Fine and dangerous work, or Why "Notice to Mariners"

Water is one of the most attractive elements, the depths of the sea attract and fascinate. Many films and books tell about unknown distances and riddles, about the search for treasures and pirates. Many in childhood dreamed of becoming sailors, discovering uncharted depths and exploring fabulous open spaces. A sailor is one of the most interesting and dangerous professions, complex and responsible.

Basic concepts

Notice to Mariners
A ship is a very complex set of technical and human resources. In addition to the crew and the captain, at sea, on land, a large staff maintains the vessel and ensures continuous and correct navigation, monitors the weather conditions, and also, albeit indirectly, provides control for each vessel at sea.

"Notice to Mariners"

Sea open spaces remain the most unexplored and unpredictable places on our planet. Systematic checks and monitoring of any changes in weather conditions in most cases can prevent irreversible consequences. "Notice to Mariners" - a periodical official publication with a frequency of 48 issues per year, which notifies the command at sea of ​​the navigation situation and its changes, of the navigation mode.

Main tasks

The notification to mariners is primarily intended to notify the command of a ship that has been sailing for a long time or crosses the waters of other states about changes in navigation, for updating maps and navigation aids. The combination of such knowledge helps the management of the vessel to follow a given course, while not violating the laws and choosing the shortest routes.

Notice to Mariners Ministry of Defense

A publication such as the Notice to Mariners requires accuracy, correctness and timeliness. The Department of Defense carefully monitors each issue. They are published weekly, on Saturdays, each assigned its own serial number. There are up to 200 independent issues. Each issue includes a list of maps, manuals and manuals, recent changes. First of all, it is a list of cards. Secondly, the lotion, followed by a description of all the lights and signs in ascending order of their admiral numbering. The Notice to Mariners has a few more sections. In the "Sequence of location" indicate, as a rule, the names of the seas, oceans and their areas, opposite which are indicated the pages of the release, indicating the placement of notices related to a particular area. The next section highlights changes in maps and navigation. The following is information on proofreading manuals and manuals. And finally - navigational warnings and NAVIP texts. All this contains the information necessary for sailors, without which no access to the sea is possible. This shows how responsible and important the ground control service is, the safety and smoothness of navigation depends on the correct and timely operation of which.


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