black and white, and it should be cold-hot to taste. They serve such a cocktail without a straw, since you need to drink it in small sips.

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Recipe Options

In the classic composition of this cocktail there is always coffee, whiskey, whipped cream, cane sugar. But besides the classic ingredients, you can use a great many others, and each time the drink will have a special taste.

For example, sweet lovers will appreciate the addition of ingredients such as cinnamon, cocoa (chocolate), vanilla, or creamy syrup. Such a mix will provide the drink with sweetness, ductility and an unusual aroma.

The Irish achieve a soft, delicate and deep taste of coffee, adding to it not ordinary Irish whiskey, but Irish bailey.

irish coffee grain cream

Replacing cane sugar in the classic coffee composition with ordinary white or even honey that is not stirred, you can get a completely original, distinctive taste.

Healthy drink

Be sure to try the Irish Cream at least once. Coffee beans, according to experts, are very useful, as it contains vitamins, trace elements and organic acids. But one of the most beneficial properties of this drink is the presence of caffeine, which is a good stimulant and pathogen of the body.

However, you need to drink a cocktail in reasonable doses, then it will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, heart function, and improve digestion. It is especially beneficial to take natural ground coffee ("Irish Cream") in the morning.

Irish cream flavored coffee

Due to the fact that the Irish Cream coffee contains alcohol, this drink is not available to everyone. In addition, the ingredients necessary for its preparation are not always at hand.

To make the taste of Irish coffee accessible to everyone, the manufacturers created a wonderful alternative drink, which is called: Irish Cream coffee. It is offered in the form of grains, it is also ground and soluble. In addition, a drink has been created in which the caffeine content is lowered. In this form, it can be drunk even by children.

ground irish cream coffee

Manufacturers flavored Irish cream coffee at the time of roasting. For this, high-quality oil-based fragrances are used, which make it possible to achieve a flavor that harmoniously conveys all the nuances of the bouquet of the drink.

The taste of the Irish Cream dessert coffee is quite saturated, slightly creamy. And the smell! It contains the aroma of Irish liquor, heather honey, cream, chocolate.

Preparing coffee "Irish cream" in a Turk, a filter coffee maker, a French press or coffee machine, depending on its type. It is good to add fresh pastries, muffins or cookies to the drink. You can use Irish Cream coffee both hot and cold.


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