Salon "Anna" (Mytishchi): address, contact information, services, reviews

Mytishchi is a small city located 18 kilometers from the capital. Just do not need to think that this is something like a village. No, the city is very developed. Excellent infrastructure, educational institutions, shops, places for recreation. And, of course, beauty salons.

Just about one of them - the Anna salon in Mytishchi - information is further in the article.

A little about the beauty salon "Anna"

The first visitors crossed the threshold of this institution in 2004. And those who once visited the salon "Anna", forever remained his customers.

Alas, the fair sex does not have enough time for herself. Why only them? Not only, but the services of the Anna salon (Mytishchi) are used mainly by young ladies. And so I want to have clean, well-groomed skin. Admire the beautiful nails, wake up in the morning and, looking at your reflection in the mirror, admire your own eyebrows and eyelashes.

All this can be achieved by setting aside three to four hours. No, not a day. Once every two to three weeks. That is how many nails and eyelashes made in the Anna salon hold. Masters approach their work with inspiration, and most importantly - with customer care.

Now there are many salons that charge lower prices. But the quality of services there is such that I want to cry. Masters of the Anna beauty salon (in Mytishchi) value their own reputation. They work on conscience.

Haircuts, manicures, pedicures

What to expect salon customers? What services can I get here?

First of all, haircuts. Any: for long, medium or short hair. Should I cut my son or husband? Salon employees are able to realize the most creative idea. There is not only a women's hall, but also a men's hall. Parents will not have to look for another place to cut their son or daughter. A child's master will easily find an approach to a small client and advise a haircut that is suitable for the child.

Want to do a manicure? You are welcome. It offers beautiful ladies a classic manicure and combined. Need to grow nails? No problem. Not only will they increase, but they will also make coverage of any complexity. Customers can order a nail design, make a correction, or remove the coating.

Beautiful manicure

Men nowadays try to take care of themselves. Hands - a business card of a person. And this is quite fair. Therefore, in the salon "Anna" in Mytishchi there is a service of male manicure.

Girls take an example from moms. And if mom takes care of her hands, her daughter will try to imitate her. Long gone are the days when girls painted their motherโ€™s nail-bitten nails. Now in the beauty salon "Anna" you can do a children's manicure. Of course, he is more gentle than an adult.

Our legs are toilers. And they are worthy of good care. In Mytishchi, Anna Salon offers a full range of foot care services. Starting from the baths and ending with nail extensions. Yes, yes, this is not a typo. Recently, nail extension has become fashionable.

Blue pedicure

And in the salon you can do children's and men's pedicures.

Face care

What else will the Anna salon (Mytishchi) please its customers? Peelings, face lifting and cleansing. Do you want to prolong the youth of your skin? Beauticians will be happy to help with this. Want a combined peeling? This is when they clean their face with both a special apparatus and manually. You will receive it.

Interested in ultrasonic peeling? No questions. They will do it too. Or maybe you need a superficial? And it will be like that.

For those who want to experience the effects of hyaluronoplasty, the interior doors are open. More precisely, the doors of the beauty parlor in the cabin. Moreover, not only facial hyaluronoplasty is provided. Here is the neck, neckline and arms.

Provides salon "Anna" in Mytishchi and a service such as face lifting. Get toned, radiant skin. After the first procedure, changes are visible.

Face care

Slam your eyelashes and take off

Now fashionable eyelash extensions. They hold on for at least two weeks. But is such a procedure safe for "native" eyelashes? As if the builders did not assure that it was safe, we dare not agree. And offer an alternative.

Let's start with the simplest: professional eyelash tinting. They become very expressive, and last for three to four weeks. Someone will say that this is yesterday. But the method is safer than eyelash extensions.

For those who want to have perfect eyelashes, curving and long, it is not at all necessary to resort to extension services. Make lamination. This procedure lasts only an hour. After it, you canโ€™t just wash your eyes for a day, but then: apply makeup, bathe, dive. Do what you want, laminated eyelashes are not scared. They bend perfectly and this effect lasts about three months.

And also, in Mytishchi, in the salon "Anna" you can make botox eyelashes. It allows natural hairs to look thicker than they really are. And this effect lasts 2-2.5 months.

Also at the service of beautiful ladies is lamination and Botox of eyebrows.

Long eyelashes

Body care

The hair removal procedure is not the most pleasant. But in order to be beautiful, it is worth to be patient.

Hair removal process

In the Anna Beauty Salon, clients are offered the following procedures:

  • Bioepilation with wax or phyto resin.

  • Sugaring.

  • Algal or Amber Wrap.

Salon Address

The address of the Anna salon: Mytishchi, Shcherbakova, 7. Directly behind the Fest theater.

How does the salon work?

Salon doors are open to visitors every day from 9 a.m. to 21 p.m. On Sunday - up to 20 hours. Specify more accurate information about the work of the Anna salon (Mytishchi) by the telephone number indicated on the official resource of the institution.


Customers come here once. And remain forever. Advertising about the "word of mouth" salon. One girlfriend told another, that third. And the third - to relatives. So the clients reached for each other.

What are the reviews about the Anna salon in Mytishchi? Very good. Customers write that:

  • Very satisfied with the result of the work of a cosmetologist.
  • The manicure and pedicure master is excellent. Professional in his field.
  • All the masters have been working for a long time, clever, with great experience. There is no fluid in the cabin.


The beauty salon "Anna", which is located in the city of Mytishchi, enjoys well-deserved popularity. This place really has a very good reputation. Customers are satisfied with the work of specialists, praise them. The services provided by the salon are very diverse. And the prices are pleasing to the eye, as well as the quality of service.


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