How to make manicure with bouillon balls

For two years, manicure with balls, which have the name "broths", has been especially popular. These unusual eggs are suitable not only for extended nails, but also for their short ones.

What are broths

Decorating nails with broths is called caviar manicure. The master sprinkles or lays out small balls (beads) on the adhesive varnish. And the size of the broth will depend on the length and width of the nail. Color is selected depending on the wishes in the picture. Solid color or multi-colored eggs are sold in stores.

Colorful balls

A fashion for a similar design came from Korea, and there the balls were much larger and more transparent. In America, broths are called Candy Ball, or Crystal Ball.

Manicure with balls at home

How to make a manicure? Initially, nails are carefully prepared. After that, they are varnished and the beads are glued. Nail preparation includes:

  1. A bath with oils.
  2. Cuticle removal and stripping.
  3. He drank the nail to a comfortable even shape.
  4. Degreasing the nail.
  5. Application of a colorless base, after that - colored varnish.

Now you can apply multi-colored balls individually, making a drawing. Some make a classic jacket, sprinkling broths on a colorless base on one finger. For home use, special glue is sold that holds the balls longer.

Manicure with broths

What happened should be fixed with clear varnish. A high-quality fixer is selected that will not leave yellow. It is also recommended to use some tips:

  1. Glue is used to arrange the broths strictly according to the pattern, and not over the entire nail. To do this, glue draws the lines of the pattern along which the balls are poured. They lay down on the drawn strokes.
  2. For beginners, special kits are sold, which include the necessary accessories to create a design.

The size of the broth should be chosen correctly. Too small balls are suitable for short nails, and larger balls are suitable for extended ones.

Features of manicure with broths

Most salons make shellac with caviar design. If you have all the necessary devices for such a manicure, you can use decorative elements for gel polish.

It is recommended to use an orange stick for complex designs. This tool will gently move the broths over the nail. Design ideas depend on your wishes. But the balls have a minus: they do not last long under the usual colorless varnish. Therefore, it is recommended to use this decor on shellac or gel polish.


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