Dreamcatcher manicure: features, execution technique

Masters of the beauty industry are constantly coming up with new ideas for original and stylish nail designs. For example, the Dreamcatcher manicure looks very unusual and beautiful. At first glance, it may seem that the drawing technique is very complex, but every girl can cope with it. For such nail art, you can use almost any shade of varnish. The image can be applied to all nails or select only the ring fingers. A dream catcher manicure will be a great addition to a light airy outfit. Those around will appreciate the non-trivial design, which always attracts attention.

Features of manicure "Dreamcatcher"

This type of design came to Russia from India. It is believed that the "Dreamcatcher" is able to confuse bad dreams in its web, while good and good dreams slip through the hole in the center.

manicure dream catcher

On the nails, this symbol is drawn in different ways. You can depict the entire circle with a web and feathers, or part of it. Many craftsmen highlight feathers, add rhinestones and beads, use different colors. Thanks to this, the Dreamcatcher manicure turns out to be bright and unusual.

What you need for nail design

To make Indian-style nail art with a dream catcher at home, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • protective base for varnish;
  • varnish of two colors;
  • acrylic paints;
  • thin brush.

dream catcher manicure

Dreamcatcher manicure: technology

You should start with the preparation of nails. To do this, they are filed, given the desired shape, polished. You also need to move or remove the cuticle. After that, a base coat is applied to the nail plate, which will seal the nail, protect it from the penetration of varnish. In addition, the base for varnish helps to fasten the topcoat with the nail plate. Apply a base coat from the middle of the nail plate in a circular motion.

manicure dream catcher

After the base transparent layer, a colored background coating is applied. When the varnish dries, you can start drawing. To do this, take a thin brush and dark acrylic paint. For grace of lines it is recommended to take paints on a brush quite a bit. First they draw a semicircle, after which they depict cobwebs, feathers, beads and so on. After that they add brightness to the image with the help of paints of different colors.

To make the Dream Catcher manicure more effective, you can add some sparkles or rhinestones, and paint the feathers on the nails with brown paint. When the drawing dries, the result must be fixed with a special top coating.

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