"Peugeot Boxer": dimensions, technical specifications, declared power, maximum speed, operating features and owner reviews

The dimensions of the Peugeot Boxer make it possible to classify the car as a popular passenger and freight van of foreign production on the domestic market. Light trucks are characterized by the optimal combination of high quality parameters and affordable prices. French cars are presented in various modifications, allowing them to be used both for personal purposes and for doing business.

Vans "Peugeot Boxer"


The car in question is available in several variations. Among them:

  1. Passenger "Peugeot Boxer", the dimensions of which allow you to change the configuration of the cabin, without losing at the same time an increased indicator of comfort. For example, the “Tour Transformer” modification is equipped with folding sofas that move to free up useful space, if necessary. The specified minibus can easily be transformed from a regular transportation vehicle into a meeting room, a small truck or a place to sleep.
  2. The standard van is the most frequent version of the Peugeot Boxer. Dimensions of the car meet all the required standards, they can be used to transport people, food, industrial and other goods. In addition, such vehicles are suitable for emergency services, including emergency medical care.
  3. Universal chassis. With this type of bodywork, the vehicle is capable of transporting up to two tons of cargo; if necessary, it will be converted into a car for various purposes. Often, such machines are equipped with tanks, refrigerators, dumping and thermal booths.
  4. Passenger and cargo modification "Peugeot-Boxer", all-metal, the dimensions of which are optimally suitable for a minibus and a van. The combined version is more spacious, the presence of two types of finishes with soft or hard design. For this model, two types of fasteners for quick-release configuration are specially provided.
Special car "Peugeot Boxer"

Dimensions "Peugeot Boxer" and its characteristics

The main parameters of the car:

  • body type - length / width / height - 4.96 / 2.05 / 2.52 m;
  • wheelbase - 3.0m;
  • load rating - 1.5-2.0 tons;
  • speed threshold - 165 km / h;
  • total weight - 4400 kg;
  • fuel consumption on average - 10 liters per 100 km / h;
  • fuel tank capacity - 90 l.

Regardless of the size of the Peugeot Boxer, a 2.2-liter diesel engine or a 3.0-liter gasoline analogue is installed on it. The power of the unit varies between 110-177 horsepower.

The device and dimensions of the Peugeot Boxer

The car is designed in such a way as to exclude the maximum accumulation of dirt and dust in hard-to-reach places. Most of the material is galvanized steel, which is applied in several layers of a protective composition. This allows you to reliably protect the machine from corrosion processes. Extra chassis strength is produced through enhanced structural rigidity.

Regardless of the size of the Peugeot Boxer, the front suspension of the car does an excellent job of adjusting maneuverability and cornering. Even the starting equipment of the car in question includes a hydraulic power steering, an ABS system, an overtaking indicator, and a rear view camera. Additionally, the models are equipped with ultrasonic detectors, anti-slip system and other options characteristic of modern cars.

Exterior "Peugeot Boxer"

Driver's seat and interior equipment

The driver's seat, unlike the passenger seats, has several adjustment positions, which allows you to drive comfortably. In the basic configuration, mirrors with electric heating and adjustment are provided. Each element consists of two segments. The spherical part makes it possible to minimize “dead zones”, which causes a feeling of complete control of the situation. Excellent visibility is guaranteed by large windows and a high landing in the car.

The dimensions of the Peugeot Boxer L2H2 in the passenger compartment are more comfortable and roomier than those of its counterparts. This is due to the emphasis on the development of French specialists on ergonomic characteristics. The modification is equipped with modern automotive devices and a powerful engine with a high power rating. The motor accelerates the vehicle to maximum speed quite quickly, while the fuel consumption does not cause any special complaints.

The disadvantages of “Boxer” consumers include poor adaptability of the machine to the Russian roads and climatic features of the country. The equipment warms up for a long time in the winter for launch, while the cabin is still cold. The most problematic elements are electronic filling, tie rods, ball bearings.

Dimensions "Peugeot Boxer"

Owner reviews

Despite the fact that the dimensions of the body of the Peugeot Boxer are optimally calculated, the responses of consumers about this car vary dramatically. Some owners praise the vehicle for reliability, roominess, efficiency. Another advantage is the ability to transform a car from a van into a passenger minibus in literally 20 minutes.

Other users blame on electronics, which produces constant errors and "glitches". With maintenance and repair is also not so simple. Malfunctions can only be resolved in the official representative offices of the manufacturer by connecting the on-board computer to special diagnostic equipment. If any indicator does not work, the machine goes into emergency operation mode, which causes additional problems during operation. All owners note that in winter, the specified vehicle requires a long warm-up, there is also poor performance of door hinges and gate valves.

Minibus "Peugeot Boxer"

In conclusion

A review of the Peugeot Boxer testifies to the fact that the car is completely reliable, economical and universal. Nevertheless, the operation of equipment in domestic spaces causes a lot of problems. From this we can conclude that the minibus is focused on certain climatic zones, in which it manifests itself just fine. When choosing a car of this brand, pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturers and the characteristics of the installed power unit.

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