How to make a playground with your own hands: tips for newcomers

A picture familiar to all new settlers of Russia, regardless of the city in which they live. New house. Asphalted (not always) yard.

how to make a playground with your own hands
One sandbox and several plastic devices that representatives of the housing and communal services proudly call the "Playground." And the question tormenting the new settlers: โ€œHow to make a playground? Do it yourself or buy? Hire a specialist? "Strain" the management company? " All methods are good, but the latter usually take a lot of time, and the result, unfortunately, does not always turn out to be of high quality: remember the stories about falling football goals and collapsing slides. Therefore, you can collect caring dads and grandfathers and think with them how to make a playground with your own hands. Believe me, there are always those who want to take part. There are some tips for them.

How to equip a playground with your own hands without buying materials

how to decorate a playground with your own hands

The most suitable material, of course, is wood. From used boards you can collect a sandbox, build light arbors, slides, put "gymnastic" logs and more. But this is not the only material. To answer the question "how to make a playground with your own hands" will help old tires. They make magnificent trampolines, flower beds, from them you can build an obstacle course and create a whole puppet town. It is only necessary to fantasize a little, make an effort, and swans, slides, pasties will appear on the site. Look at this rubber man. What is not a simulator for future climbers? The advantage of slopes is that falling on them is not as painful as on asphalt.

how to equip a playground with your own hands
Old dishes can also solve the question "how to decorate a playground with their own hands". From a holey enameled bowl and trimming logs you can "grow" mushrooms, plastic bottles easily turn into flowers, giraffes, and other real animals. Doesn't the old kettle look like an elephant's face? Just fasten everything securely so that children are not injured.

How to make a playground with your own hands, but at high cost

Today, there are many shops where you can find ready-made children's towns in disassembled form. You can persuade your neighbors to raise money for the purchase of such a town, and then collect and install it with your own hands. Only in this case (however, as with the construction of a site from improvised means), certain rules must be observed.

  • On the site it is worth putting a special synthetic coating or sow grass (lawn). She, of course, will have to be cut, but the baby is โ€œmore pleasantโ€ to fall on the grass, rather than tiles, asphalt or sand.
    how to make a playground with your own hands
  • It is better to choose a site that is not flooded and located not close to the driveway.
  • It is necessary to take care of drainage so that rainwater does not stagnate on the site, but flows from it.
  • Around the site you need to plant chestnuts, willows, lilacs, Christmas trees. Planting fruit trees is not worth it, as well as downy poplars. Fluff can cause allergies, and unwashed fruits - an upset gastrointestinal tract. Trees and shade will give, and will serve as a natural fence.
  • It is worth planting flowers at the site, they will decorate the children's town, teach children to protect nature and develop a sense of beauty in them.
  • Itโ€™s good if you can install a canopy over the site. It can be made from tarpaulin, but better - from inexpensive roofing materials.


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