Gel Nail Coating

It is difficult to surprise someone with long, well-groomed nails, but from this they do not stop being an important and inalienable attribute of almost every woman. Even the most demanding of us can be satisfied due to the variety of shapes, colors, lengths and other parameters. And if we have been familiar with nail extensions for several years, then gel coating of nails for many remains something unknown and completely new. You can consider the subtleties of this procedure.

What is the difference between gel nail polish and extension

There is a very thin border between these two procedures, so it is quite difficult to unequivocally answer what differences are between them. The extension of the nail plate, on which the pattern will then be applied, acts as the goal of the extension. The purpose of the coating is usually to improve or strengthen the nails. Here we can pay attention to two more significant differences. The first is the length of the nail. It is quite obvious that when building, the length increases, and when covering, it remains the same. But when covering, too, no one bothers to slightly increase the nail plate. Often gel coating of nails is carried out for a reason, and, for example, a jacket is made. In such cases, the difference is almost not visible. And the second difference is in different amounts of gel. However, an inexperienced look in this case will not be able to distinguish one from the other. The extension technique and gel coating may have practically no differences.

Currently, color gel is widely used as a coating. This does not affect what its direct purpose is, that is, the nails are still strengthened, but the appearance is very attractive. For toenails , a similar procedure is also often used. This is due to the fact that the nail plates there also very often flake and break. In addition, they often appear various fungal diseases. It is also very important for them to carry out recovery procedures.

Gel Nail Coating

You can talk about some types. A new procedure has appeared in our country not so long ago, offering to cover the nails with gel of a special composition and structure, which was called biogel. It is rarely used for building, but it is very effective for restoring the structure of the nail plate. It contains proteins that nourish the nail. With this coating, you can significantly improve not only the condition and appearance, but also enhance the growth. Most often, such a coating is used after extended nails are removed. It works on the restoration of natural nails, helping them quickly get their former shape. We can mention such advantages of the biogel as non-toxicity and hypoallergenicity. It can even be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Like building, coverage can be done at home. The main requirement is the possession of gel coating technology, you need to stock up on materials and have minimal skills in working with them. From the materials you will need: coating gel, degreasing agent, lamp for drying, nail files with different grain sizes. First you need to prepare the nail plate, for this it is worth removing the extra length, and then degrease and grind. Now, using a special brush, gel can be applied to the nail. After that, they need to be dried under a special lamp for several minutes. Apply gel a second time, dry again. After all layers of the gel are applied and dried, you can give your nail the shape that you like. You can then varnish them.

It becomes clear that there is nothing complicated in gel coating technology. The main thing is not to be afraid to try, and everything must work out.


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