Ozon Travel: reviews of employees and customers

Ozon Travel is a leading online travel sales agency. The company has been operating in the market since 2009 and has gained a good reputation among users. Service visitors can choose convenient and profitable flight options. The company has IATA accreditation.

general information

Ozon Travel helps organize your vacation, as well as find the most profitable solutions. On the site you can independently book tours, a hotel, air tickets, train tickets, purchase insurance and also book a hotel room. However, Ozon Travel reviews about hotel reservations are different from travelers, as the resource does not always offer users the most favorable accommodation options. Despite this, this service ranks first in the rating of the Transport Clearing Company. Clients willingly use the services of this service and leave positive feedback on Ozon Travel tickets, since the resource is trusted by many users.


  • The site offers the total cost of services without additional fees and margins.
  • Visitors can pick up tickets at the lowest cost and get the best price.
  • Developed loyalty program. Users can receive bonuses for placed orders. With a sufficient number of bonuses, you can pay a certain part or 100% of the cost of the next order.
  • On the site you can issue a ticket refund on the day of payment without additional sanctions.
  • Updating special offers.
Service for booking

Reviews of Ozon Travel note that the site is convenient for shopping and finding cheap flights. Even a child can cope with this task. Reviews for buying tickets for Ozon Travel are mostly positive, as the system offers various payment options. Users of the service can use Webmoney, Yandex.Money and cash. If you encounter any difficulties, users can contact the 24-hour support service.

Ozon Travel offers its customers not only tourist destinations, but also domestic and international flights. The service connects to the database of various airlines and offers the best deals. The site ozon.travel.ru receives flattering reviews from users who have managed to appreciate the possibility of compiling the most difficult routes, in which it is necessary to visit several cities.

Payment Methods

  • Bank cards.
  • Payment system Yandex.Money.
  • WebMoney. If the client is the owner of an authorized certificate of a citizen of the Russian Federation, then there are no restrictions on the purchase of tickets. Holders of a passport-alias who have not provided a passport or are non-residents of the Russian Federation have a restriction on the purchase of tickets in the amount of up to 15,000 rubles.
  • Cash. Payment can be made at any Euroset retail store or through Eleksnet terminals.
  • QIWI.
  • Banking organizations that work with the Contact system .
  • Acquisition of tickets on credit. Services of Paylate and Moneywall.
Online booking

Ozon Travel is also an independent payment provider. The company has a pocket-sized Assist electronic payment system. This is the most respectable and large system that exists in Russia.

Return and exchange of airplane ticket

Potential customers need to know that before applying for a ticket refund, you should find out the possibility of this procedure. The company complies with airline tariff rules that apply to the exchange and return of airline tickets. The client will not be able to exchange a ticket if the following phrases are indicated in it:

Profitable tour operator

In other cases, the company provides the opportunity to return the ticket to the client. The company charges a fee for the cancellation of the purchase, and also withholds certain fines. The user can apply for an exchange or refund in your account. To do this, just click on the "Return and Exchange" button. In your account you can manage all orders on the platform. Ozon travel's feedback on airline tickets purchased on this site is mostly positive. Users can return the ticket on the day of purchase without any sanctions without any problems. The site www.ozon.travel receives praise because it is a convenient resource for searching and purchasing tickets.

Why are tickets so cheap?

Ozon Travel does not charge additional fees or commissions when booking tickets. This is due to the fact that the service has an extensive network of partners who offer favorable conditions for cooperation. Also, users can save money, subject to the basic rules of working with the site. Clients should plan their departure dates in advance, as the site has many fares that are valid 21, 12 and 7 days before the departure of the flight, so the ozon travel website receives quite flattering reviews from real users. To receive a discount on a ticket, you must be in the host country from 3 to 5 days. If a passenger arrives on the night from Saturday to Sunday, this will save a certain amount of money. If the passenger has been in the country of arrival for more than 30 days, then the cost of the ticket will increase significantly.

Airline purchase

If a person is in the territory of the country of arrival for less than 1 month, then standard rates apply. You can pre-purchase return tickets, as this will save about 30% of the total cost of tickets. As a rule, minimum fares apply to 10% of the total amount of tickets. Then other tariffs come in at higher prices. Most of the customers leave positive feedback about OzonTravel.ru, since this resource allowed to save significantly on logistics. Many users note that the service offers many promotions and discounts that allow you to purchase tickets at low prices.


Potential customers can purchase e-tickets, which are a special form of paper travel documents. Such documents contain the necessary information, and the data is stored on the company’s server. Such a ticket cannot be stolen or lost. Users praised the intelligent settlement system for transfers and the ability to lay complex routes. This option appeared recently, but many passengers managed to evaluate its effectiveness.

