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In the “classical” areas of services, such as the provision of housing or transport, despite the understandings formed here “renting a hotel room” or “ordering a taxi”, there remains room for innovation. Suffice it to cite as an example such IT giants as Uber and AirBNB, which arose recently, but have already managed to turn the industry around. And, in fact, there are a lot of similar examples, you do not need to go far for them.

In Russia, these areas are also affected by new technologies, which allows us to talk about improving the efficiency of work / service for both entrepreneurs and customers, respectively. An excellent example of domestic origin for this situation can serve as "Delimobil" - a service of per-minute car rental. We will talk about the model by which this service works, what is so innovative compared to the classic car rental services, and about the benefits for the client in this article.

reviews "Delimobile"

Unloading capital roads

The problem that the creators of the project focused on first of all is the roads occupied in Moscow. This is always relevant: because of too active traffic, it is very difficult to travel along the city’s roads using transport, especially during the so-called “rush hour” mode.

The Delimobil car sharing described by us is an excellent solution to this problem, which provides for the ability to easily change one rented car to another, while paying for the use of transport every minute. The service implies the ability to change cars depending on where the client is and where he should move on. Moreover, the “transplant” procedure itself is very simple and will not take much time from the client. Read about how this works.

Practical example

Car sharing in Moscow "Delimobil" (we will provide further feedback on the text of the article) is very simple. We will illustrate this in a practical situation. Suppose you need to drive from point A to point B, but you do not have personal transport. Instead of ordering a taxi in which we will be stuck in traffic, you will use the services of Delimobil company (photos of their cars are attached to our article).

Moscow car sharing "Delimobil" reviews

So, you go into the application of this company and on the interactive map you are looking for the nearest cars that you could use. Imagine that their car is some 500 meters away. To order it, you need to book this vehicle by clicking the appropriate button (in addition to the mobile application, you can do this on the company's website). For 20 minutes the reservation for the car is free, after which the waiting tariffication will begin. Therefore, if you do not want to overpay, try to find the car as quickly as possible, get into it and start moving.

Traffic jams - no!

To illustrate the benefits of a car-sharing service, let's imagine that there is a serious traffic jam in your way that can take you an extra couple of hours. In a normal situation, being in a taxi or in your own car, you would not be able to “escape” from the need to wait and just waste time. However, the Delimobile service (car rental) avoids this. Just park your car in the nearest parking lot and go on foot! Take the subway, leave the traffic jam zone, find a new car and continue driving!

Delimobile car sharing reviews

It turns out that if in the classic model, on the basis of which all transport services are provided, the car and its location play a central role, then if you use the Delimobile services, the main thing is to have an application, access to the Internet from your smartphone, and You can book a new car that takes you where you need it!


The service is interesting, isn't it? In our understanding, car sharing is still a new and unusual phenomenon, it seems to us unusual to be able to drive around the city on a rented car every minute (!) By using the application in your phone to order. However, this is a reality!

Moreover, judging by the tariffs that are presented on the Delimobil service website, such a trip can cost you quite inexpensively. For each minute of waiting (in fact, the reservation, with the exception of the first 20 minutes, which are provided for free), a person must pay 2.5 rubles. As for the lease itself, it will cost 7 rubles / minute. For example, having arrived in 20 minutes where you need, you will pay only 140 rubles. Any taxi ordered at such a long distance will cost you much more.

Delimobile photo


A plus that favorably determines the price of vehicle maintenance according to the car sharing model is the absence of collateral. The user who rents the car does not pay the amount for the possible damage that he will cause the company. This greatly simplifies the relationship between the service and the user. The company, thus, allows you to take transport into use without a mandatory personal meeting with the client.


car sharing in Moscow "Delimobil" reviews

You ask: “And how is the calculation for the services provided?”. We answer: customer service is fully automatic. Therefore, funds are debited in the same way from the user's bank card, which he indicates in advance. This calculation, firstly, greatly simplifies the life of the client for the reason that he can not worry about when to pay for the car. Secondly, the whole process takes place without human intervention, which means accurate payment of every minute: no less, no more.


