How to refuse an order in the online store: step-by-step guide, tips and tricks

Today it has become very popular to order goods over the Internet. This method of purchase has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people are faced with a situation where you need to return to the online market purchased goods. There can be many reasons for this. For example, you realized that you don’t need a thing, found a place where you can order it cheaper or you are confused by the quality. If no prepayment has been made and the seller has not yet managed to send the parcel, then there will not be any special problems. It is enough to contact him and report the refusal. But everything is much more complicated when you transferred the entire amount to the specified details, and the goods are on the way or have already arrived at the destination. Can I refuse an online order in this case? Let's look at this issue in more detail and find out the correct return purchase algorithm.

general information

how to refuse an order in the online store

Before we talk about how to refuse an order in an online store, let's first look at the main issues. This is very important, because the rights of consumers are violated regularly, so everyone should know how to protect them. According to the law, each person can return the goods to the online market at any time subject to the following conditions:

  • the parcel has not yet been delivered or a week has not passed since it was received;
  • the person has a purchase receipt;
  • the packaging was not broken;
  • preserved appearance, warranty seals and factory tags;
  • the product was not in use;
  • the device malfunction is not the fault of the user.

These are the main criteria stipulated by law. However, not everything is so simple here. Each company puts forward its requirements for the return of goods, therefore, so that there are no problems, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with them.

Reason for return

Let's dwell on this in more detail. Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to refuse an online order. The Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" clearly states that any product can be returned if it did not fit the following technical specifications:

  • in form;
  • by dimensions;
  • appearance;
  • by color;
  • by functionality.

In addition, you can refuse to order in the online store if the product arrived in a malfunctioning state or does not meet the description or technical specifications indicated on the website. In any of the above cases, the seller must accept the package back from the buyer and return the money received for it.

Reasons for refusing to return

online store you can refuse the order

This aspect should be given special attention. Probably, many had a question: made an order in an online store, how to refuse ?. This article will describe the detailed instructions, but first you need to consider the categories of goods for which no return is provided. These include:

  • Construction Materials;
  • Perfumes and cosmetics;
  • Jewelry;
  • means of transport;
  • knitwear;
  • medications;
  • textile;
  • household chemicals;
  • animals and plants;
  • books
  • furniture.

Any products from the above list cannot be returned or replaced with analogues unless they come in a defective condition.

Return Procedure Before Receiving

So, how to refuse an order in the online store, if it is still on the way? According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the seller is no longer required to transfer the goods at the time they are received by the consumer. Therefore, while he is on the road, he is not yet considered sold. In this case, to return you need to submit an application written by hand, which should contain the following data:

  1. The full name of the seller.
  2. F.I.O. of buyer.
  3. Brand and product model.
  4. Serial number.
  5. Date of purchase.
  6. Cost.

The application is sent to the seller by registered letter with a list and notification of receipt. A document with bank details to which funds will be credited will also need to be attached to it.

What if the item was received?

how to refuse an order online

So what do you need to know about this? How to refuse an order in the online store, if it has already arrived? If the purchased goods did not suit you for any characteristics or its quality is inadequate, then a return is possible within one week after receiving it, provided that the appearance and integrity of the factory packaging are preserved. There must also be a receipt confirming the fact of purchase. The procedure for registration occurs in the same manner as described above. But there is one important nuance. At the time of delivery of the goods, the courier must provide a document on the terms and conditions of return. It should include the following information:

  1. The legal address of the seller.
  2. Schedule.
  3. Return Dates.
  4. Product Requirements.
  5. Money back procedure.

If at the time of transfer you are not provided with this information, then the return period increases to 90 days from the date of purchase.

What to do if the seller refuses to fulfill his obligations?

It was described above how to correctly refuse an online order. But not all companies work in good faith, so consumer rights are regularly violated. And this is not surprising, because sellers only care about their own profits. If you are denied a refund for reasons not provided by law, then you can contact the Public Organization for the Protection of Consumer Rights. As a rule, it helps to quickly solve the problem. If this does not lead to anything, then you can safely sue. To do this, make a claim in two copies. One sample remains with you, and the second is sent to the intruder.

