Sewing a wonderful little thing will help a full-size Snowball doll pattern!

Today, many needlewomen with their own hands create amazing exclusive interior dolls. Of course, they can play. But the main task of such gizmos is interior decoration. After all, they are so charming! And to create these masterpieces a pattern of a full-size Snowball doll will help.

Bigie from Tatyana Connee

Handicraft master Tatyana Konne is a Russian designer. After studying at the International University of Business and Management, Design and Advertising, she did not work long in her specialty. Having discovered the world of hand-sewn dolls, Tatyana has been creating exclusive toys for six years.

The contemporary fashion model created by the author of Konne is the Snowball doll. Its main features:

  • plump firm legs;
  • rather large feet;
  • round big face with small dotted eyes;
  • lack of mouth and often even nose;
  • pretty haircut;
  • carefully designed and beautifully sewn or knitted clothing;
  • eye-catching shoes;
  • exquisite accessories;
  • natural fabric of manufacture (outfits and accessories made of artificial materials are allowed).

Some authors add a pet to their Snowball. This is already considered the individual style of the master.

Where is the full-size Snowball doll pattern taken?

It should be noted that Tatyana Konne herself does not distribute her own master classes, does not print magazines and does not conduct training sites. Therefore, the pattern of a full-size Snowball doll developed by the author, is not available on the Internet and the media. But the puppet-needlewomen themselves invent it for themselves.

full-size snowball dolls pattern

Therefore, for sewing, a full-size Snowball doll pattern proposed by other masters can be used. Although you can always create it yourself.

What is necessary for tailoring an exclusive Snowball doll?

Needlewomen who are keen on making soft toys may not even need to go to the store to purchase something extra. Most often, they already have everything they need. And if a successful pattern of a full-size Snowball doll is found, the material for manufacturing and tools for work will not be difficult to prepare.

doll pattern snowballs life-size material

So, the master will need:

  • cream or flesh-colored fabric, best of all cotton, linen, satin, calico or thick knitwear ;
  • cotton wool, pieces of foam rubber or synthetic winterizer for filling;
  • materials for the manufacture of clothing;
  • doll wig or felting wool;
  • blush, black eye paint;
  • a small piece of cardboard for the soles.

Preparation for work

So, first the life-size doll pattern of Snowball is transferred to paper and cut out . The photo below shows that there is a variant of a solid body, with a head that cuts out immediately with the body, and is not sewn later, as suggested in the pattern given above.

full-size snowball dolls pattern photo

If you could not pick up a flesh-colored fabric, you can take a white cloth and dye it with coffee or tea. To do this, add water to tea or coffee. It is important that the color of the liquid is 2-3 tones more saturated than the shade of natural human skin. There, dissolve a tablespoon of salt and bring the solution to a boil. The fabric is lowered into a liquid and boiled over low heat for 20 minutes to an hour.

Then the squeezed matter must be kept for about 10 minutes in an aqueous solution of vinegar. Take about 2 tablespoons in 5 liters of water. After this procedure, the fabric is rinsed well, dried and ironed.

It is recommended that you first try staining on a small piece of material in order not to be mistaken later with the saturation of the resulting shade.

Cutting out the details

This phase of work is fundamental. To fix the patterns use pins, which pinned to the material pattern dolls Snowballs in full size. The master class of manufacturing necessarily emphasizes that all paper parts must be at least 1 centimeter apart. When cutting, seam allowances should be made about half a centimeter.

life-size dolls snowball doll master class

It is recommended that before starting work with scissors, trace the contours of the patterns with a self-removing marker or chalk, dry soap. In extreme cases, you can use a thin pencil. But the pen is better not to try. The ink remaining on the edges of the parts can subsequently creep all over the doll, especially in cases where it needs to be washed, or it accidentally gets wet.

If it is required to manufacture 2 parts, then the matter is folded in half, face inward. Cutting out 4 parts at once is not recommended, since they will not turn out to be absolutely equal in size.

The same algorithm obeys work on doll outfits. First, patterns are prepared, then the parts are laid out on the fabric, fastened with pins. And only then can you trace the contours of the patterns and then cut with scissors.

Step-by-step instructions for making Snowball dolls

After all the details are cut, you should start sewing toys. On a typewriter or manually, parts are grinded, leaving small holes. They are needed so that through them it is possible to fill blanks with filler. At the end of this procedure, all openings are closed with a blind seam. If a pattern of a full-size Snowball doll is successfully completed, sewing it will not be difficult.

The most difficult, perhaps, in this model is the work on the doll's legs. After cutting the fabric, you need to make separate patterns of the soles of cardboard. They are cut without allowances.

pattern dolls snowballs life-size tailoring

Cardboard soles are glued to the details of the feet made of fabric. At the edges should remain allowances. Having attached these parts to the blanks of the legs, you need to sew on the soles. The packing holes are left on top.

Collect the doll in this order.

  1. First, they sew the head to the neck, if this option is selected.
  2. Then the arms and legs are fastened with buttons to the body.
  3. A wig or wool is glued to the head for felting.
  4. Draw eyes on the face with paint.
  5. Apply blush on the cheeks.
  6. Dress up a doll in a dress, panties, a hat and boots.

And now this cute doll Snezhka can be put in a prominent place in the house or given to someone who really wants to do something nice. And may she bring joy and happiness!


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