DIY snow chainsaw for home

Probably, you do not need to once again talk about why snow removal equipment is needed for the home. With their own hands, such a unit, despite some design complexity, can be made even by a beginner. To do this, you need to acquire the appropriate material, a certain amount of patience, and get to work. Why do it yourself? The equipment bought in the store is no doubt good, but it costs quite a lot of pleasure. In any case, the final result will be the one that we, in fact, need.

DIY snow removal equipment for the home

A little bit about the design

Before embarking on the assembly process, I would like to say a few words about how the snow blower works and of what basic parts and assemblies. All units are driven by an engine. The design includes screw blades or just a screw auger of snow. In addition, there is a wing unit, it is located in the back of the mechanism and is an impeller.

By the way, do-it-yourself snow-making equipment for your home is not made as long and difficult as you might think. But in order for the assembly process to be as fast as possible, you need to have everything you need on hand.

The principle of operation of the machine is as follows: through the gearbox, the engine transmits torque to the auger. He removes the crust and rows the snow to the rotor blades. Then the snow mass is sent to the outlet pipe.

homemade snow removal equipment for the home

Homemade snow removal equipment for the home: a selection of components

If we firmly decided to assemble a snowplow, then we will need a certain tool and material, as already mentioned. At the first stage, it is important to choose the right power element, in other words, the engine. In general, it can be removed from anything, the main thing is to adhere to the speed indicator, which should not be more than 1500 rpm, although if a gearbox is provided, then this is not a problem.

Of course, the engine itself is useless. We will need to make a structural frame, which in priority should consist of a metal pipe and a steel corner. You will also need to craft a screw and an impeller, although these elements can be bought. If the design is two-stage, then a gearbox must be provided. It’s difficult to make it yourself, but buying at an auction will turn out without any problems. Only after that, your home-made snow removal equipment for the home will work. Now let's move on to the practical part.

How to make snow removal equipment for the house with your own hands from a chainsaw

We have already figured out that as a power element we will take the engine from a chainsaw. It does not matter what brand it is. Therefore, the technical characteristics of the motor can not be taken into account, the main thing is that it works.

Decide on the type of snow blower in advance. Will it be auger, rotary or two-stage. For example, the rotary model is the easiest to make. Even if you do not have experience in such events, with a high probability you will cope with the task.

do-it-yourself snow removal equipment for your home from a chainsaw

To assemble it, you need a gasoline engine from a chainsaw, 2 mm thick steel is suitable for the rotor and blades. For the body of the unit, you can take steel and aluminum sheets of smaller thickness. The design is extremely simple. Through a chain transmission, the engine transmits rotation to a shaft that is connected to the rotor and mounted on bearings.

Snow blower design

In this case, the assembly process is somewhat more laborious. This is due to some factors, which will be discussed a little later. From pipes and corners it is necessary to make a frame. As for its size, you need to be guided by the dimensions of the engine. Since in our case we are talking about a power element from a chainsaw, which has small dimensions, then a frame of 50x70 cm will be quite enough. In this case, it is desirable to make a bucket of 50x30 cm.

The screw is made as follows. A suitable pipe is taken, in the center of which a 270x120 blade is installed. You also need to make screws. It is advisable to make them out of rubber used in conveyor belts (transport tape) or steel. The latter option is more preferable. Screws and a blade are best made of steel with a thickness of no more than 2-3 mm. Without a doubt, do-it-yourself snow-removal equipment for your home can be easily made, you can see its drawings in this article, but it needs high-quality assembly.

DIY snow removal equipment for the house

About the design in detail

In this article, a lot has been said about the choice of a power element. If you plan to take the motor from a chainsaw, then the power should be in the range of 4-7 horsepower. Of course, deviations are allowed both in one direction and in the other. You probably know that many people prefer an electric motor. So, this is a very good option. But you need to understand that in most cases, air cooling is used, which needs additional protection against snow. There are many ways to implement this.

As for the working area of ​​the capture unit, it will be quite enough 50 centimeters. Less is undesirable, more is possible, but not by much. In general, such a unit is not enough for continuous operation in difficult conditions, but here is to clear the road to the garage, workshop, etc. enough at home. Now let's look at how to make simple snow removal equipment for the home with your own hands. You can find a photo of this machine in the article.

Everything ingenious is simple!

Roofing material is used as the auger body, and plywood is quite applicable for the sidewalls. Its thickness should not be less than 10 mm. If you take less, then the walls will not be the most durable, and therefore not very reliable. To make a high-quality frame, many experts recommend using a corner of 50x50 mm, and it is better to make a handle from a ½ inch pipe. For a shaft or a suitable pipe, ¾ inch is what you need. We have already figured out the place for installing the blades, so we move on.

DIY snow removal equipment for the house photo

As for the operation of the mechanism, then everything is simple. We have a twin-run auger that moves snow to the blade. The latter throws her around. Most likely, you will come across the fact that the diameter of the bearings will be less than the diameter of the pipe, that is, our shaft. In this case, it must be regrind to a suitable size.

We continue assembly work

The installation of a safety pin is necessary to exclude the possibility of ingress of pieces of ice. In addition, this pin can act as a belt fuse, if of course you decide to use just such a gear. Again, if snowmobile appliances for the home are made from an electric motor, then the air intake is protected from ingress of foreign elements. Naturally, the body of the unit makes a little more than a screw. It is advisable to add a few centimeters on each side. If the chainsaw engine is used somewhere else, it is advisable that it is quickly put on and off the frame.

DIY snow removal equipment for the house

Useful Tips

I would like to draw your attention to the chassis of the car. Since the unit is planned to be used in severe weather conditions, it should be easy to work with. For example, the Snowstorm made snow-removal equipment for the house has a wheelbase. This is very convenient, but not always. Especially if you need to buy wheels. In this case, skiing is much easier and cheaper. You can make them quickly and easily.

To do this, take appropriate sized wooden blocks and for increased glide they attach plastic overlays to them. Simple and convenient. Remember to install the swivel chute. It is necessary in order to direct the snow in the right direction. To do this, take a pipe with a diameter of about 16 cm. In the end, you should get a kind of channel from the screw itself.

do-it-yourself snow removal equipment for your home from an electric motor


So we talked about how to make a snowplow on our own. As you can see, there is nothing complicated here. You will need a certain number of fasteners, a welding machine and a little patience, since not everything always works out the first time. For example, it is better to make a motor platform from corners 25x25 and by welding install it in an appropriate place on the frame.

But you choose the method of mounting the engine to the platform yourself. If the design is quick-detachable, then detachable fasteners are used; if not, the engine is mounted rigidly. In principle, now you can proceed directly to the assembly, as you are familiar with the theory.


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