Traditional Art, Or Use Forged Items

Nowadays, the population knows about the art of a blacksmith only from children's fairy tales in which this hero is endowed with the kindest traits of character, excellent physical strength and a good soul. He can shoe a flea and forge a new tooth for a wolf. The blacksmith is an ancient profession. In the same time art forging very common in modern times.
Famous craftsmen work in Moscow, Novgorod, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation. In urban infrastructure, there are a large number of elements made by the hands of these amazing craftsmen. Passing by the neighbor’s fence, a resident of the village often admires the attractive flowers or domes at the top of the fence - the work of a professional art forging. The usual daily attributes - stairs, railings, garden bars, balconies, original animal figurines - can also be made by a blacksmith.
The average resident of the city is so used to store things that he does not pay the necessary attention to folk art. As a result, it turns out that in most urban rooms there is the same type of "store" interior without an exclusive zest.
However, professional craftsmen are ready to forge amazing details of a home headset made of non-ferrous metal, which will differ not only in special attractiveness, but also in individual style. If the landlord has long dreamed of a medieval or rustic style (country), then the blacksmith can make unique models of beds, wardrobes, chandeliers and various forged elements of home decor. Attractive look staircase railing made as a result of artistic forging.
At the same time, careful design of the “forged” apartment is necessary. After all, exquisitely made of metal, at first glance, light products can weigh several tons. For example, a beautiful metal chandelier has a decent weight and not every ceiling coating can keep it from falling down. Moreover, the wrought iron cabinet is able to push through a decent hole in the flooring.
However, with the correct location of such things in compliance with all necessary safety requirements, they will delight you forever. At the same time, the special aesthetics of such an interior will allow the owner of the house to enjoy the authority and respect of the guests. Therefore, it is sometimes worthwhile to look into school history textbooks in order to recall the forgotten attributes of a medieval dwelling.


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