How to create a banner for the site yourself.

How to create a banner for a site is a problem that worries many. The easiest way will be to contact the appropriate web workshop, where for a certain amount you will be perfectly executed. And they will even help to place its code on your site.

how to create a banner
The advantage of completing the banner through specialists is that they will select the color gamut, font, photos, pictures that correspond to the product or service . In this case, almost always graphic images are created using the basics of psychology, which allow you to present information about the site in the best way.

However, making it yourself is also possible. To do this, you need to know a number of certain rules. Firstly, banners have certain sizes accepted on the Internet. The smallest of them is 88 by 31 pixels, then 100 by 100 pixels, 120 by 60, 120 by 240, 120 by 600 and 468 by 600 pixels (the pixel is the points into which the monitor screen is divided ). This is very important because the banner will be placed on other sites whose owners do not always agree to non-standard sizes.

If you need a simple website banner, you can create it in the free Paint, Inkscape programs or the free onservis online photoshop, which differ from Corel or Photoshop in a smaller set of functions, but are suitable for small jobs. Onservis and Paint are raster editors - you cannot move different layers of a picture in them.

how to create a banner for the site

First you need to create a basis for a picture of the appropriate size in pixels from the above. In almost every editor for this there is the option “create file”. Further, if a color background is planned, then a fill is done from the color palette (in many editors it is an icon of paint pouring from a vessel), after which it is possible to make inscriptions in standard fonts on the background or, if handwriting allows, “by hand”. People with an art education can complete the drawings.

But how to create a banner for those who are far from painting and graphics? You can upload the corresponding photo to the editors , crop it, process it with filters, make inscriptions and save. Here you need to remember the restrictions on the size of the banner that are accepted on the network - the smallest banner is about 15 kilobytes, and the largest static (120 by 600 px) is no more than 25-35 kilobytes, and the large animation is no more than 100 kB. GIF extensions are usually the smallest weight, and PNG extensions are the largest.

Therefore, those who are interested in how to create a banner from a photo of 2 megabytes, we answer - the banner is created as well as for a small photo. However, it is unlikely that any site will take it to his page, because such a banner will take a very long time to load, and, therefore, cause negative emotions for users and their departure from the page.

website banner creation

Quite often there is a problem - how to create a banner with simple animation (blinking). To do this, create two or three pictures with various changes and then combine them in an animation program, such as Gifovina, and save the resulting file.

So that users can put your banner on their page, on your page or banner exchange site you need to place between <> the code: a href = ”http: // your site’s address”> <img src = ”http: // link to banner image ”/> </ a. The image is uploaded to the hosting in accordance with the link.


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