Can I have sex at age 14? Tips and help of psychologists

Now we will talk about whether it is possible to have sex at the age of 14. This is a rather sensitive topic.

The sexual life of each person consists of three important aspects - emotional, physical and biological. Emotional attraction is passion, tenderness, lust, love. Biological is a method of procreation. The physical is the need for bodies to come together. The ideal option is to combine all three aspects. And what is the history of the origin of sex?


Over the centuries, many scientists have put forward their theories on this subject. One theory says that during the early Paleolithic, with matriarchy, males of anthropoid apes ate what females would bring to them. That is, they did not take any part in the extraction of food. Their main and only task was to guard the herd. They did not build dwellings, since the warm climate allowed them to exist in the open air and sleep on a bunch of dry branches. There was always enough food for these future people, but mostly vegetarianism flourished.

Can I have sex at age 14?

Then it became colder on the planet, the herds began to settle in caves, learned to make fire. Men began to go hunting, and women sat all day in the caves waiting for food. Patriarchate replaced matriarchy. In those days, drawings appeared in cave paintings where a man runs after prey or where a herd of primates surrounds a mammoth. Copulation occurred on an intuitive level. Scientists have been studying the sexual life of ordinary monkeys for many years. Observations have shown that they are far from indiscriminate in sexual partners. First, each female copulates with the leader of the pack, and only then, after 3 days, he can do it with someone else, so that the offspring was probably from the leader.

In anthropology there is a period when, in primitive times, the development of mankind abruptly stopped. At this time, there were few males, and the plot changed in cave paintings. After a series of excavations, archaeologists and scientists suggested that the herd began to engage in group sexual acts. The males reluctantly started walking for prey. The main thing for them became faster and as often as possible indulge in group sexual joys.

Can I have sex at the age of 14? Consultation of psychologists

Everything has changed for millennia. But one thing has not changed - sexual intercourse has remained one of the main human needs.

Talking about sex

An adult has long had an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what sex means in his life. But the time comes when you need to explain this to your child. And do it right. The beginning of the childโ€™s sexual life depends on what exactly and how you say it. Regardless of whether the child asked you a question about sex or not, parents still need to start this conversation.

From the age of seven, children, like sponges, begin to absorb all the information from the outside, memorize, scroll several times in their heads. Also, children begin to form an opinion about something, based on the points of view of their friends or classmates. Often this opinion is wrong. Therefore, the parent with the explanation of such a delicate issue should get ahead of the peers of the child. It is important to start by examining your body, and then inform the child that sexual intercourse is only part of the sexual relationship of a man and woman.

Can I Have Sex At 14

Even 20-30 years ago, girls really cherished their honor from a young age. The upbringing was so strict that the kiss for the couple was a secret event. And most couples entered into sexual relations only after the wedding.

Can I have sex at age 14?

Nowadays, girls enter into intimate relationships with guys quite early. If earlier it was 16-18 years, now it is an average of 14 years. Can I have sex at age 14 for a girl? Let's try to find the answer.

14 years is a time of transitional age, which is usually always accompanied by sexual desires in boys and girls. This is due to the release of hormones in the body responsible for sexual desire.

Is it possible to have sex at age 14? I would like to note that this is the age of minority. Do not forget that this act is prosecuted by law. Although this does not stop anyone. So is it possible to have sex at age 14? Children at this age are more likely to trust the opinions of friends who promote early sex only from the best side, but in fact, teenagers do it only because everyone says: โ€œit's cool.โ€ It is unlikely that both receive true pleasure.

Other reasons

Can I have sex at age 14 for a guy? Better not worth it. There is a great alternative for boys - masturbation.

Is it possible to have sex at 14 years old girl

But still, is it possible to have sex at age 14? It is advisable to refuse sex during this period. Adolescents at this age are rarely protected, but the number of children treated by venereologists is growing significantly. They inflict tremendous harm on their bodies - first having sex, then a sexually transmitted disease, and then treatment. And all this falls to the still unformed growing organism. At the same time, the girl may not receive pleasure, but she can easily become pregnant. Again, this is stress, regardless of whether she will have an abortion or give birth.

The opinion of psychologists

According to psychologists and doctors, the majority of adolescents from the age of 14 begin sexual life because of the fear of appearing to their friends as not old enough, which means they will no longer be respected. Early sex often often results in severe depression.

Can I have sex at age 14? Parent Tips

Parents should give their child maximum attention at any age. And in the transition (13-17 years old) you must become a true friend for the child. A parent should not miss a single bad mood, the incomprehensible behavior of his child. Something may be missed, and this will be fraught with irreversible consequences.
Of course, most teenagers have their first love, but not all of them pass into a long and strong relationship.

Can I Have Sex At Age 14 Tips

It is important for the parent to be especially attentive with the child during a meeting - to talk more with him, you can ask about how the meeting went, what interesting things were seen on a walk or trip, etc. And most importantly, itโ€™s always as if casual and always unobtrusive to talk about that early sex is not good. Talk about the consequences of such a relationship, as discussed above.

is it possible to have sex at 14 years old guy

Of course, there are situations when, even with very friendly relations with parents, the child is embarrassed to ask about sex. Therefore, it is important to conduct conversations on intimate topics ourselves. It is advisable that dad talk with the boy, and mother with the girl. Then the child will be more relaxed in the conversation. It is important to talk about sex as a consequence of love. That intimacy without love should not be. It is necessary not to allow sex to devalue the child's attitude to life and, as a result, to devalue himself!


In the article, we answered the exciting question of whether it is possible to have sex at the age of 14. Consultation of psychologists can help when the parent is faced with a problem that he cannot solve on his own. Intimate life at any age is a difficult topic, and especially at such an early age.


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