Return of goods via mail

Let's dwell on this aspect in more detail. All online markets deliver goods across the country through various carriers. Most often, consumers choose the Russian Post, as it offers favorable rates, and provides the ability to track the location of the parcel. However, there are various malfunctions in the carrier, for example, people are constantly faced with many problems. Therefore, it is very important to know how to refuse an online order through mail. This is possible, but shipping costs are borne by the buyer. To cancel the order you need to come to the post office of Russia and write a statement about the reluctance to accept products. If you chose cash on delivery as the payment method, then you can simply not receive the package. In this case, after a certain period, it will be sent back.

Online Returns

What you need to know about this? A very common situation is when customers order goods on the online market, and then change their minds about buying them. How to cancel an order online? Very simple, especially if the package has not yet been shipped from the warehouse. There are two options:

  1. You need to log in to your account, go to the "Orders" section and cancel its registration.
  2. You must contact the seller by phone and notify him that you no longer need the selected product.

If you have already made an advance payment, the money will be returned to a bank card or electronic payment system, with which payment was made in the manner prescribed by law.

Return of goods to the online market "Daughters-Son"

how to refuse an order in the online store of the daughter of a son

This is one of the largest distributors of goods for children in our country. It offers a huge assortment and low prices. If you purchased a product, but it turned out to be of inadequate quality, then you have 10 days to return it to your product. How to refuse an order in the online store "Daughters and Sons"? You can request a full refund from:

  • seller;
  • his authorized person;
  • Importer
  • manufacturer.

So, is it possible to return the goods and how to do it right? The easiest and fastest option is to write a statement directly to the store. Here everything happens standardly, according to the previously described algorithm. In this case, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • passport;
  • purchase / sale agreement or TTN;
  • check or receipt of payment.

It is worth noting that if you do not have the last document, you can still get your money back. First you need to write an application to restore the check, and only then proceed to processing the return. How to refuse an order in the online store, if he refuses to meet? In this case, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Filing a claim.
  2. Checking the quality of the goods.
  3. Technical expertise.
  4. Appeal to the court.
  5. Receiving the money.
  6. Sending the goods to the seller.

But as practice shows, cases do not reach the trial. The online market is one of the largest in the country, so it always makes concessions to customers.

Return of goods to the Detsky Mir store

Can I refuse an online order

This is another large company that enjoys great confidence among consumers. On the website of the online market you can find a large selection of children's clothing and shoes, toys, products for hygiene and care, sports equipment, accessories and much more. All products presented on the site are of high quality and are accompanied by all certificates. However, there are situations when the purchased goods did not live up to expectations. Therefore, many people are thinking about how to refuse an order in the Detsky Mir online store. Everything is very simple here. You need to write a statement stating the reason for the refusal. But keep in mind that according to the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" the following groups of goods are not subject to return:

  • vests;
  • hats;
  • T-shirts
  • socks;
  • diapers;
  • soft and rubber toys;
  • baby diapers;
  • tights.

But if the product is found to be factory defective, then a return is possible within 10 days from the date of its receipt. To do this, you need to contact the seller, and then send him the goods by mail or any other carrier. As soon as a technical examination is carried out and the fact of a defect is confirmed, financial funds will be transferred to you according to the specified details.

Return of goods with individually defined characteristics

made an order in the online store how to refuse

It was described in detail above how to refuse an order in an online store. The described instructions apply to all general product categories. But with goods that have individually defined characteristics or are intended to be used by a specific person, things are a little more complicated. The return procedure is possible only if the product is inoperative or does not meet the declared quality.

The main problem with this is that the legislation does not clearly define the criteria on the basis of which the product can be classified as individual. Similar cases do not occur in judicial practice. Therefore, what to do with consumers and what to do to get their money back remains unknown. On these issues, it is worth consulting with experienced lawyers who will carefully study the case and help you find the most optimal solution to the problem.


how to refuse an online order via mail

Regardless of whether you made a prepayment or not for the goods in the online store, and also received the parcel or is still on the way, each consumer has the right to refuse the order. This is clearly stated in the law, so sellers are not entitled to unreasonably refuse to refund. If a conflict occurs, do not leave everything as it is. Stores are interested in a constant increase in commodity circulation, because of this, they are reluctant to accept products sold back. First try to resolve the situation yourself and solve the problem peacefully. But if the online market refuses to make concessions, then in this case, seek help from the appropriate authorities. Their staff will help you return the money as soon as possible.


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