How to do everything at work? Time Management Principles

Do you want to work productively and do everything in time? How to plan your time at work in such a way that you have enough strength for all tasks? A person who only comprehends the art of time management may not know all the subtleties and nuances. So read the article and apply tips to help you do more in less time.

Write a plan in the evening

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The first thing that a person who wants to learn how to plan his time should do is write a plan for the day. You need to make it up in the evening the next day. But you do not need to build a tough plan with bindings on the clock. You need to understand that force majeure may arise, and you will have to rewrite your affairs on the go. Always plan only 60% of your time. The remaining 40% can be occupied by a daily routine, such as parsing mail or making important calls.

A day plan will help you get organized. Indeed, in the morning it seems that time is still in bulk, and you will definitely do everything you need. But when the lunch break comes, you may be surprised that even half of the work has not yet been done. The plan will help you understand which tasks you can accomplish today and which cannot. You will not grab onto everything at once, but will work productively on one project and have time to complete it by evening.

Divide the "elephants" into the "frogs"

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What is the main principle of time management should be adopted? Big things, which can be figuratively christened as elephants, need to be divided into small actions called frogs. When a person thinks about an important project, he can put it off only for the reason that he will not know where to start. So that this situation does not arise, you should immediately sit down and think about how many steps you can complete the task and what actions you need to take to realize the task set for you. When you have a list of 10 actions, you can distribute them for 10 days and, with a clear conscience, do one important thing a day. The project will no longer bother you, and you will not panic, thinking about the upcoming work.

Do important first, and then urgent

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You made a work plan, but in the morning you realized that your plans are covered due to the fact that other people have their own ideas about urgent matters? You need to learn how to transfer phone calls and conversations with colleagues in the afternoon. How to do work fast? In the morning, you planned to work on the report. You understand that the matter is important, and it should be completed by the evening. But then the supplier called you and decided to discuss with you the batch of goods that you ordered last week. A telephone conversation is an urgent matter, but not an important one. You can postpone it in the afternoon, when the report is ready, and you will not think about how to quickly finish it. No need to be afraid to offend a person. You have your own plans, he has his own. You can come to a compromise that will suit everyone. But in no case do not compromise your interests, otherwise you will not be able to work productively.

Define your activity hours

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Are you an early bird or an owl? You need to decide on the hours of your productivity in order to work at full capacity. What is the main thing in work? Knowledge of their phases of performance. If you know that the most productive part of the day is morning, then try to make appointments for this time or plan work on complex projects. And in the afternoon, you can do routine chores, parse e-mail, or scan and file documents. If you know that you are an owl, then it’s better to rearrange your schedule so that you work all the time on the second shift. You can get enough sleep in the morning, and in the evening arrange meetings with clients or sit over a mixture of complex data. You need to understand that the supply of energy in humans is limited. And if you work outside your hours of activity, you will do less, and spend more time on it.

Morning - time for learning

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The desire to work productively is commendable. But in order to work at full capacity, a person must constantly learn and improve his knowledge. Can't you find the time for this? You have a morning. If you get up an hour early, you can read several articles in specialized magazines on innovations in the field of your activity. You can also study information on the Internet and watch instructional videos. Know how to prioritize. Sleep is only useful when you sleep for 7-8 hours. But when you lie in bed for 9-10 hours, such an occupation will not be called productive. Do not waste time in vain. Studying in the morning, you can become much more productive than most of your colleagues, which means you can work better and receive numerous dividends.


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What do you do during your hours of activity? Sit on social networks or chat with colleagues? Do not waste time in vain. Learn to prioritize. First of all, you need to do those tasks that are important, secondly, those that are urgent, and after that you can do your routine work. In social networks you can sit during a break, at the same time you can talk with colleagues. But spending your productive time doing stupid things is very unreasonable.

Priorities should always be set in the evening. If in the morning you have some very important task, you should evaluate its urgency. If this work can wait, do not rush to start its implementation. First do what you planned, and if you have time, you can start this project. If time is running out, reschedule it for tomorrow.

Do not put things off for later

Do you like to do work the night before the deadline? It’s time to get rid of this habit. If you want to understand how to get everything done at work, then start struggling with your love to put things off for later. Remember that appetite comes with eating. If you are currently not in the mood to do something or have no inspiration to start a new project, think about how you can divide this “elephant” into “frogs”. And when you have a short list of simple actions, you can definitely find the thing that can be completed today. This simple way will help you get rid of laziness. And when the business is started, it is already easier to continue it than to start the project from scratch.

Eliminate the time eaters

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What prevents you from working productively? You can not answer this question? How to catch everything at work? You should find time eaters. Many people do not realize how much they procrastinate. Their day begins with checking all social networks, then they go to drink coffee and chat with colleagues. After this morning ritual, a person decides to perform light tasks, the implementation of which is prevented by calls from friends and relatives. And only in the evening a person is able to do work. But unfortunately, there is very little time left for productive activities.

How to deal with bad habits? We need to change them to good ones. But this should be done gradually. Start with the fact that every day you will write out everything that you do. You came to work and immediately went to "VKontakte"? So write in your list. You have been distracted by a colleague, pay attention to this. The vendor called and prevented you from closing the monthly report? Be sure to indicate this. Records must be made within a week. And then take stock. See what takes your time? Social networks, travels, chatter? Try to get rid of bad habits. Talk less with colleagues during working hours, put a lock on social networks. So you can do your work more productively.

Order is the key to success

What does your workplace look like? Does it look like a landfill? Then do not be surprised why you can’t work productively. The fewer objects on the table, the better. Various cute photo frames, mugs, coasters, reminders - all this distracts your attention and prevents you from focusing on the current project. How to catch everything at work? Put things in order at your workplace. The cleanliness of your desk is an indication of how clean you have in your head. A person who is aware of every action will try to arrange everything in their places and not to pile up piles of documents on the table. But a person who cannot think productively will breed chaos around him. Do not litter your workspace or your office. Remember that each thing should have its own place. If it is not there, then the object will always bother you and catch your eye. You should spend 5 to 7 minutes every day to maintain order. Then you do not have to carry out spring cleaning once a week.


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