How to sell stocks and bonds?

Do you still have securities that were purchased directly without broker assistance or that remained from the time of privatization, and you don’t know where and how it is more profitable to sell shares? Doubts torment you: to sell them in the stock market or directly to an investment company? We will tell you now!

How to sell stocks?

How to sell shares with minimal losses?

The ideal formula for the sale of shares: we carry out this transaction of sale, adhering to the market price with a minimum discount. The best solution in this case is to contact an investment company that specializes in acquiring shares from citizens. However, the final result will suit the broker more, as he will take the shares at a lower cost than their market value. Where to sell shares is profitable in such a situation?

The highlight is that you can put up for sale your stocks and bonds on the stock market, where buyers and sellers are other people (usually investors or traders). This method is useful if you have a fairly large stock of assets, you want to sell them, but even a significant loss of a certain percentage of the total amount of all shares will cause material damage when selling an investment or trading company.

Sell ​​Gazprom shares

Work with brokerage companies

To begin with, it is necessary to draw up and sign a broker agreement and an agreement establishing the framework and conditions for the provision of services of a stock market participant to the opposite side (individual or legal entity) - a deposit agreement.

It would be reasonable to consider large brokerage companies that provide relatively inexpensive prices for brokerage and depository services. Next, you will have to clarify exactly where your assets are currently located. Basically, they are kept by the holder of the register of shareholders, namely the registrar who signed the service agreement with the joint-stock company. If your shares are not held by the holder of the joint-stock company, then they are most likely located in the depository. In either of these two cases, the plan for further work will be as follows:

  • Request a transfer order (a document allowing you to transfer ownership of the securities to another person) for transfer to the broker - if the registrar is the custodian of the assets.
  • Request interdepository transfer.

Most often, these operations require no more than 3 days, of course, for those who are worried that the ownership right is leaving, we hasten to reassure you: no, the broker acts as a nominal holder of securities.

But there are some nuances here: it is likely that the depository where your shares were located allows for the possibility of listing shares on the stock market - in this case it is more logical and expedient to resort to its services. After the securities appear on the broker's account, you must fill out a form on the transfer of shares to your account with the depository of the investment company.

I will sell stocks factory

What next?

Is the stock already in your account? And here is the last step - the sale of securities on the secondary market. Ask: what is it and how to sell shares there? The MICEX-RTS stock exchange is considered to be the secondary securities market ; it is within the framework of this stock exchange that a huge, one might even say, the vast majority of transactions is made. You can sell shares here using a special program that you can borrow from your broker, everything happens in this trading terminal in the online trading mode or with the help of a trader of your brokerage firm.

Funds from the shares sold can be found on your brokerage account. There are two ways to withdraw: wire transfer from a brokerage account to your bank account; come for cash to the cash desk of a brokerage company.

So you can sell shares: Sberbank, Gazprom, Lukoil, etc. Remember that you are required to pay dividends for the entire time of ownership of securities. If this does not happen, you can safely submit an application, but only for 3 years or more, if indicated in the contract.

Where to sell shares?

Features of the sale of Gazprom shares

There are 2 options to sell Gazprom shares: through the Moscow Stock Exchange or on your own to a specific person in the OTC market. The value of the shares is determined by the direct owner, based on information on market quotes. Sale through the Moscow Stock Exchange is based on the principle of sale through a brokerage company.

If you intend to sell your Gazprom securities on your own, you already have a certain candidate in the OTC market, then in theory you can manage without resorting to intermediaries. The seller and the buyer enter into a printed contract in the presence of the registrar of the company, and the seller writes the transfer order.

Sell ​​shares of Sberbank

Secrets of success, or can you make money selling stocks?

You can make good money by selling assets, but how to do it right? The positive result of working in the stock market is directly proportional to the capabilities and analytical thinking of the investor. When buying and selling stocks, you should keep in mind:

  • Collapsed dreams, goals. When investing in the stock market, you should not hope for a sudden increase in capital. Working on the stock exchange is a huge risk, so emotions should not prevail over rational decisions.
  • Thoughts as the owner of the company. Yes, no matter how strange it sounds - it is. When acquiring a company for the purpose of purchase, you will examine its work, strengths and weaknesses, what was done correctly and what mistakes were made, with the purchase or sale of shares in a plant, for example, this is the case.
  • Buy on the dips, sell on the ups. A very obvious principle, but some do not comply with it and receive very little income. If stocks are already moving up, wait a bit.

Be patient and stubborn!

Shares in OJSC

OJSC is an open joint stock company. Here, the algorithm for selling shares is quite simple if the package being sold is not more than 30%. In the opposite case, a complex procedure for the sale of shares expects.

  • When an OJSC is created, capital is allocated in the form of securities - shares. Their first batch is registered with the Federal Service for Financial Markets (without this, no manipulation of shares is possible).
  • A person putting up for sale 30% or more of the shares is required to: notify of the sale of shares and offer first to purchase these shares to their partners.

The main thing is to remember that selling stocks is not just a profitable business, but a whole craft. Success in this matter is up to you!


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