Reviews about "Fit Service" of employees in different cities

About half a million customers have written the Fit Service brand reviews in Russia. In this article, they will also be given attention, but the main goal is to cover the opinions of the employees of this company, where cars of any year of manufacture and brands are repaired and serviced. According to reviews, Fit Service can help in replacing brake pads or oil, as well as make overhauls of a gearbox or engine. They promise to carry out all this professionally, since only specialists who have received additional training at FIT LAB work at all technical service stations. This is a company-owned training center. The reviews about Fit Service write that the company involves not only its own trainers, but also experts from manufacturers of service equipment and spare parts. This center has no analogues in Russia either in technical equipment or in training.

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About company

In the reviews, “Fit Service” is mentioned as almost the only service in the country that has an extensive federal network of stations for servicing and repairing automobiles. She also conducts her own quality control, which checks the performance of work with the regulations of manufacturers. If the customer is unsatisfied with the service, the quality control service will always be included in the problem and conduct an audit. Throughout the federal network, there is the opportunity to repair and service any car with high quality, as well as purchase the necessary spare parts.

Due to its popularity, it has collected numerous reviews of Fit Service in Novosibirsk. They write about good mechanics who in all cases try to find what they need, because the company cooperates with the largest suppliers, and almost everything is available directly at the stations. But it is noted that the competence of mechanics is not up to par.

Service, as reviews about the Fit Service of Novosibirsk write, guaranteed, that is, for all services and for all spare parts that are delivered in the service, a one-year warranty is given. If the car is still under dealership guarantee, then the situation is even better. Reviews of Fit Service employees note that the obligations guaranteed by the automaker are necessarily preserved. However, from many cities there is also a completely different plan of information relating mainly to the benefits for the client in using the stations of this company. For example, the former Fit Service employees of Krasnodar did not write very enthusiastic reviews.

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What is Fit Service?

This is a franchise from ROSSKO. And ROSSKO is a leading distributor of automotive parts in our country, and its coverage in the regions is simply huge. A network has been created since 1997, starting with the car markets of Siberia, the Far East and the Urals. In this area, it is a leader whose units are located in fifty cities of the Russian Federation.

It is this company that is part of the national association, which brought together the most basic Russian suppliers of spare parts for trucks and cars. ROSSKO offers customers products purchased from world-famous manufacturers of automotive parts and concerns: engine parts, suspensions, steering, clutch, brake systems, transmissions, as well as oil, filtration, technical fluids and much more.

Brand Fee

Employees of Fit Service in reviews from Tomsk, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities write about this. If in ROSSKO a part will cost, for example, 100 rubles, then in a company operating as a franchise, this part can no longer cost as much. At least - 200-250 rubles. And ROSSKO company is very profitable, because the franchise helps to develop trade. "Fit Service", reviews indicate this, very effectively sells automotive parts.

Payment for the name (brand name) also arrives regularly (this is the franchise). So, any private car repair shop can conclude a special contract, train its employees in the sale of spare parts in their own training center. For a fee of 100,000 rubles a month, she receives the right to bear the proud name Fit Service.

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Reviews from Vladivostok

Every year, the company's management reconciles all stations operating on a franchise, after which the results are summed up. Those units that are doing poorly with sales simply lose the title of Fit Service. Or the staff is retraining. In fact, as reviews about Fit Service in Izhevsk and Krasnoyarsk, Podolsk and Ufa write, their entire company is just an intermediary between ROSSKO and a client. Naturally, spare parts sold by a franchise company will cost several times more. Almost all cities write reviews about the quality of repairs: Fit Service of Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk, Krasnodar and Novosibirsk keeps sales managers who are completely versed in automotive products instead of repair technicians.

Their salaries are pretty good, especially for the province. On sales, the manager-receiver will easily add another forty-fifty rubles to the salary of thirty or forty thousand rubles due to the extra charge on the products. A locksmith there receives an average of about four hundred rubles per hour of work. That is why the usual light bulb in the car will be changed for the client at least an hour in order to give the master to work. Other work takes much longer.

At the same time, from the reviews about the Fit Service of Ufa (they also write about this from Vladivostok), you can find some useful tips. Each motorist entrusts his favorite only to a trusted specialist with whom he has been dealing for a long time. And suddenly, for example, a trusted auto repair shop became Fit Service.

What to do?

First of all, you do not need to listen to what the master-receivers say about the cost of work, nor about the time that will be spent on the work. Immediately you need to contact the master mechanic or repairman who usually serviced this car. Let him tell the master-receiver how much time will be required and what exactly is needed from the spare parts for repair. Spare parts can be bought in any other place, it will cost half or three times cheaper, oil can also be filled for nothing at any garage workshop. This applies to any repair: the stands are the same everywhere, the automation also functions the same, the master will have to turn the nuts, carefully watching the monitor.

What kind of contingent uses Fit Service in Vladivostok? The reviews gave their assessment of the clientele of their own company. People come there who are very, very far from the knowledge and understanding of automotive technology. Such people can be told anything. They will take even the most fabulous information seriously.

At the same time, prices in Fit Service for everything will be unreasonably high, and customers will not suspect any fraud. The spare part, which costs five hundred rubles here, will be sold in the workshop nearby for two hundred, and the breakdown will be repaired much faster. But we have quite a lot of young people who are poorly versed in the nuances of technical work. It is they who make up the bulk of the Fit Service clientele. In Nizhny Novgorod, reviews testify to this.

