Lightning parted: how to fix it at home?

It is hard to imagine clothes without a favorite zipper. She has many positive characteristics: reliability, compactness, beautiful appearance and much more. It is used in the manufacture of jackets, coats, jeans, skirts, dresses, bags, wallets, shoes and other necessary things. If the lightning has broken up, how to fix it yourself and quickly is the first thought that comes to mind.

lightning broke how to fix

Sometimes the clasp can bring a lot of inconvenience, as it has one feature - to break when you least expect it. And then the search begins for information that will help correct the situation. Lightning parted: how to fix it? First of all, you need to understand the causes of the breakdown. In some cases, it fails, since the maximum term of use has been exhausted. Sometimes a brand new lightning just breaks. In this case, it is unlikely to be repaired.

Lightning diverges: repair

If the lightning has broken up, how to fix it, we will tell in the article. If this unpleasant phenomenon happened, then there is no need to immediately run to the workshop and change it. To begin, tap the hammer on both sides of the zipper. Shocks should be light so as not to violate the overall integrity of the product.

After that, use pliers to press the dog on both sides. This will make the gap smaller - the zipper will be pressed more when zipped. Such manipulation can be carried out only once. Since when the dog is squeezed again with pliers, the dog will simply fall apart. Therefore, if you have already been running the dog, prepare the slider in advance, just in case.

the zipper on the backpack was broken how to fix it

List of possible lightning damage

Let's say you have a problem: the plastic zipper diverges. How to fix such a fastener? To do this, carry out the following procedure. First you need a solution of rosin, which must be coated with lightning. Plastic fasteners are more confirmed breakage. Therefore, they require a careful attitude of the owner.

If a tooth suddenly jumped out of a plastic zipper, then several stitches with fishing line should be made in that place. Such repairs will delay the complete replacement of the lightning for some time. If it constantly diverges, while it is very difficult to fasten it correctly, then most likely it is necessary to replace the slider itself. To do this, choose a part of the appropriate size. If there is a figure on the inside, then this is much easier. This value corresponds to a specific size. If suddenly the lightning comes off the base, then it can be repaired simply by sewing with machine thread.

plastic zipper diverges how to fix

Preventive measures for lightning

In order for the zippers to serve us for a long time, it is sometimes necessary to brush them with an old toothbrush. After that, the entire length of the fastener should be held with a candle made of wax or paraffin. Never use extra force to open and close the zipper. This will not accelerate the fastening, but only bring the breakdown time closer. If the zipper on the backpack suddenly spread, how to fix it, you now know. After all, these tips are applicable not only for clothing, but also for other products.

Where do lightnings most often fail?

The most popular clothes on which lightning often diverges are pants. Fixing diverging zippers on jeans is quick and easy. If the slider spontaneously unfastens, then a loop made of any tape must be attached to the tongue. When fastening it, it is necessary to put it on the button, and then after fastening the jeans. So it will fulfill its direct function. In this case, the tape will not be visible at all.

fix diverging zipper on jeans

If the tongue itself from the slider is lost, then it can easily be temporarily replaced with an ordinary paper clip. Anglers always have rings that are also available. Just attach it to the base of the slider - and the thing can be used further. If the tongue is lost in a less visible place, a simply tied thick thread will do.

If the base is damaged and the lightning has parted, how can I fix it? There is no need to ask about this. The answer is simple - you should apply any colorless varnish to the damaged area and wait until it dries. After that, slowly try to fasten. If everything worked out, then fine. If it did not work, then the procedure must be repeated again.

Thanks to the above simple methods, you can quickly and independently cope with a breakdown. After all, no matter how much you protect, and everyday use of a thing leads to its wear and tear.


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