Pregnant photo shoot in nature in autumn: ideas

In the life of every woman, sooner or later a moment arrives that cannot be compared with anything in the world - her pregnancy. The first one is a child or, for example, the third one, it does not matter at all, because every pregnancy is unique and for sure every woman wants to capture every moment of this wonderful time in her life. A pregnant photo shoot in nature in the fall is, of course, the most beautiful action. Autumn is harvest time, the last warm smile of the outgoing year. The best time for pregnant photo shoots in the fall is Indian summer, when the saturated shades of foliage delight the eye. The air is saturated with tranquility and peace. During a pregnant photo shoot, you can use the gifts of nature - pumpkins, pears, apples, or flowers that are especially beautiful in the fall - chrysanthemums, dahlias, asters. The best decor, of course, will be a warm autumn landscape of trees and a crimson carpet of leaves on the grass.

What period of pregnancy is suitable for shooting?

The most suitable period for a pregnant photo shoot in nature in the fall is a gestational age of 28-30 weeks, when the tummy is already beautifully and neatly rounded, and the pregnant woman is not very tired of long walks and is ready to spend physical strength on the photo shoot. Of course, the most comfortable place for holding a pregnant photo shoot in the fall is a photo studio, where a woman will be comfortable changing her outfit or, for example, visiting a ladies' room, and a photographer using light. But, as you might guess, the most beautiful photos are still obtained in nature. It is difficult to argue with this statement, because such photos seem more lively and natural to us, show not only what the mother of the unborn baby was before his birth, but also what beauty was around the future mother.

pregnant photo shoot in nature in autumn

How to choose makeup, hairstyle and outfit?

Before the start of the photo shoot, you need to think about clothes, makeup, hair, accessories, comfortable shoes and the comfort of a pregnant woman. It is best to choose comfortable clothes in which a woman will feel warm and comfortable. Cozy sweaters are ideal for the fall, which are best chosen in soothing shades - burgundy, beige, jade. Makeup and hairstyle should be as natural and persistent as possible, and if you conceived several images, it would be nice to have a person nearby who can correct makeup and hairstyle, as well as help change clothes. Be sure to think about the comfort of a pregnant woman, because her physiological needs during pregnancy are very aggravated and it would be nice to foresee all possible scenarios.

photo session of pregnant women in the autumn

As for accessories for a pregnant photo shoot in nature in autumn, they can be very diverse - from gifts of nature and autumn flowers to cute little things associated with an unborn baby. You can use it to bring zest, booties, soft toys that you give your baby after birth, tiny clothes, cars or dolls to the picture, depending on who you expect - a girl or a boy.

Alone or with her husband?

The time of the photo session should last from 2 to 3 hours, the reserve of this time will allow you to slowly bring all your ideas to life, as well as not get very tired from the shooting process. During the photo shoot, you can be alone or with your husband, or, for example, with older babies. If your husband is against his participation in the shooting, never give up such a great opportunity to capture such a tender period in your life, because when your baby grows up, he will be very pleased to see what his mother was like when he was about to be born. However, the photoshoot of pregnant women with her husband in the fall is very tender and sensual, so it’s worth trying to convince her husband of his importance in these pictures.

photoshoots pregnant in the fall

A pregnant photo shoot in nature in the fall, as mentioned above, can be a couple where the future parents will be depicted waiting for a miracle, or single, where the photographer will show the beauty of the future mother and allow her to improvise and offer her ideas. Expectant mother should relax and enjoy the process of shooting, be proactive, joyful and open to the proposals and ideas of the photographer.

What to choose - reporting or production?

Ideas for photos at photoshoots of pregnant women in the fall in nature can be very diverse - from reportage to production. In reportage photos, a happy future mother will walk in a landscape park or alley, and in stage pictures a woman can use the most diverse props and tell a variety of stories using photos. When you take pictures with someone from your family, try to pick up clothes that are similar in color without prints, find similar wardrobe details, for example, plaid scarves or red berets. Such photos will look very interesting, for example, against the backdrop of an autumn park. Of course, the best location for a photo shoot will be the most beautiful park in your city.

photo session of pregnant with her husband in the autumn

Pets perfectly dilute the photo shoot!

You can take your pet to the pregnant women in the autumn on a nature photo session, with which you can both pose for staged shots and frolic with it in the fallen foliage among the yellowed trees. Your cat or dog will look even more interesting and dilute the frame if you put on it some accessory that fits your outfit - for example, a neck scarf or a bow collar. Do not forget about the sweets for your pet, so that he does not suddenly tear off the entire shooting, and wet wipes, so that at any time you can remove dirt from his paws or wool.

photoshoot of pregnant women in autumn outdoors photo

Show the baby what his mother was like before he appeared!

A pretty interesting idea of ​​a photo for a pregnant pregnant woman in the autumn is the opportunity to beat your profession or your hobby with the help of a props - pick up a folder and put on glasses if you work in the office, or, for example, bring an easel, paints and brushes to the park if Are you an artist. The kid, like you, will be interested in looking at such photographs in the future.

photoshoots pregnant photo ideas in nature in autumn

About shooting pregnant: the most important thing

During a photo session of pregnant women in nature in autumn, do not forget about your comfort and be sure to listen to your intuition - if you had an idea in the process of shooting, tell it to the photographer, and he, in turn, will help you bring it to life. Do not be afraid to offer your ideas and be sincere in the pictures: do not replay, be natural and joyful - and then the photos will delight your eyes for more than one year, and the memories of pregnancy will not remain just memories. Choose as a photographer a person who is close to you and you like the way he photographs, or consult a specialist whose portfolio you like.


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