Create a DIY night vision device

The design of night vision devices is based on the ability of each physical body to reflect IR. This action is possible due to the internal photoelectric effect, which appears under certain conditions.

Knowing this feature, you can make a night vision device with your own hands. To do this, stock up on certain chemical elements.

How to make a night vision device at home?

You need to take two small glass plates, as well as the compound Sn Cl2, silver, ZnS and copper. In a solution of sulfuric acid and dichromate, it is necessary to warm up the glass for about four hours. After that, they should be thoroughly dried.

Then in a porcelain cup you need to put tin chloride and put in an electric oven. Above it, at a distance of 10 centimeters, it is necessary to attach the glass, and cover the container with a metal plate and turn on the heating device.

As soon as the oven warms up to 450 degrees, you need to take a plate and make sure that a conductive thin coating has formed on it. Glass should be put to cool on the table.

We continue to create a night vision device with our own hands. Next, you need to put a semiconductor on one of the plates. To do this, you need a certain solution. It can be made as follows: take three percent thiocarbomide and six percent lead acetate. These solutions should be placed in a glass vessel. Using tweezers, it is necessary to dip a glass plate into the mixture, holding it vertically. But, before doing this, it is necessary to apply varnish on the side not covered with a conductive coating. Then, wearing rubber gloves, pour the container with the alkali solution plates to the very top and gently stir the contents of the vessel with a glass stick. It is advisable not to touch the glass. After 10 minutes, the plate must be removed and washed in distilled water.

To continue to create a night vision device with your own hands, you need to thoroughly dry the glass. For this, turning on the oven, it is necessary to place Ag (silver) in a clean porcelain cup and repeat the above process, but at a temperature of 900 degrees. After that, a plate with a semiconductor should be coated so that a mirror film forms.

We prepare the phosphor. Again, you need to turn on the oven and put copper and zinc acetate in a proportion of 10 * 100 in a porcelain bowl. It is very important that the crystals of the elements are as small as possible.

Under the influence of heat, copper vapor will circulate, which will then be able to penetrate the gaps between the zinc crystals. The resulting substance should never be broken. As a result, a white powder should form. Next, you need to mix the varnish with crystals, pour the solution on the plate (on a silver layer) and wait until the mixture spreads evenly, forming a smooth surface. Then on the varnish should put a second plate with a conductive coating. When everything dries up, a hands-on practical night-vision device needs to be sealed. After this, it is necessary to apply a conductive coating and solder along the edges of the wiring plates for the leads.

How to make a night vision device? Assembly

It remains to purchase a generator and put all the components in one housing. Its shape may be arbitrary.

The lens for the device can be borrowed from any camera, but it is better to use short-focus lens (they can be found in the Smena-8M and FED devices). For the eyepiece, any lens is suitable, but be surely biconvex.

Having gathered everything together, it is necessary to check all joints for strength. When you turn on the device should be heard a thin beep. It is also necessary to adjust the voltage level, generator frequency and sensitivity.

I wish you success!


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