Illy coffee: reviews, taste, roasting, a variety of choices and cooking tips

Inveterate coffee lovers are always in search of a new, more intense taste of the drink. Each manufacturer of an invigorating drink seeks to interest buyers with a new, as they say, rich taste and aroma.

Under the brand name "Illi" several types of coffee are produced , which are suitable for home cooking and for office coffee machines. It's interesting to know what people say in Illy coffee reviews.

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Illy: brand history

The Illy brand originates in the 30s of the 20th century. The founder of the world famous brand was Hungarian Francesco Illi, whose surname became his own name for the manufactured product.

Illy was a soldier who returned from the fighting of the First World War and decided to start producing high-quality coffee. The first point of sale appeared in the Italian city of Trieste, in which Francesco had previously worked as a bartender and was very interested in recipes for a fragrant drink. Soon, he organized a family business, which was called IlliCafe. The activity was roasting green coffee beans and selling them.

In addition to preparing the drink, the Illi company began producing a new coffee machine, which only fueled interest in the company's products. Francesco was doing so well that he seriously thought about how to preserve the taste of roasted coffee for a long time, because, as you know, this grain quality is lost very quickly.

The problem was solved by filling cans with coffee grains with inert gas. He not only prolonged the taste and aroma, but also improved the quality of the product.

The family business was continued by the son of Francesco Illi, who became the head of the enterprise immediately after the Second World War. He also contributed to the development of family business: he improved the coffee machine mechanism, developed a metal can and brand logo, which have remained relevant to this day.

Illy is now a world famous brand that has offices in more than 100 countries. But the coffee houses where they prepare a traditional drink, only 200 to the whole world.

Illy owns not only coffee enterprises, but also its own laboratories. In addition, brand owners have invested part of their income in the opening and development of coffee schools.

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Taste Features

Ground coffee Illy, brewed in a Turk or a special machine, has an original taste that a true lover of this drink can appreciate.

The aroma is rich, attractive, without bitterness. The taste is moderately strong. Depending on the roasting, the drink has some taste characteristics: bitterness may be present or, on the contrary, a pleasant sweetish aftertaste. It all depends on the method of frying, which forms the taste.

Coffee lovers in reviews of Illy recommend drinking a freshly brewed drink without leaving it for later. In general, the product of this brand cannot be called exceptional. It is tasty and fragrant, but has no striking differences from others.

Varieties of packaging

"Illy" is diverse in terms of packaging methods. The manufacturer mainly focused on the creation of raw materials for making a drink in a Turk and a coffee machine. It will not be possible to find a soluble drink, since the company does not produce such goods.

So, on sale you can find Illy coffee:

  • ground;
  • in capsules;
  • in grains;
  • in pads.

All types of packaging are suitable for preparing a drink in different machines. Ground coffee Illy, reviews of which are only positive, is available in different degrees of grinding. For the long-term preservation of the pristine aroma and taste, a special conservation system is used. All this contributes to the fact that the powder can be used in espresso, filters, coffee machines, geyser machines and French presses.

Illy coffee beans are the most popular for sales, since in this packaging form the drink better retains its taste and aromatic qualities.

Pods are measured portions packaged in sachets. Used in espresso machines.

In capsules iperEspresso is suitable for coffee machines from Francis Francis and Gaggia. Mono-arabic is sealed in such capsules.

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Coffee Illy. Types of Roasting

At the Illi production, 3 methods of roasting coffee beans are used, each of which in its own way affects the taste of the brewed beverage.

  1. Dark roast. You can distinguish this method of frying by the light and pleasant aroma of caramel and chocolate. This drink has a high caffeine content, which makes it invigorating, energetic, tonic.
  2. The average type of roasting is characterized by a delicate taste with notes of cocoa, caramel and flowers. The strength of the drink is practically absent, it can be called female - it is just as sensual and soft.
  3. Decaffeinated. Such a drink has the mildest and most delicate taste, since the caffeine in it is reduced to an acceptable minimum. The aroma of chocolate and caramel for such roasting is also characteristic, however, in a slightly lower concentration.

A variety of ways of roasting will allow each coffee lover to choose a favorite and acceptable taste.

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Illy Coffee Reviews

The world-famous brand "Illi" has gained popularity among Russian buyers. Moreover, the vast majority of those who tried this drink did not reveal any bad qualities in it. Nothing but cost. This is perhaps the only negative. For the Russian wallet, this is still an expensive pleasure.

You can find more reviews about Illy ground coffee on the Internet, since many people brew a drink in a Turk in their home, and not in a coffee machine. And as these reviews say, "Illi" already captivates with its aroma, which fills the entire apartment. The aroma is incredible, saturated, with chocolate-caramel shades, saturated color, a drink with a delicious foam that forms on the surface.

Reviews of Illy coffee beans indicate that in this condition the product retains its pristine taste longer.

And no matter which way of frying is chosen, the taste will not deteriorate. As many have noted, even a low-caffeinated drink invigorates in the morning.

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Cooking Tips

Illy espresso coffee is perfect as an espresso, and as a latte and cappuccino. You can brew it in various devices: a Turk, a drip or espresso machine, a French press, or in an ordinary coffee pot.

French press is the most popular device for brewing ground coffee. To "Illi" it turned out worthy, it is worth choosing a powder of medium grinding. The size of particles of such a grinding is ideal for the press: they are not too large to clog the filter holes, and not too small to slip through it.

For preparation in Turk, you can take any version of "Illi", the main thing is to be able to brew a drink correctly in such a favorite device. Many recommend brewing coffee like this: pour a couple of tablespoons of ground "Illy" into a well-heated Turk, fry it a little. Then add 2 slices of sugar and, stirring the contents of the container, melt it a little to enhance the caramel flavor. Then you need to pour cold water to the narrow neck of the device and heat the drink until a dense foam is formed. Do not boil! This is a prerequisite. The heated drink is removed from the stove, the foam is removed and the Turks knock on the outer bottom to settle all the coffee particles. The drink can be warmed up twice.

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Cost of goods

As noted earlier, Illy falls into the category of expensive coffee. The cost varies depending on the point of sale, where it can be purchased, as well as on the type of packaging. And you can buy it in online markets from official representatives or from suppliers.

As for retail grocery stores, then you can buy Illi not everywhere. For example, it can be found in large supermarkets, specialized shops. In Moscow and St. Petersburg there are Illy-shops and coffee houses from this manufacturer.

So, still the price. A 250-gram jar of ground coffee has a price minimum of 650 rubles. Cheaper not to find, more expensive - yes. With regular use of coffee, "Illi" will be a very uneconomic drink.

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If you like coffee and are a true connoisseur of this drink, then "Illi" is what you need to try, if you have not already done so. The manufacturer holds the brand high, so the quality of its products is excellent.

Illy - these are as many as 9 monosorts of arabica, and there are also their blends - that is, a mixture of varieties.


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