Employee reviews about work

Employees note that the company shows a high degree of social responsibility towards employees. Among the main advantages can be noted the timely payment of wages, the presence of a progressive bonus system, as well as the possibility of obtaining additional side jobs. Employees of the company regularly undergo training, as well as attend various trainings and seminars. Employee reviews about Ozon Travel note that the company has a special corporate spirit, which is supported by a close-knit team. Management prudently approaches the issue of hiring staff, as the interview takes place in several stages. This system allows you to select the best candidates for the position.

Ozon Travel: reviews

Many travelers claim that the service offers the best deals and convenient routes. Also, among the positive aspects, customers single out the opportunity to return tickets without additional fee payment. Travelers appreciate the company's loyalty to customers, therefore the services of this service are widely popular. The service is convenient to use even if the user purchases a ticket for the first time. For a successful purchase, it is enough to carefully study the information provided and have a bank card. The service regularly updates flights, so users receive only relevant information.

Customer reviews

Reviews of Ozon Travel from real users note that the site has a convenient search for prices for nearby dates, thanks to which you can find cheaper tickets. Travelers also say that the site does not offer a wide variety of search criteria, but you can quickly find the best deal among the leading airlines. Customers are offered the sorting of tickets by price increase. User reviews note that payment occurs almost instantly, and the route-receipt can be downloaded in your account. Travelers are advised to boldly write to the support team if it becomes necessary to return the ticket. However, the refund period can be up to 2 weeks. Money is transferred to the user account, and then it can be transferred to a bank card.

Positive reviews suggest that you can purchase tickets on the service in a matter of minutes, and the information on the site is accessible and understandable to each user. Negative comments from passengers indicate that the flight may be canceled, and the site takes the user to the nearest plane. However, positive reviews about Ozon Travel compensate for the negative, so this site has always remained the most popular among travelers. Users are told that when ordering tickets, you must carefully study the conditions of the reservation. You should pay attention to the type of tariff, the possibility of free baggage transportation, etc. Among the main advantages, customers highlight a flexible payment system and the operational work of the site.

Site specifics

Ozon Travel website offers users a convenient ticket search system. You can make a reservation directly on the main page of the service. Customers can take advantage of the following features:

  • hotel reservation;
  • purchase of cheap air tickets;
  • registration of insurance.

User reviews note that the service is reliable enough, and money is returned without commission and fines. For feedback, you can use the email addresses and phones that are on the official website in the "Contact Information" section.

Some users leave reviews about Ozon Travel flights not the most positive, as they faced many problems. In the event that an airline was selected that accrues fines for failure to register, the full amount of the fine will be deducted from the ticket price. Such cases can be avoided, since such formalities can be found out before purchasing a ticket. However, most travelers are satisfied with the services of this service.

affiliate program

Ozon Travel is a leader in the ranking of the largest online booking services. In order to increase its customer base, the company has developed a profitable affiliate program for its customers, which allows you to receive additional income, and also made the site more convenient. Travel affiliate program offers participants to legally earn money on a tourism project. To do this, you can use many tools: search modules, banners, feeds, teasers, White Label, API and more. You can place a search form on your website or social network page for online booking of tickets. The system will charge 2% of each paid order. The affiliate program ozon travel reviews has many positive reviews, as it allows you to create an additional source of income. With the increase in the number of orders, the commission will increase.

Convenient website for booking

For insurance orders, the maximum interest rate is 17%. Partners are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation and are insured against the risk of non-payment of cash. Relations are secured by a civil contract. The company independently calculates and pays taxes for partners. A similar cooperation program exists for travel agencies. The presence of special commercial agreements and special technologies allows us to offer favorable rates for booking flights and hotels. There are different opinions about Ozon Travel when booking hotels, as some users claim that other resources offer cheaper options.

Is it profitable to work here?

Positive feedback from employees says that the company is responsible for the implementation of its projects. Therefore, the tourism market has received a quality product that is in great demand. Work in this company is ideal for ambitious novice professionals who wish to gain experience in this field of activity. Many say that the company has positive prospects in terms of career growth. Among the positive aspects, employees note a fixed and stable salary and quarterly bonuses. Many reviews claim that wages are always paid on time. From time to time, corporate events and other entertainments are held for company employees.

Favorable service for booking

Some employees note that the team lacks cohesion and adequate mutual support in resolving work issues. Other reviews talk about arrogant bosses who can easily part with their subordinates without any explanation. Some employees note a low level of wages, which is much lower than the market.


OZON.Travel is a convenient online service that offers you to choose the best airline tickets, tours, train tickets, book a hotel and purchase insurance. The resource allows you to quickly pick up the best offer on the market and purchase travel services at the lowest cost. Users can, in a matter of minutes, independently book a route of interest and buy tickets.

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