Stretching on the nails: color combinations, technique, photo

Stretching technique is one of the latest trends in manicure. Thanks to the spectacular appearance, it is firmly rooted among lovers of the unusual design of nails. Such nail art has been known for a long time, but in the modern interpretation it looks fresh and original.

What is a stretch?

Stretching on the nails implies a smooth flow of one shade into another, at the same time two or more colors that are close or contrast in tone can be used. Most often, the ombre is directed from the overgrown part of the nail down. This technique is widely used in manicure both in a restrained version, and with the use of bright futuristic colors, sparkles and rhinestones.

Three color gradient

Pros of Manicure Stretch Marks

In addition to the trendy and unusual look, such a manicure option as a stretch on the nails has a number of other advantages:

  1. This technique is carried out with a brush, which is always available, no special tools are required.
  2. With a phased coating, the skin around the nail plate does not get dirty. The gradient made by the sponge does not provide such a smooth transition, in addition, during application it is almost impossible not to stain the periungual ridges, and removing varnish stains, there is a risk of spoiling the manicure.
  3. The transition made using the stretching technique provides a smooth coating. While using a sponge leaves a slight roughness on the nails.
  4. Stretching is very easy to do with gel polish. Thanks to the persistent coating, manicure will please the eye for more than one week.

Color combinations

To create a successful manicure with a stretch on the nails (photos are presented in the article), experts advise you to familiarize yourself with the combination of colors:

  • A smooth transition is easiest to create with similar shades of tone. Such a manicure looks very gentle and suits any occasion.
  • The combination of contrasting colors is suitable for a spectacular and festive look.
  • The use of trendy colors will make it possible to pass for a fashionable and sophisticated person. This season is emerald, wine, coral, the color of Marsala and aquamarine.
  • The most popular combination in the technique of stretching is gray-pink. It can be bright or muted shades, in any case, such a manicure looks stylish and beautiful.
  • The classic version that will never go out of fashion is a smooth transition from white to pink. Natural manicure is suitable for both young girls and business women who must adhere to the dress code. For special occasions, nails can be decorated with rhinestones.
  • The combination of the incongruous is another fashion trend of this year. For example, you can stretch from sky blue and deep pink.
  • Fashionable stylists recommend paying attention to the gray color, which every time looks different depending on which one it is connected to.
  • Velvet gradient can be matte and glossy. In any version, the manicure looks elegant and feminine.
  • Patterns, drawings, stones and volumetric decorations will make the stretch even more original and add personality.
Pastel gradient

Types of Stretch Marks

Despite the fact that horizontal stretching is more popular, the vertical gradient or design for all nails looks no less harmonious.

Vertical stretching on nails with gel polish implies a vertical transition of colors. For this, a light base is applied and dried in a lamp. Then part of the nail is stained with a darker gel polish, and the transition is stretched with a thin brush, making the border blurred. As a rule, to achieve the best result, 2 or 3 thin layers are applied.

Horizontal stretching looks best on short or medium length nails. Gel polish is applied in horizontal stripes and stretched towards the root of the nail plate. Beginners are recommended to start with two colors that are close in tone.

Stretching all the nails is a gradual transition from dark to light, finger by finger. For example, the little finger is colored as light as possible, and the thumb is dark or vice versa.

Gradient on all nails

Gel Polish: Benefits

Stretching the nails with gel polish has the following advantages:

  • The durability of the coating.
  • A wide palette of shades.
  • The ability to create a manicure with a 3d effect.
  • The gel evenly lays on the surface of the nail.
  • The ability to correct defects in the nail.

General recommendations

Of course, each nail service master has his own ways of performing nail polish stretching, however, there are several general recommendations that help to create a smooth and harmonious color transition.

Among them:

  1. Performing a gradient on the nails, it is best to blur the borders with a fan brush. It makes the transition more natural, and the process accelerated.
  2. When using a thin brush for stretching, it is necessary to stock up with napkins and wipe the tool as often as possible. In this case, the ombre will turn out clean without color spots.
  3. Dots or an orange stick dipped in the topcoat will help create a glitter broker.
  4. Regardless of the design of the stretch marks, it is recommended to lubricate the periungual ridges with a nourishing cream.

