Manicure and pedicure courses: training with a certificate. The best school for teaching manicure and pedicure

Many offer manicure and pedicure training, but there are still few good schools. Spawning like mushrooms after rain, the overwhelming majority of manicure courses teach only the very basics of the profession. After basic training, seminars for continuing education are offered. And all this costs a lot of money.

Such educational institutions are opened by former winners in professional competitions, expanding business practicing masters and even people who are far from special education - owners of shops for beauty salons.

How to find a really worthy school that will give the maximum knowledge and skills in the profession? Which will teach you to work with any materials, solve all the problems of complex pedicure and allow you to participate in competitions?

Professional standard

Each profession has its own standards that determine the necessary disciplines for study. Specialists of applied aesthetics are no exception. According to the All-Russian classifier of professions, masters are assigned qualifications after receiving secondary specialized education. A five-digit number indicates that the holder of a state diploma has received certified training.

Professional training (manicure, pedicure, repair and modeling of nails, methods of sterilizing instruments and much more) allows a graduate of such a school to distinguish between the main diseases of the hands and feet, and choose the best solution to both aesthetic and hygiene problems of the client.

Glasperlen sterilizer

One of the required disciplines in the course is professional ethics. The specialist is also trained in the psychology of communication with the client. His duty is to give a full consultation on the care of hands or feet. If necessary, he clarifies the futility of a procedure.

The master must be able to work with any certified materials, on any professional equipment.

Schools teaching in accordance with GOST

After 2013, learning standards were determined. Now the educational institution is obliged to obtain a license for the right to engage in its activities. These criteria are met by several Moscow colleges. In particular, the College of innovative technologies and service "Galaxy". He prepares craftsmen for work in premium salons. Training in manicure and pedicure is paid and is 80,000 rubles. The program is designed for a period of 34 months.

In addition, there is a state professional retraining program for these specialties. It can pass some categories of citizens in educational and production complexes of all major cities of the country. On a free basis, training is provided to unemployed citizens, the rest can take paid courses.

Graduates in Kursk

Since the program takes place in a short time (for example, according to GOST, retraining in the specialty "manicurist" takes 250 hours), the course is several months of intensive training. A lot of attention is paid to practical tasks. Such courses also issue a state diploma. Graduates can start working immediately, but the area of ​​employment is limited to economy class salons.

How to choose an educational institution

Many manicure and pedicure courses provide consulting services. When drawing up a contract for training, it should be stated that the school enters into a contract for educational services. Only licensed educational institutions have this right. They issue diplomas of the established form.

Difficulty choosing

How important it is to get not only knowledge, but also the right document, can be seen from the order of the Ministry of Education No. 513n of 2013. It follows from this that only qualified specialists can provide services. Others, by order No. 238, must pass a proficiency test once every three years. This is a paid procedure, and it’s easier to get the right diploma once than to constantly take care of confirmation of qualifications.

As long as these norms are not strictly observed, masters are not punished for having certificates and lack of diplomas. But by law, such a specialist does not have the right to work with people and provide them with manicure and pedicure services.

Brand schools of manicure and pedicure

Large brands of the nail industry have their own schools that conduct manicure and pedicure training with the issuance of an international certificate. He can even be in English, they can even hire him abroad. But in Russia this is not enough. Buying knowledge, a student of such a school does not receive a profession in accordance with GOST. It’s a paradox, but graduates of well-known schools occupy leading positions in the championships in nail service. And at the same time they need confirmation of qualifications.

pedicure training

However, the choice always remains open. Someone decides for themselves to take manicure and pedicure courses of a well-known brand in order to work on the materials of this company in the future and have significant discounts when buying professional products. They can reach up to 44%, it is economically viable. Continuous confirmation of qualification in this case causes emotional rather than monetary costs. But for someone, on the contrary, getting a diploma opened the gate to the profession. Many middle-aged women have redesigned thanks to the state program. And professional ambitions force them to constantly improve their level at paid seminars and receive appropriate certificates.

School E.M.I.

Those who want to perfectly master the art of nail design can recommend training with Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. This is a globally recognized designer with his own product line. The main emphasis in training is on decorating nails. Students master all modern forms of modeling up to extreme lengths. This specificity is suitable for nail design studios.

Ekaterina Miroshnichenko

If the work of the future master is not supposed to create images for the stage or podium, some courses can not be mastered. But acquaintance with the technologies of E.M.I. It will be useful to all masters. With the knowledge that a graduate will receive, he will be able to work on any materials. The prices for training are very pleasant: a manicure course costs 10,000 rubles, a pedicure also costs 10,000 rubles.

School "Ole House"

Manicure and pedicure training at this school is aimed at working in business class salons. Training takes place on the materials of CND. Acrylic modeling is traditionally taught, which is worked out before each brush movement. Design is done by combining techniques. Pigments are used in its creation, and the student will be able to independently create any color at will.

This school is very popular in our country, as it introduced shellac. A positive moment for the graduate will be not only a profitable purchase of CND products, but also maternal control. Once having completed training at Ola House, the master will forever receive a subscription to the mail with new design developments of the company and can regularly improve his qualifications. Competitions are constantly held, including international ones.

Acrylic design

Prices for training: manicure - 11 500 rubles, pedicure - 13 700 rubles.

Individual training in manicure and pedicure

Professional seminars, trainings and lectures, which are often held to introduce new cosmetic products, can be confirmed by certificates of listening to the course and developing skills. Each season, another technology appears in the field of nail design. Therefore, masters attend such events in order to keep abreast of all fashion trends. Although the purpose of the seminars is to familiarize themselves with a certain aspect of the activity, usually at such professional meetings there is an exchange of experience and the intricacies of manicure or pedicure.

Individual training

The law provides for cases when licensing training is not necessary. This is a situation in which a practicing master who is registered as an individual entrepreneur takes a student for further collaboration. The student can get a certificate of a manicure and pedicure master about the course that will not replace the diploma of study. But on the basis of this document, he can go through the qualification confirmation procedure and work in any salon. Without proof of mastery, he can provide services under the guidance of a teacher.

Training center "Interimage"

In the center of Moscow, on Pokrovka, a manicure school has been operating since 1994. The training takes place at the most famous brand of OPI nail polishes. School instructors are winners of many competitions. The center specializes in the thorough implementation of manicure and pedicure procedures. After training, graduates work in premium salons.

The cost of training (manicure, pedicure, modeling) costs 60,000 rubles. The category "Master of the super universal nail service" is assigned. There are constantly discounts on the training of a particular course, it is possible to gradually pay for training.


When choosing an institution that provides training in manicure and pedicure from scratch, it is better to be guided by the current legislation and get a state diploma. This ensures proof of profession. A school providing educational services must be licensed. Its validity period may be limited, therefore, when drafting the contract, it should be clarified.

In the event that you have a diploma in your hands, but professional skill leaves much to be desired, it will be most correct to turn to one of the brand schools. The money spent on studying at such a school will be back soon. Usually, for those who wish to improve their qualifications in a particular segment of the profession, there are one-day courses. They are inexpensive and allow you to quickly get the necessary knowledge.

Everyone decides for himself how to build his education and what the best school of instruction will be for him. Manicure, pedicure, modeling and design can be studied in a full course or split it into parts. The main thing is to get enough information to make the right choice.


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