KMD - decryption. What do the letters mean?

Let us devote this material to one combination quite common in the construction industry. Imagine the decoding of CMD, as well as a brief definition of the concept that this abbreviation hides. It is also important to know how it differs from a similar term - KM.

KMD: what is it?

The interpretation of KMD is as follows - metal detailing structures .

Hence the drawings of KMD are diagrams of all elements of building structures that are used for the construction and installation of the latter. These components may be steel columns, beams, etc. It is according to this drawing that the metalwork will be made at the plant.

CMD schemes are quite detailed (up to a thousand sheets can be in the collection of drawings). It refers to the design documentation and does not need a SRO for design.

kmd decryption

The album with drawings of KMD includes:

  • Title page;
  • wiring diagrams;
  • steel specification;
  • list of shipping marks;
  • parts album;
  • sheet of hardware;
  • scrapbook album.

What is included?

In decoding KMD, the word "detailed" is important. Detailing in this case consists of two parts:

  • Assembly schemes. Important for the manufacturer of metal structures. Assembly is a product consisting of several parts, which is performed taking into account the maximum possible dimensions for delivery to the construction location.
  • Wiring diagrams. Important for workers who are building the facility. Here is concentrated information on how the assembly parts are interconnected in space. Sometimes here are indicated the nodes with bolt connections, welding spots.
    drawings md transcript

What is CM?

Here is the decoding of CMD and CM. Last - metal constructions. It is important to know that on the basis of the drawings of KM, designers are already developing drawings of KMD.

KM plans - this is information on the layout of the skeleton of metal structures, data on the conjugation of components and nodes, the alignment of sizes with the equipment used, as well as the technological process.

About the design of metal structures

Design work in this area is carried out in two stages.

First stage. Creation of construction and architectural drawings (these are sections, plans, etc.). Also, the development and evaluation of load-bearing structures takes place, the type of fencing is selected, and calculations associated with all this are performed.

And it is at this stage that the drawings of KM are carried out - metal structures, as you already know. They show the layout of buildings, the linking of parameters, taking into account technological processes, as well as the pairing of components and nodes. In addition, an explanatory note is drawn up with two types of calculations - statistical (power, with the definition of effort) and constructive (the dimensions of the cross sections of the constituent metal structures are determined).

If the structure of the metal structure is complex, then dynamic calculations also take place. They also carry out optimization - determining the most suitable parameters of the core.

km and kmd decryption

Second stage. But at this stage, the employees of the design bureaus undertake the CMD drawings (you are aware of the decoding of the abbreviation). The latter are worked out in great detail: so that the worker in the workshop without additional calculations, drawing up related schemes could immediately prepare parts for them. It is also important that the CMD drawings be understood by the builder and installer in order to assemble and make connections between the elements.

Such schemes are usually compiled by the company's own design bureau. But today, there is a practice of trusting such work to third-party design organizations that compose a document according to customer requirements.

Decoding KMD is now known to the reader. In addition, you now know the features of the drawings KM and KMD, as well as their differences from each other.


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