The technique of stretching gel polish

How to stretch the nails:

  • The nail is given the desired shape, the cuticle is cut off or pushed back with a stick.
  • Using the buff, the glossy layer is removed from the nail plate.
  • With a dry brush, brush off the remaining dust and disinfect the nail.
  • Then the surface is coated with a primer and allowed to dry for a couple of seconds.
  • The next step is the application of the base layer and drying in the lamp.
  • One color is applied to one half of the nail, and the other half to the other half. Then, with a few movements, the brushes at the junction blur the border and dry the layer in the lamp.
  • Depending on the color saturation, up to 6 coats may be required.
  • At the end, cover the nails with a top top and dry in a lamp. If necessary, remove the sticky layer.

The technique of performing ordinary varnish

Unlike gel polish, stretching the color of the nails with a regular gourmet is durable. However, it is better for novice masters to learn to perform stretching in this way, if it fails, you can always erase it and not spend the base and top.

Technique of execution:

  • The nails are applied and dried thoroughly.
  • Then, close to each other, the desired colors are applied horizontally or vertically.
  • Until the varnish begins to dry, with a flat brush, with gentle movements, they begin to blur the border between the flowers, the varnish itself spreads and creates a smooth transition.
  • After drying, the design is fixed with a colorless coating.
Dark to light gradient

Glitter Stretch Technique

Design-stretching sequins on the nails is perfect for a gala event or party. Stretching in this case implies a gradual decrease in concentration in one direction or another.

Technique of execution:

  • The free edge of the nail is given the desired shape, the cuticle is removed.
  • The glossy layer is cut off with a buff, the nail plate is degreased and a primer is applied.
  • Then cover the nail base, dry. The background color is applied and dried again.
  • The tip of the nail or its base is sprinkled with dry spangles and a brush stretch the glitter gradually, reducing the concentration. If a liquid varnish with sparkles is used, it is also applied with a thin strip and washed off with a brush in the desired direction.
  • The final step is top coating and drying.
Gradient Sparkles

Stretch Options

Nail design can be performed in a variety of variations, it all depends on the imagination of the master and client. Below are the most popular options for stretching nails.

Pastel gamma. Ideal for a light and romantic look. Such a manicure does not stand out and at the same time serves as an addition to accessories and clothes. In addition, hands in such a frame look feminine and well-groomed.

Contrast gamut. Stretching made in bright and contrasting colors is an excellent solution for young girls and eccentric people. Such nail art is suitable for an evening and festive look, but you should carefully select accessories so as not to overload your hands.

Bright stretch

Muted gamma involves the use of dark or dull shades. The nails look reserved, the option is suitable for a daily look.

Black and white. This is a classic of the genre, goes well with both business and any other style. Allowed combinations of black or white with nude, pink, beige, ocher and brown.

Design ideas

Design on the nails can be performed in different variations. Consider the popular ones.

Two similar tones. The lower background and upper layer of glitter have the same shades. This design can be done with bright or light varnishes. Pink, lilac, raspberry, silver and black colors look best.

The combination of light and dark colors. Despite the exact opposite, a stretch made in contrasting colors looks very impressive and stylish. For example, pale pink and black, white and blue, red and gold.

Multicolor. Stretching using three or more colors allows you to create a bright and catchy design. This option is suitable for young girls and will bring a sunny mood to the summer look.

Gradient on one or two fingers. You can revive a classic manicure by creating a stretch on one or two fingers of both hands.

The combination of several types of design. For example, if stones are used in the creation of nail art, then on each finger it can be a different pattern. If the gradient is performed with regular or gel polish, then on some nails it can be meek, on others, on the contrary, the stretch can be extended to the entire length of the surface.

Solid shine. Stretching with sequins on the nails (photo is presented in the article) is done on a varnish basis, in this case only sparkles are used. The entire nail plate is covered with one or several colors of sequins, with a flat brush they make a stretch and fix with a top.

Silver stretch

French manicure. This design of nails is considered the most popular. The overgrown part is varnished or spangles of any color and stretched towards the base of the nail. The design, executed in muted, pastel colors, will be appropriate for any outfit, regardless of style. Also, this color is suitable for going to any event.

When stretching nails, it is important to consider not only personal wishes, but also the style of the woman. Manicure should be the finishing touch of the image, its harmonious continuation. It is important to remember that one look at the hands is sometimes enough to tell a lot about their owner.


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