What kind of cars does the service use for leasing? The company’s official website says that they are serviced by Hyundai Solaris - sedan-class cars that consume the least amount of fuel, while emitting less harmful substances (the car’s engine complies with the Euro-4 environmental standard class).

As noted by the reviews characterizing the Delimobile (car rental), such a model is really justified, at least due to less damage to the environment. Car sharing allows you to use an environmentally efficient car in any situation when you need personal transport. Due to this, there will be fewer cars on the roads of our capital, which will positively affect the environment. If the society had completely switched to the car-sharing model, the air in the street would have become noticeably cleaner.

car sharing "Delimobile" is

In addition, do not forget about the comfort of the client, because this is also important. According to reviews, Delimobil really equipped its Solaris with everything necessary, due to which we get a convenient, fast and safe car for a minimal fee. Calling a taxi that costs the same price, you would see a much older car in which the level of comfort would not be comparable.

Car map

As already noted above, the system operates through a special car card, available both on the official website and in the Delimobil mobile app (car sharing). Reviews show that problems with finding the nearest car does not arise due to their large number. Indeed, by going to the site, you can see for yourself that throughout Moscow there are circles indicating an available car. Each of them after registration can be booked. By clicking on the designation, you can see the check box with the model of the machine and its photo.

Registration and contract

Before becoming a client of a company, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions. This is normal practice, because a car sharing service must protect itself from all possible risks associated with driving a vehicle by another person. To do this, you must go through the registration procedure. This is done on the company website.

You, as a client, need to provide all the information about yourself. These are classic fields such as first name, middle name and last name, phone number and code word for account recovery.

"Delimobil" car rental service per minute

After registration, you will need to sign a service agreement. Again, this can be done both at the office of the company or its partners, and through a courier who will arrive at the address you specify. When concluding the contract, naturally, you will need to provide your passport data, a copy of the driver’s license and other information important for further interaction with the service. Having registered in the service, you will be able to receive all the benefits from working with the service that we listed above. This is how the Moscow car sharing Delimobil operates.


There are a lot of comments about how the service works and what users think about it. With their help, you can understand what level of service this service can boast of and whether to use its services if you suddenly needed to rent a car. So what are reviews writing about? "Delimobil" (or rather - the whole model of the organization of this service), users call a great idea. Indeed, a convenient form of ordering a car, automatic payment, the ability to quickly and cheaply get to your destination, all this and much more can be credited to the undoubted advantages of the service. And many positive comments are mentioned about them repeatedly characterizing the company. However, there are a number of shortcomings that customers complain about.

First of all, as the reviews show, Delimobil may be too risky a step for a particular client. And the whole point here is responsibility.

According to the contract, the client is fully responsible for the car that he rents. This means that he not only compensates for any damage, but also agrees to pay a fine in favor of the service for the violation of the rules. And they, in turn, are painted here in great detail.

For example, as the reviews show, "Delimobil" can make you pay for the garbage left by a past client in the car, 2 thousand rubles. This is taking into account the fact that you will also have to clean it yourself. In the case of chewing gum glued to the seat, the amount of the fine will increase to 15 thousand, as this will be considered damage to the machine. There are many such clauses in the contract, and all of them are clearly not in favor of the client. Therefore, trying to save two hundred rubles by taxi, you can get a fine ten times more.


However, despite these shortcomings, people still use Delimobil Moscow car sharing. Reviews of the service show that, as a rule, the process of renting a car each time went without any difficulties for the client. The car is easy to find in the place marked on the map, it is really very convenient, beautiful and easy to drive; with it, you can get there faster than a taxi or public transport. And about real situations when a person unreasonably “got” a fine, there is no information in the comments yet.

In any case, the project is really interesting, and such a model clearly deserves attention. The fact that there are more and more cars for rent testifies to the growing popularity of the service and further relaxation of rental rules, in particular, an increase in the territory on which you can drive.


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