Create cosiness for your pet, or How to make a house for cats

All the happy owners of cats understand that their pets need personal space, in a house where they can take refuge for the rest. In addition, we also need special cat furniture - claws, shelves, etc. You can do it all yourself!

how to make a house for cats
After reading the detailed instructions below, you will understand how to make a house for cats so that it satisfies your pets and you. The best solution would be to sheathe the walls of the structure with a special coating (you can just carpet), so that the cat had the opportunity to sharpen its claws as well. On sale there is a great variety of equipment and accessories. But not all pet owners can afford to buy a cat house. Because it is quite an expensive pleasure. So, here are instructions on how to make a house for cats with your own hands.

We will prepare the materials

For it, it is necessary to use materials without a pungent odor, preferably natural wood - thick plywood. Think over the sizes. The cat should be so free inside so that the animal can reach its full height. If you plan to make a house with a claw pipe and a stove bench at the top, the height should not be more than 1 meter, otherwise the structure will be unstable.

buy a house for a cat
Cats are very careful, and they will not like such furniture. But everyone knows that they love to watch what is happening around, climbing somewhere higher. Therefore, the model of a house with a claw-pipe and a platform at the top is very common. A durable plastic with a diameter of at least 10 cm can be used for the pipe. It should be very well wrapped in thick rope, but if you find a sisal fiber rope, it will be a more resistant coating. How to make a house for cats from plywood and a piece of pipe? You will need metal corners to fasten its parts.

Getting to work

Having thought over the design, we begin the manufacture of the walls of the house.

1. 7 squares of approximately 50x50 cm are cut out. Of the 6 of them we will assemble a house, and the seventh will be a bench on top of the pipe-stand (itโ€™s a claw point).

2. In one of the squares you need to cut a hole - this will be the door for the cat.

Consider the size of the entire structure so that the animal can easily go inside. Round the corners or better just make the hole round.

3. Cover the inner and outer surfaces of the walls of the house with carpet.

4. Fasten the entire structure with metal corners. It is advisable to grease all the joints between the walls with glue (you can take PVA).

5. Wrap the pipe very tightly and tightly with a rope. Secure the last one.

6. Using the corners we attach the pipe to the roof of the house.

7. To make the bed more comfortable, lay a layer of foam before lining it with carpet.

cat door

8. Securely fasten the platform bed on the top of the structure.

Well, thatโ€™s it, call the cat! Happy housewarming! Now, knowing how to make a house for cats, you can make other furniture for your pet: shelves, climbing frames, slides. Add some cat toys as a decoration, and your pet will not be bored anymore. A happy cat is a happy owner!


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