What to do if rubbing shoes: simple tips

Have you bought new shoes? They are so beautiful that there are simply no words! No words, and interjections - full. Oho-ahs pouring in the river, because new shoes quickly rubbed their feet into the blood. This seems to be unfair. After all, in the store, the shoe sat like a glove and so effectively stuck a foot that it seemed to be a continuation of it. And here is such a chagrin! Do not be discouraged, a new pair of boots can rub, but it is up to you to rectify the situation and give comfort to your own legs. So what to do if you rub your shoes?

what to do if rubs shoes

Problematic issue

Which shoes do you prefer? Comfortable or beautiful? Combining these two qualities does not always work. Weightless shoes on a tall stiletto heel make the leg small and the gait sexy, but it doesnโ€™t smell of convenience here. Each step will have to be controlled, and a gracious smile be kept on your face so that no one would think that new shoes are rubbing corns. What to do? The expression of flour on the face has not yet painted anyone, and you will not be an exception. By the way, running shoes can also cause problems. If the insole โ€œwalksโ€, the toe has synthetic fibers, and the sides are too stiff, then corns are inevitable. But why endure if it hurts? After all, you can at least slightly, but ease the period of adaptation to a new pair for yourself, to wear it with pleasure, and not with the hope that it will soon spread.

shoes rubs heels what to do

Season start

Oh yes, the beginning of each season is a time of rubbing and blistering on the heels. Shoes seem to be pads, and boots look like real torture chambers. In the summer, shoes rub on the heels. What to do? Take care of this prospect in advance! Buy in advance a few pairs of silicone insoles with a cooling effect. Yes, at the price of such things bite a little, but your legs will be fresh and beautiful from morning to evening. Those who love closed shoes in the summer, it is better to purchase silicone footrests or socks. So it will be more comfortable and accurate.

At home, try on a new couple and walk around the room in it, but not with a well-adjusted podium walk, but like you walk in everyday life. Sit down, adjust the strap on the sandal. Do some squats and try to bounce. What are the sensations? And if you have to run after the bus, then it would be nice to practice running in new shoes. The test is done and your legs are tired even at home. So what if rubs shoes? Let's start using funds from grandmother's hiding places.

rubbed a foot with shoes what to do

Conservative approach

Feeling uncomfortable in the heel area? Then take a piece of soap or a candle. Rub them on the back of the shoes from the inside. Repeat the procedure a couple of times a day until the shoes turn into slippers according to the degree of convenience.

What should I do if I rub new leather shoes? It will take more time. Take out two plastic bags, fill them with water and put them in shoes. Shoes themselves go to the freezer for the night. When freezing, the water expands and the shoes with it.

If an urgent date is on the horizon, and shoes are pushing to the limit, then take an emergency measure. Find the thickest woolen socks in the house, put them on and pull the shoes on top. Now, with a jet of hot air from a hair dryer, blow for a long time to the most problematic places (toe, heel). Move your foot from time to time so that the shoe stretches straight at you.

what to do if new shoes are rubbed

For money

If the old ways, tested by millions of women and girls, do not inspire confidence, then you can trust the beauty industry and escape to the nearest shoe store. There, probably, there will be more than one tube with foam-stretch marks or a similar spray. A tool of this type should be applied to problem areas and wear shoes.

The spray will help if you have already rubbed your foot with shoes. What to do? Yes, use the old trick with woolen socks, but pre-heat the shoes with a hairdryer and quickly spray with a stretcher. After cooling, the procedure must be repeated. After such an execution, even uncomfortable shoes will become slippers!

If only edges are problematic in shoes, then soft silicone strips that protect against excessive friction will be the salvation.

If it hurts even to walk

Imagine the worst situation: rush hour, crowded buses, mid-day. New shoes, which in the morning seemed perfect, have now turned into monsters, raping your legs. It is necessary to run away on business, but there are bloody blisters on the back, and the fingers threaten to curl up in the snail, if they are not urgently removed from the shoe into the light of day. What should I do if I rub my shoes, but I donโ€™t even have time to recover?

Find the nearest bench, take off your shoes. If you have footprints or socks, then remove them too. Let your legs breathe. Meanwhile, inspect the handbag. Perhaps there is a band-aid there? Or a bandage? Or at least a wet towel? If there is also a mini bottle of perfume, then the wounds can be disinfected. Do not strip the skin from the blisters, otherwise the pain will go off scale. Make an alcohol lotion and use a soft cloth to lay the most problematic places in the shoe. Squeeze your fingers a little. If there is a fountain nearby, and the area is free for walking, then wet the legs in it. On a hot day, this will become a nirvana for you! After 10-15 minutes, put the shoes back on. Now you can at least get to the pharmacy to buy a patch and patch up the wounds.

what to do if shoes rub calluses

Those who are out of luck

What should I do if I rub my shoes constantly? If the skin is so delicate that it is impossible not to injure? Always wear shoes. Put it on a wet sock and walk until it is completely dry. Get pads to stretch your shoes to the right shape and size. Immediately soften the backdrop, for which tap on it with a hammer. This is a topical tip for boots, berets and other hard shoes. To prevent scratching the skin, cover the backdrop with a soft cloth.

You can refine the wet toe method and use alcohol instead of water. It dries much faster, and the shoes, accordingly, will take shape more quickly. True, alcohol can ruin the color. But for suede you can use beer!

new shoes rubs corns what to do

No extra sacrifices

At the end of the conversation, you can discuss ways to wear shoes with minimal risk. So what if the shoes are rubbing corns? You can take a large towel, wet it and wrap the box with a new pair of shoes. Leave it as it is for the night. The box will naturally soften, inside it will be damp and stuffy, which will make the shoes malleable.

Before trying on shoes, lubricate the legs with greasy baby cream. Try to absorb it. Then the skin will become softer, the friction will come to naught, and the shoes will not reap so much. If there is a day before the โ€œwalkingโ€ of a new pair, then at night, hammer a wet newspaper inside. Let everything dry without your help. Only then will the shoes stretch.

Finally, it will simply and quickly fall under the rain in a new pair. The shoes will squish, a backlash will appear, and the skin will sit on the foot. When the shoe dries, you will be surprised at how comfortable it has become.

There are many ways to distribute shoes, so do not be afraid of experiments and remember that corns are easier to prevent than to cure!

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