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Today it is necessary to find out what reviews Atlant Group receives from its employees. The thing is that this organization is of interest to many. It offers quite interesting services. But it constantly requires new workers. What to look for before employment? What are the pros and cons of this organization? Should I even contact Atlant Group as an employer? Numerous reviews of applicants and employees will help to understand all this. In fact, everything is not so difficult to understand, as it seems at first glance. Especially if you do not believe everything that they write. Not all opinions left about employers are true.

atlant groups employee reviews


To begin with, it’s worth figuring out which company is in question. After all, it is not always clear in which area you will have to work. What is Atlant Group? Employee reviews indicate that the organization’s activities are very necessary for the population and other companies.

The thing is that this corporation is nothing but an outsourcing company. She is engaged in the hiring and selection of personnel for other organizations. But this corporation needs its employees. Should I contact here for employment? What are the pros and cons of attention first?


For example, what the organization promises to its applicants. This is an important point. Atlant Group often receives employee reviews as an employer who makes many promises.

What does the company guarantee? When employed here, employees receive:

  • execution in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • full social package;
  • decent pay;
  • creative work;
  • flexible work schedule;
  • work in a stable company;
  • Friendly team;
  • free education.

Accordingly, all this attracts. And many simply agree to any vacancy. And their “Atlant Group” offers not so few. Especially when you consider that the company is acting on behalf of other organizations. And personally, staff hires infrequently.

atlas groups employee reviews moscow

Official employment

Among the main advantages of the company, the Atlant Group offers only official cooperation. So, a person will be able to gain work experience, which is so lacking. After passing the training, as well as an interview in the standard mode with filling out the questionnaire of the established form, an employment contract in several copies will be concluded with the applicant. It is necessary to pay attention to this.

True, it is worth considering - during the training, no documents need to be signed. Collaboration is not yet considered complete. First you have to contact the coordinator or HR managers, then go through an internship. Only after that, if the work is suitable for a potential employee, you can officially register. Up to this point, it is possible to refuse further cooperation without explanation without explanation.


"Atlant Group" reviews of employees (Moscow or any other city - it is not so important) receives a variety of. Many complain about the inflexible and busy schedule. Although initially the employer offers flexible working conditions.

atlas groups watch staff reviews

In fact, everything is relative. The thing is that in some posts there really is no flexibility, work with irregular working hours, sometimes you have to spend 10-12 hours on your feet. But there are vacancies that allow you to work strictly on schedule. In some cases, you have to stay overtime, but no one is safe from such cases. That is why the Atlant Group receives not the best reviews from employees.

There are watches too. And such work is not so rare. It is appreciated by many subordinates. As a rule, Atlant Group is recruiting people for such work according to the requirements of third-party firms.

About working on shifts

Watches require special attention. After all, such work is somewhat specific. There are additional costs. For example, on a trip or employee maintenance. Atlant Group receives mostly positive feedback from employees in this area.

The company fully pays for the employee’s shift. A complete social package without any problems, decent earnings, no spending on housing and transportation. All this, of course, is attractive. Therefore, often employees who prefer shift work respond positively to Atlant Group. There are no special complaints. Except constant loads at work. But this is quite normal.

ooo atlant group employee reviews

Social package

How good is Atlant Group LLC? Reviews about the work in the company are varied. You can’t say exactly how good the employer is. After all, you have to pay attention to the many nuances.

The social package is mainly obtained. This is evidenced by many employees. However, some subordinates, on the contrary, indicate a complete lack of social guarantees in the company. That is why Atlant Group LLC receives mixed reviews from employees.

Some workers emphasize that although social guarantees are provided for by an employment contract, they still do not. It is difficult to get a vacation or paid sick leave.

What to believe? Rather, it is better to consider all that has been said. Atlant Group offers a social package to all its personnel, but it can not always be obtained without any problems. The situation is not much different from employment in any other company.


And what about the work team? The thing is that Atlant Group (Russia) earns mixed reviews from employees. The team, as many say, is often good. This company is a great place for outgoing people. Here you can make new friends.

Colleagues are usually friendly. But not the best team can also meet. You can not insure against this. Therefore, you should not think that in this company 100% everyone will be friendly and nice. The human factor has not been canceled.

But, as most employees emphasize, Atlant Group is a place where there is no competition between subordinates. So, conflicts here will be minimized. And this fact pleases.

atlant groups russia employee reviews


The Atlant group of companies receives various types of reviews. There are good ones, and not so good ones. An ambiguous picture as a whole develops relative to career growth. Why?

If you work directly at Atlant Group, there are no special prospects, as noted by most employees. It is extremely difficult to build a career here. Especially if you are initially employed as an ordinary employee. The vacancies of managers are usually always busy.

But if you look for an employer through Atlant Group, you can hope for career development. Accordingly, career growth should not be ruled out. It all depends on the situation. But, as practice shows, many complain about the virtual absence of any promotion on the career ladder.


It is clear what kind of reviews are being left about working for Atlant. Salaries here, as some say, are worthy. But in order to get them, you have to really work. And stubbornly and painstakingly. An ordinary employee cannot earn normal cash in the company.

Many also notice that Atlant Group is trying not to delay salaries. Almost always, money is credited to the account on time. No delays and in full.

Although there are opinions indicating that it is impossible to make money in the corporation, all the money earned is delayed. There are similar cases, no one is safe from them. And, as already mentioned, for the sake of a normal salary, Atlant Group has to work efficiently. Otherwise, the earnings will be small. In fact, the holding is trying to provide all its subordinates with earnings prospects.

reviews of work at Atlant Salary


An important point is the opinion of the authorities. Atlant (holding) employee reviews about the employer are not earning the best because of their leadership. Many people notice that a firm could be a worthy employer if there were a change of managers.

Quite often, applicants indicate that the Atlant Group does not reckon with its subordinates. More precisely, leaders do it. Some even say that ordinary employees are treated like slaves. Their rights are violated in every way. Unable to achieve justice.

Not the best bosses - this is one of the reasons why Atlant Group can often be seen on the black lists of employers. Although some say that the leaders of the organization are simply too disciplined and demand the same from their subordinates.

It’s hard to say exactly how Atlant Group has good bosses. But there are still more negative opinions than positive ones. In any case, applicants should consider that now few employers are completely satisfied. Basically, many complain about too strict or unfair leadership that does not reckon with their employees.


Another feature worth paying attention to is the system of fines. It is often emphasized by most applicants. Atlant Group receives negative feedback from employees for the penalty system.

With its help, bosses punish negligent subordinates. But according to the employees, they are fined at Atlant Group for everything and all the time. The penalty system is often called tough. Any mistake is a punishment. This measure brings big wage losses. Therefore, you have to either be extremely kind to all the rules of conduct in the company, or endure a small salary. After all, after all the fines and deductions, according to reviews, there are not many funds left.

atlant group company reviews


Now it’s clear which Atlant Group receives employee feedback. This company is not bad at recruiting staff. And for this you can contact the company. As an employer, this is far from the worst option. But there are strict rules and a special discipline is required. Earn money in the organization can only hard work and conscientious work. There is no particular career growth, although it cannot be ruled out.

Thus, Atlant Group is an ordinary average employer offering a variety of job vacancies. Not the best, but not a terrible place. Earned money can be received in full without delay. If you conscientiously treat your work, then cooperation with Atlant Group will not deliver negative emotions.


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