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In 2017, the Fit Service federal network only in October immediately opened new car service stations in twelve cities of Russia . The network from this moment covers forty-one regions, and the number of active car services has reached ninety-nine. Now motorists of Chelyabinsk, Novokuznetsk, Makhachkala, Barnaul will be able to use the offered services of new workshops under the sign of this brand. These are not the first stations in these cities. In addition, units were added in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk. For the first time, Belgorod, Birobidzhan, Salsk, Rostov-on-Don, Oktyabrsky in Bashkiria and Volsk in the Saratov Region received their Fit Service stations.

Up to ten and a half million rubles were invested in the opening of each station. A total of more than fifty-three million rubles were allocated for the launch of twelve service stations, and the franchisor invested about eleven million in this. In some stations, more than six auto-posts are equipped, in the rest less. Two car services are opened by existing partners of the company, the rest are newcomers to the franchise business. In Belgorod, for example, a novice franchisee opened five points simultaneously. By 2020, the Fit Service brand intends to become the owner of five hundred car services in Russia. Business processes are being perfected, stations are being equipped more and more modernly. The "daughter" of the largest distributor of auto parts ROSSKO since 2008 has not ceased to please the "parent". In the field of franchising, she has almost no equal, in 2017 Fit Service received two Golden Brand awards.

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User reviews

Basically, communication with the Fit Service masters does not bring people satisfaction. There are positive reviews, but they are few, and most often they do not relate to car repair. For example, praise a children's corner in the waiting room for customers. But with regard to directly working with the car, there are simply no complaints. Some reviews directly accuse Fit Service employees of sabotage. For example, a client arrives to change summer tires to winter tires, they ask him if he wants to correct the alignment. The client did this procedure just a week ago in another place, therefore refuses. And after replacing the tires, already leaving the Fit Service territory, he sees that the steering wheel is shifted ten degrees and is pulled to the right. That is, the collapse of the toe was brought down on purpose, while the tires were changed, so that the client still came here and paid.

A lot of cases are described in the reviews when the Fit Service employees were not able to diagnose elementary problems. And literally every review says that you have to overpay in this car service. There are several times the accusation that during refueling they cannot pour oil according to the level, although judging by the sign, this is precisely what is a 24/7 service. Almost all the work that the service station points of this federal car service network in a city are subjected to harsh criticism. They even wash cars of poor quality, customers complain that they can not then open the door in the car, because the frost has seized the excess moisture left by the washers.

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Questions and answers

When customers leave complaints in a special section on the company’s website, comments are often not only ignored, but deleted. Some are answered, but always asked to provide supporting information. Positive reviews that do not appear so often do not touch at all. Criticism is caused by the fact that even registration for service can last for hours. You have to pay a lot of money for very poorly done work, that's what they write about from all the cities where new Fit Service car service stations have opened and are functioning.

Car enthusiasts claim that in the car repair business segment it is much more reliable (although not so convenient because of the distances) to use those service stations that specialize in a particular brand or in the repair of certain units or assemblies. Of course, our market is still far from saturating with such services, so drivers in many cases are forced to use the service in Fit Service. And the reviews even say that not every service station of this company has a full set of keys for work, and the stations exchange necessary tools if necessary. It seems that the fee for working with customers is high, why do not the mechanics have a full arsenal and are not fully armed with tools?

Court case

In Novosibirsk, the matter went to court, because more than twenty-two thousand rubles were paid for the work on replacing the clutch discs, which lasted more than a day, and the problem was not only not resolved, but also exacerbated. At the same time, the masters were sure that it would disappear by itself, "earnest money." However, it was completely impossible to drive a car in this condition, and therefore the client insisted on re-accepting it at a service station. He insisted that they did not want to take the car actively, because a visual inspection did not show deviations from the norm. But when the car was dismantled (and the client insisted on being present at this process), it turned out that the track was already full on the flywheel delivered in this car service. Why the details were installed on a car of unknown origin, the employees did not give a clear answer. But they tried to fix it.

After the car was assembled, he generally could not leave Fit Service under his own power. The failure was not only not defeated, but many others added to it, which the employees agreed to eliminate only for an additional fee. As a result, the client towed the car to another workshop, where for seven thousand, and not for twenty-two, they eliminated all the problems. It was also found there that the Fit Service mechanics violated the technical regulations during assembly. They refused to return money for the “repair” to the client, he sued and won it. In his comments, this person who suffers from poor service does not recommend using any, even the simplest services of this company.

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Check before purchase

About two out of ten reviews speak unfavorably of the service provided by Fit Service related to checking a car before buying. The data that the prospective buyer receives is fundamentally different from the current state of things. Well, if the motorist himself is well versed in the technical part, everyone else will have to buy a pig in a poke. Real troubleshooting is not a problem for this company. For example, they say that an oil seal is leaking. This is actually a problem with the oil pressure sensor.

The case is described when a client who understands automotive equipment, it would seem, has taught to distinguish one from another repairmen in the "Fit Service" of Podolsk. Reviews quite often contain such bitter humor. No, not taught! Next came a man with the same problem, and received the same wrong answer. Another client examined the car at the Fit Service station before buying, and he was not told that it was not worth buying. On the contrary, they said that everything is fine and should be taken. It turned out that the car is badly damaged. And the money for the examination was paid not at all small. This suggests that you need to devote much more time to the study of cars and their problems at the training center, and not to sales of spare parts.


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